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How High to Fill Cupcake Liners

How High to Fill Cupcake Liners

The height you should fill a cupcake liner varies by cupcake recipe. I strongly recommend baking a test cupcake if you are trying a new recipe:

  1. Fill one cupcake liner halfway and bake according to the recipe.
  2. See how high the cupcake rises.  Some recipes don’t rise at all, while others will double in size.
  3. Use the test cupcake’s height to determine whether you should fill the remaining cupcakes more or less than halfway. 
  4. Bonus: You get to eat the test cupcake!
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    12 comments on “How High to Fill Cupcake Liners”

    1. Anonymoussays:

      Hi, something went wrong I did not use an electric beater as I don’ t have one where I am just a blender & food processor…..they taste good but did not rise actually they were high but when I tookthem outof the oven theywent down, did I measure ingredients wrong ? What do think??

    2. Stefsays:

      Did you remove them from the tins as soon as you took them out of the oven? Sometimes that helps.

    3. Anonymoussays:

      I am new at cupcakes and wanted to try these vanilla cupcakes. They are amazing. Even though I followed all the steps my cupcakes came out golden brown, rise and them went flat and they stick to the paper. What went wrong? Were they in the oven too high, too long??? I am experimenting now before my kid’s bday party. Please help

    4. nsxoxosays:

      Hi there, I tried the recipe and it tasted really good. However, my cupcakes rise quite high and cracked. although it tasted good, the cupcakes is a bit hard. Is there anything I need to reduce/add?

    5. Priyankasays:

      Hi there, when making a test cupcake the rest of the batter will be sitting, right? Would that deflate it? As in, would not using all the batter right after beating, mixing, folding have an adverse effect on the cupcakes following the test one?

    6. Nancysays:

      What is the best cupcake liner to use? Thank you

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