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2011 Ice Cream Cupcake Contest Entries

…Angel Food Ice Cream Flavor: Strawberry Frosting Flavor: Homemade Whipped

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Time to Vote for Your Favorite Ice Cream Cupcake

…and chocolate ice cream Topping: Brownie, whipped cream, and fresh…

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Ice Cream Cupcake Roundup Entries Are In!

Flavor: Neapolitan (Chocolate, Vanilla, and Strawberry) Frosting Flavor: Whipped Cream

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Clotted Cream

Clotted Cream Recipe – Making Clotted Cream at Home is Much Easier Than You Think

whipped cream. UPDATE (01/15/10): Reader Marian sent me this important…

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How to Transport Cupcakes with Whipped Cream

I love frosting cupcakes with simple whipped cream frostings….

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ganache types

How to Make the Perfect Ganache for Everything – Lessons Learned with $50 of Chocolate and a Half Gallon of Cream

…frosting that tastes like chocolate whipped cream. Here’s how…

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Ice Cream Cupcake Roundup Results

…ice cream cupcake roundup. For anyone considering making an ice…

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Olive Oil Cupcakes with Lemon, Thyme, and a Balsamic Vinegar Whipped Cream: Weird Thyming

Olive oil cupcakes with balsamic vinegar whipped cream

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Mudslide Cupcakes with Baileys Irish Cream Whipped Cream

…tasty, their cover (a sweet Baileys Irish Cream whipped cream)…

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Strawberry Shortcake Cupcakes with Balsamic Whipped Cream

…ate strawberry shortcake because I didn’t like whipped cream. This…

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Whipped Cream Frosting with Peaches

Whipped cream frosting is so fresh and light. Using…

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Gefilte Fish Cupcakes with Horseradish Whipped Cream

…gefilte fish cupcakes with horseradish whipped cream are not typical…

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Strawberry Whipped Cream Recipe

…strawberry whipped cream photos speak for themselves. The strawberry…

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Parmesan Sour Cream Cupcakes with Raspberry Whipped Cream Frosting

…cupcakes, and my original raspberry whipped cream recipe….

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Maple Cinnamon Peach Ice Cream Cupcakes

…peach whipped cream and then sprinkled with maple sugar. Every…

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Vote For This Year’s Best Ice Cream Cupcake – Voters Can Win an OXO Prize Pack

…Flavor:  CinnamonIce Cream Flavor: Cinnamon pecanFrosting Flavor: Whipped CreamToppings: Churros,…

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Butter Pecan Brandy Ice Cream From Ice Cream Happy Hour

…Ice Cream Happy Hour, which contains 50 recipes for spiked…

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Orange Ice Cream Cupcakes

A simple ice cream cupcake is just cake on…

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Cornmeal Cupcakes with Orange Flavor and Grand Marnier Whipped Cream

…orange flavor and Grand Marnier whipped cream are her favorite…

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