Halloween Cake

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Are you as obsessed with Halloween cakes as I am? Pastry chef Lia Weber made the unicorn cake trend spooky with this amazing unicorn witch cake for Halloween!

This post shares step-by-step decorating instructions so you can make this to serve at your Halloween party!

Halloween Witch Unicorn Cake

This post is geared specifically toward intermediate and advanced bakers. It doesn’t cover how to bake the cake or how to achieve a smooth base coat of frosting. If you need help with those topics, I strongly recommend taking some online classes or with Lia directly (if you happen to be in St. Louis).

The tutorial focuses on which colors and tools to use to get the Halloween cake look once you already have a frosted cake, with an emphasis on how to create the witch unicorn horn. The horn is a fun idea that you could use on cupcakes as well!

Lia Weber

How to Make a Halloween Cake


Begin with whatever cake you like. I suggest my vanilla cake.

Alternate layers colored with violet [paid link] and orange [paid link] food coloring like Lia does.

Halloween Witch Unicorn Cake

Next, frost with leaf green frosting [paid link] as the base coat.

Halloween Witch Unicorn Cake

Pipe rosettes in violet [paid link], orange [paid link], and super black [paid link] using star tips such as:

Use round tip #3 [paid link] for the eyes.

Witch Unicorn Cake

Unicorn Ears

To make the ears:

  1. Roll out some green and black fondant.
  2. Cut two larger ears out of the green fondant, using a leaf cutter [paid link] or large rose petal cutter [paid link].
  3. Then, using a smaller cutter and black fondant, use the same technique to cut two smaller ear shapes for the insides of the ears.
  4. Place the smaller black inner ear on top of the larger green ear.
  5. Use a dab of water underneath to glue.
  6. Pinch the ends together to form a crease and set in cupcake liners or a flower former [paid link] to dry.

Witch Hat / Unicorn Horn

Unicorn Witch Hat

You’ll need to get:

Witch Unicorn Horn

Insert a cake pop stick into a Styrofoam cake dummy, letting it stick out about 4 inches (this will help you determine how tall the hat/horn will be).

Witch Unicorn Horn

Roll out a tapered rope of black fondant.

Witch Unicorn Horn

Twist the tapered rope around the cake pop stick until you reach the top.

Roll out a piece of fondant and cut out the 3-4″ diameter round circle to use for the base of the hat.

Let the horn and base of the hat dry for several hours before placing on the cake.

Roll out a strip of orange fondant, cut into a thin ribbon. Place around the base of the hat.

Orange fondant bow

Make a small orange fondant bow and glue (using small amount of water) to the orange ribbon on the front of the hat.

Witch unicorn hat

If you make this cake, post a photo of it on Instagram and tag @cupcakeproject and @madebylia so we can see it!

Witch Unicorn Cake

Lia Weber, Owner of MADE. BY LIA, creates custom-designed, from-scratch wedding cakes and specialty sweets in St. Louis, Missouri. She is an accomplished pastry chef, cake artist and winner of TLC’s Next Great Baker, Season 4, with Buddy the Cake Boss. Lia is the Baking Ambassador for AB Mauri North America, an innovative baking & technology company. She runs her business out of their BakingHub located in the Cortex district in the Central West End. MADE. BY LIA has received The Knot best of 2017 and Wedding Wire’s Couples Choice Award and is the recent winner of the Feast Magazine-Midwest Readers Choice Awards, “Pastry Chef of the Year, 2017.” Lia’s love for baking began in her mother’s kitchen & she hopes to pass on the same passion to her daughter, Ella. Someday soon, Lia plans to start a YouTube channel teaching the ‘at home baker’ simple yet delicious from scratch recipes. Until then, stay up to date on the latest cake trends by following her on Instagram @madebylia, Facebook MADE. BY LIA, and on www.madebylia.com.

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    So delicious and great. I love your recipe. It is simple and easy to make. Good cake. Thank for sharing. Amazing.

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    This halloween cake is so cute, you are so creative.

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    This is so cute! Unicorns are so popular and this the icing on the trendy cake! I love it! I’m making one for our schools cake walk Friday.

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    OMG this is so cute!

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