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Coffee Cupcakes: The Magic of Meringue

…request for coffee cupcakes. I don’t typically take requests, but…

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Coffee Lollipops

Homemade Cinnamon-Dusted Coffee Lollipops

coffee lollipop.  The coffee lollipops are more along the lines…

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Teeccino – A Coffee Alternative

…the satisfaction without the caffeine and acidity of coffee!” Is…

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Coffee and Doughnut Cupcakes Three Ways

Coffee and doughnut cupcakes are my attempt to…

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How to Bake with Coffee

How to Use Your Favorite Coffee Beans to Flavor Your Baked Goods

Most recipes for coffee-flavored cakes and cupcakes call for…

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Coffee Biscuits

Coffee Buttermilk Biscuits with Dark Chocolate Cinnamon Butter

…lose any coffee-flavored crumbs.  To create this coffee buttermilk biscuit…

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Homemade Kahlua Using Your Favorite Coffee

…which coffee you would like in your coffee liqueur. Better…

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Irish Coffee Brownie Cupcakes for St. Patrick’s Day

Irish coffee cupcakes are coffee-flavored cupcakes spiked with…

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Coffee-Rubbed Pork Tacos on Homemade Chocolate Corn Tortillas

Coffee-rubbed pork tenderloin seemed like just the thing – and…

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Hazelnut Coffee Cupcakes

…prefer to call her Hazel) and Coffee are coffeehouse soul…

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Orange Ice Cream Cupcakes

…piped with coffee frosting. Why coffee? Because I thought it…

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Ultimate Chocolate Cupcake

Chocolate Cupcake Recipe – The Ultimate Chocolate Cupcake Test Baked by 50 Bakers and Counting

…will even admit I have labeled past trials as “perfect”…

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Plantain Cupcakes

Plantain Cupcakes – A Latin-Inspired Cross Between Bananas Foster and Coffee Cake

coffee cake.  I topped the plantain cupcakes with a brown…

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Chicory – The Plant, The History, Pregnancy, and Mood

…leaves. While the box advertises chicory as a coffee partner,…

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Do the Hokey Pokey Cupcakes – The Cupcake Love Connection Continues

…on the first date. Coffee syrup drizzled on top. Minko…

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Christmas Cupcakes – Holiday Cupcakes for the Starbucks Addict

…performed by verifiably Jewish artists). If you love coffee, you…

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What to Drink with Your Cupcakes

coffee with her cupcakes. She sometimes even waits for her…

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Ice Cream Cupcake Roundup Entries Are In!

…N. Edwards of Blabby Sunshine Cake Flavor: Vanilla coffee Ice…

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Knit Cupcake and More Vere Reviews

…then I don’t like either espresso (or coffee, for that…

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