A Dozen Baking Tools Every Baker Needs

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What are the essential baking tools that every baker needs? By having these items, you’ll be well on your way to making cakes, cupcakes, pies, cookies, and breads for any occasion.

This list is perfect for beginner bakers and for engagement and wedding gift ideas!

Once you’ve moved beyond the basics and are looking for more specialized and fun baking tools and products that bakers love, check out my list of gifts for bakers!

Collage of baking tools

Baking Pans

The first five items on this list are all baking pans. It might seem excessive, but having the right pan for the job is really important when baking.

You'll find that this list will get you through 90% of the baking recipes out there.

Mixing Tools

The next set of tools relates to mixing.

Mixing batter, cookie dough, and frosting in just the right way is key to achieving perfect baking results.

These products will help you to get perfectly mixed ingredients.

Measuring Tools

Accurately measuring ingredients is one of the most important parts of baking. Get the measurements wrong and your treats won't ever turn out correctly.

You'll need these tools to be able to measure your ingredients.

Bonus Items

The following baking supplies didn't make my top 12, but you'll find yourself regularly reaching for them if you have them.

Did I miss anything that is essential in your kitchen? Let me know in the comments!