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How to Use Clotted Cream

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how to use clotted cream

Americans are often at a loss about how to use clotted cream. My simple recipe for homemade clotted cream is one of the most beloved recipes on this site, but those with no British connections often wonder what to do with it.

Clotted cream is a scrumptious cross between butter and whipped cream. It’s easy to make, but, of course, you can purchase a jar of it if you prefer!

There are some traditional ways to use clotted cream detailed below. However, there are truly countless ways to use it!

Below are some ideas to get you started.

Spread Clotted Cream on Scones

Culinary Ginger has a great recipe for classic English scones (shown above and below).


But, by no means to do you need to stick to classic scones. Clotted cream would be wonderful on my savory roasted garlic and potato beer cheese scones.

Potato Scones

I would love to try it on these cranberry scones from Unsophisticook…

Cranberry scones

or these brown bread Irish Scones from Vegan in the Freezer!Brown Bread Irish Scones

I’ve also baked scones in little mugs and topped them with clotted cream. Don’t they look adorable?!

High Tea Cupcakes

Enjoy Clotted Cream on Crumpets or Muffins

Clotted cream was practically made to be spread on crumpets. My crumpets below are missing out.


Clotted cream also works well on not-so-sweet muffins like these healthy blueberry muffins from A Cookie Named Desire…

blueberry muffins

or these strawberry rhubarb muffins from Food Faith Fitness.strawberry rhubarb muffins

Slather Clotted Cream on Brunchy Breads

Although it is completely non-traditional, clotted cream is wonderful on warm cornbread!


Clotted cream also works on banana bread (like the one below from This Old Gal),

buttermilk banana bread

chocolate potato bread,

Chocolate Potato Bread

or Irish soda bread!

Irish Soda Bread

How Do You Use Clotted Cream?

I’d love to hear other ways that you use clotted cream! Please share your ideas in the comments!

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  1. What a great idea for a post and I love all the scones you added!

  2. This bakery taste of it is very special very tasty. I often do it on weekends for my husband and children. Thank you!

  3. Really very interesting post and very innovative ideas. Keep moving.. love you ideas…

  4. This looks amazing! I will definately give it a try!
    I hope I will manage as I am not a great cook!

  5. • You asked for a piece of my mind. Here it is: Y U Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

  6. Run 3says:

    Thanks for your sharing. Your article is very useful, it gives me more understanding.

  7. Run 3says:

    I must appreciate the way you have expressed your feelingsthrough your blog!..

  8. Andrea Bsays:

    So, basically there is only one use for clotted cream..spreading it on some sort of bread/muffin. LOL

  9. run 3says:

    so easy to do and great! thanks for sharing!

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