How to Make Chocolate Cups - It's Shockingly Simple

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How to Make a Chocolate Cup – It’s Shockingly Simple

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Chocolate CupsYou can’t bake in chocolate cups, but once you learn how to make a chocolate cup, you’ll find yourself stuffing chocolate cups with peanut butter, filling them with candy, and using the chocolate cups for ice cream cupcakes (as did the winner of last year’s Ice Cream Cupcake Contest).  Chocolate cups are shockingly simple to make.  In fact, making chocolate cups is a fun toddler activity.  To make them, you paint the inside of silicone cupcake liners with melted chocolate.  What toddler is going to say, “No,” to paint that you can eat?Painting with chocolateMyles was clearly jazzed about the task.

Making chocolate cups

His excitement didn’t show any signs of declining as we moved through the project.

Making Chocolate CupsThen again, I did catch him doing this:

Licking paintbrushBut, we were able to focus and get down to business to get the job done.

Making chocolate cups

As you can see from the photos, I chose to use a mix of white and dark chocolate for my cups.  But, of course, you can use whatever kind of chocolate you like.

Tempering Chocolate

In order for the chocolate cups to come out properly. You must temper the chocolate first. Tempering is a special way of melting chocolate that makes it look shiny when it dries. When chocolate isn’t properly tempered, it can look a little grey when it dries.

There are many ways to temper chocolate. I like to use the microwave method where you melt almost all of your chocolate, but leave just a little unmelted to stir in at the end. I go into this method on detail in my post on tempering chocolate.

What You Need to Make Chocolate Cups

Chicago Metallic Baking Cups Set, Assorted Colors, 12-Count

Silicone cupcake liners are much easier to work with than than paper one.  You’ll be glad to have them around for other projects as well.

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Some readers have said that they have had success with thicker paper cups.

Crayola Arts & Craft Brushes, Assorted 1 ea

Any cheap small paintbrush will work well.

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I like to use both white chocolate and dark chocolate to create the striped look.

How to Store Chocolate Cups

Chocolate cups can be stored at room temperature just like you would store a bar of chocolate.


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Chocolate Cups
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How to Make a Chocolate Cup

Chocolate cups just made for filling with the likes of peanut butter, candy or ice cream.

Course Dessert
Cuisine American
Prep Time 50 minutes
Total Time 50 minutes
Servings 12


  • Melted tempered chocolate any kind
  • Silicone cupcake liners
  • Small paint brushes


  1. Paint a thin layer of chocolate onto the inside of each cupcake liner.
  2. Refrigerate the liners for ten minutes.
  3. Paint a second thin layer of chocolate on top of the first layer.
  4. Refrigerate the liners for another ten minutes.
  5. Carefully pop the chocolate cups out of the liners.
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