How to Convert Standard Cupcakes to Mini Cupcakes

How to Convert Standard Cupcakes to Mini Cupcakes

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How to Convert Standard Cupcakes to Mini Cupcakes

When cupcakes aren’t the only dessert being served, it is a good idea to bring mini cupcakes rather than standard-sized cupcakes.  People want to be able to try a little of everything, and a mini cupcake is much less imposing.  To convert standard cupcakes to mini cupcakes:

  1. Use a mini cupcake pan and mini cupcake liners.  You’ll make twice as many cupcakes as in the standard cupcake recipe.
  2. Begin to check for doneness at half the baking time of the original cupcake recipe.
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  1. Anonymous says:

    ok stef i am going to try the famous vanilla cupcakes for a baby shower i need it 50 people..and the only pan i have is for mini..also i dont have vanilla beans and suggestions…today is thursday i need it done by saturday

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