How To Make Mini Cupcakes

What You'll Need:

Mini Cupcake Liners

Mini Muffin Tins

A Delicious Cupcake RecipeĀ 

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Converting a Standard Recipe

Did you know that when you convert a standard cupcake recipe into mini cupcakes, you get 3x as many?!

Converting a Standard Recipe

You don't even need to change any ingredients. Just make the recipe as is, then fill your mini cupcake liners.

Converting a Standard Recipe

If the recipe specifies how high to fill the liners, then follow the same rules. But if they don't say, you may want to make a test cupcake.

Adjusting the Cook Time

Typically, the baking time takes 9 to 15 minutes for minis. Use a toothpick to test it!

Increase the Amount of Frosting!

You'll actually need 1.5x the amount of frosting than you would for regular sized cupcakes.

Ready to give these tips a try?!

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