Ten Must-Try Filled Cupcake Ideas

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Filled cupcakes are extra special because of the hidden surprise inside! Here are some great fillings to try and tips on the best techniques for filling cupcakes.

filling a cupcake with ganache

Tips for Making Filled Cupcakes

I’ve used three different methods to make filled cupcakes.

Use a Knife to Create Holes

  1. Use a small paring knife to cut a cone out of the center of each cupcake. Be sure not to go all the way through to the bottom of the cupcake.

Removing a piece of a cupcake to fill it

  1. Fill cupcakes with your favorite filling using a spoon, scoop, or piping bag.
German chocolate cupcake right after being filled

Filling a German chocolate cupcake with coconut pecan frosting.

  1. Replace the piece you removed and frost over it. Or, if you want more filling, eat the piece you removed and pipe directly over the hole, as shown below.

Piping chocolate buttercream over filled cupcake

Fill Using a Piping Bag

Fill a piping bag with your filling, stick the tip into the center of the cupcake, and fill. This method only works with light, airy cupcakes like angel food cupcakes. If your cupcake is too dense, you’ll end up with a filling mess all over the place.

Remove Cores Using a Cupcake Corer

Use a cupcake corer [paid link] instead of a knife to make holes in the cupcakes. It’s a fun little gadget that speeds things up a little bit if you are filling a lot of cupcakes at once or if you want to involve younger kitchen helpers in your baking.

cupcake corer image from Amazon

OBTAMIN corer image from Amazon