Frosting Substitute You Need to Know About

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The Frosting Substitute You Need to Know About

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Yogurt Honey Cupcakes

Sweet buttery frosting certainly has its place, but not every cupcake or cake needs to be topped with butter and sugar.

A simple frosting substitute will make your cupcakes much healthier and also cool and refreshing.

Instead of topping your cupcakes with frosting, substitute Greek yogurt!  I have a recipe on this site for Greek yogurt frosting where I sweeten the yogurt and add a little vanilla.  But sometimes, I skip the powdered sugar and flavoring entirely and just dollop or pipe the yogurt onto the cupcakes directly from the Greek yogurt tub.  To sweeten this frosting substitute a little, I drizzle the yogurt with honey or caramel or chocolate.  The yogurt “frosting” is shockingly good – especially on a hot day.

Unlike buttercream frosting, the Greek yogurt topping won’t hold a pretty swirl for very long; top cupcakes just before serving – for a cake, top with Greek yogurt and refrigerate until ready to serve.

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Frosting Substitiion
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A Healthy Frosting Substitute


  • Greek yogurt to taste
  • honey chocolate syrup, caramel, or other sweet topping, to taste


  1. Just before serving, pipe, dollop, or spread cooled cake or cupcakes with Greek yogurt and drizzle with topping.
  2. Refrigerate if not eating immediately.

Note:  Astute readers will observe that I topped cupcakes with yogurt in my yogurt and honey cupcake recipe.  It was back in 2010, and after five years, the recipe seemed ripe for an update.  This new version differs greatly from the original.  Although I didn’t admit it (even to myself), the first version was really an incredibly dense muffin (gasp!).  You’ll now find an updated cupcake recipe in that old post that is lighter than the original, has a finer crumb, and uses white whole wheat flour for another healthy touch.

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5 comments on “The Frosting Substitute You Need to Know About”

  1. What a great idea Stef for adding a nice light touch to the top of cupcakes.

  2. Morgansays:

    Thanks for sharing the idea.

  3. Stacey Conchita Simmonssays:

    If you want it to hold a swirl, make it into “cheese”. I put mine in a coffee filter and let the moisture drain off overnight and get a cream cheese consistency.

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