10 Best Fall Cupcakes

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Fall cupcake flavors are the best! From pumpkin and apple to pecans and coffee, you can’t go wrong with any of the cupcakes on this list.

10 Best Fall Cupcakes
When people think of fall baking, they think of Dutch apple pie and other crumb-topped pies and cobblers. Cupcakes are also a great choice for fall, though, and it’s fun to mix and match all of your favorite fall flavors in the cake and frosting.

Any of these cupcake recipes can be made as mini cupcakes. Minis work well when there are lots of other desserts on the table and people want to sample them all. In general, to make minis, you’ll simply need to shorten the baking time.

To make the cupcakes more festive, play around with different fall cupcake liners [paid link] and top the cupcakes with fun fall sprinkles [paid link].

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  1. Kasey Jacksonsays:

    Where is your everything fall cupcake recipe??

    • Stefsays:

      I recently deleted that recipe from my site since I have others that I like better. Sorry! Here it is though:

      Bake mini apple cobbler cupcakes. To make the minis, chop the apple pieces a bit smaller than in the big cupcakes and cut the baking time down to fifteen minutes. You’ll end up with way more than you need if you follow the recipe exactly. If you don’t want a ton of extras (why wouldn’t you want extras, though?), cut the recipe in half.
      Frost the mini cupcakes with brown sugar frosting.
      Freeze the frosted cupcakes.
      Prepare the batter for pumpkin maple rum cupcakes.
      Fill normal-sized cupcake liners half full with the batter.
      Remove the liners from the frozen frosted apple cobbler cupcakes.
      Place a frozen cupcake into the center of each prepared pumpkin cupcake. This should push the pumpkin batter two-thirds of the way up the liner.
      Bake at 350 F for 20 minutes or until the cupcakes bounce back when lightly touched.
      Frost with cinnamon cream cheese frosting.
      Top with dried cranberries and maybe one or two 30 Second Chocolate Leaves.

  2. Liviasays:

    I am starting a business and I love browsing through flavors, but couldn’t help but notice your logo! It’s cute and simple! Love it!

  3. Nadirasays:

    The cupcakes look delicious. Can’t wait to try the recipes! I truly enjoy browsing through your website, everything just looks so sinfully tasteful. Among all of your post, this has to be my personal favorite. However, it would be easier and less time consuming if all the 10 recipes were listed onto a single page. I can’t help but admire the layout and design of your website. The layout is easy to navigate, as well as, neatly organized. This makes it user-friendly. What initially caught my attention was your logo. It is colorful but at the same time it portrays simplicity and fun.

  4. Kensays:

    Everything looks so tempting!

  5. hudasays:

    awesome post! everything looks yummy

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