What to Do with Leftover Cornbread
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What to Do with Leftover Cornbread

Leftover cornbread is the perfect base for so many different recipes! Try cornbread cobbler, cornbread French toast, cornbread sandwiches and more instead of letting your cornbread go bad and having to toss it.

skillet of corn bread

How to Store Leftover Cornbread

Cornbread lasts for several days at room temperature in an airtight container.

You can also freeze cornbread in a freezer-safe container for several months. That way, you can pull it out to eat it or to make a fresh recipe with it like the ones below.

Reheat room temperature cornbread for 10-15 minutes in a 350 F oven.

Recipes Using Leftover Cornbread

Try these ideas when you have cornbread that you want to use up.

Cornbread Apple Cobbler

Photo Credit: www.finecooking.com

To make a cornbread apple cobbler, use cornbread just as you would crumbs in a regular apple cobbler. Break the cornbread up into small chunks and enjoy! I like to make mine in a skillet.

(I developed this recipe for Fine Cooking.)

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Maple Bacon Cornbread French Toast

Slightly stale cornbread makes an amazing cornbread French toast. Try using instead of challah or other bread and you may never go back.

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Cornbread Croutons

Photo Credit: www.mysequinedlife.com

Make cornbread croutons by dehydrating cornbread in the oven or in a dehydrator. Cornbread croutons are great in a salad with pecans and cranberries.

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Cornbread Pudding

Photo Credit: playdatesparties.com

Cornbread pudding is a fall twist on bread pudding. If you like warm comfort desserts, this one is for you! You can do something similar with overbaked or stale cake.

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Cornbread Sandwich

Photo Credit: www.thespicekitrecipes.com

Making a cornbread sandwich is such an obvious idea that it's easy to overlook it! This one is made with ham and cheese.

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Cornbread Mashed Potatoes

Photo Credit: www.chefgarvin.com

Mix crumbled cornbread with leftover mashed potatoes for an easy and different side made up entirely of leftovers!

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