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HomeAway – Living and Baking in a Rental Home in Charleston, South Carolina

…out the trash, and grab a drink from the refrigerator…

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pina colada cupcakes

Piña Colada Cupcakes from Teacher By Day Chef By Night – Pin of the Week

Drink Sticks Umbrella Picks Either way,…

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Ultimate Chocolate Cupcake

Chocolate Cupcake Recipe – The Ultimate Chocolate Cupcake Test Baked by 50 Bakers and Counting

…and I will even admit I have labeled past trials…

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Eggnog Frosting

Eggnog Frosting and a Huge Holiday Giveaway

drink.  It’s not surprising because the eggnog frosting is made…

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chocolate chai cupcakes

Chocolate Chai Cupcakes from Bakingdom – Pin of the Week

…you think. I’m simply here to eat, drink, and be…

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Income Tax Cupcakes

Income Tax Cupcakes

…in drink – specifically, the income tax cocktail.  I learned…

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The Chosen Ones

…to go with a cupcake drink theme. They selected: Soda…

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9 Hours = 250 Unfrosted Cupcakes

…sugared/salted the rim, and my husband drink umbrella-ed them (can…

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How to Make Grenadine and Why You Should Bother

…formulation as orange drink.” I looked in my pantry and…

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Mimosa Cupcakes: The Best Sunday Brunch Cupcakes

…mimosa is. A mimosa is a drink composed of three…

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Avocado Lime Cupcakes: It Isn’t Easy Being Green

…the Philippines and Indonesia, a dessert drink is made with…

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Apple Cinnamon Cupcakes with Mead Frosting and a Honey Swirl: Rosh Hashana Cupcakes for a Sweet New Year

…technically an “alcoholic drink made from diluted honey and water,…

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Chocolate Stout Cupcakes: Shh.. I’m Cheating on My Company

In the past, when I’ve brought baked goods anywhere, everyone basically said “mmm.. thanks” and gave positive commentary regardless of what they may have actually thought. However, when you tell someone that you are doing a project to pick the best cupcake and you want honest feedback, everyone seems to go out of their way [...]

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Golden Glow Cupcakes: Back to School Time

…cream cheese frosting on it and labeled it for what…

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Vanilla Bean Paste

Why You Should Buy Vanilla Bean Paste

…It’s actually a thin syrup. While I would never drink

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Does the Miracle Fruit Work

…recommended this drink, Kombucha. It was crazy sour! It was…

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Vosges Chocolate Truffles

…had never heard of this drink from the Dominican Republic…

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Savory Cupcakes – Fig, Goat Cheese, and Onion

drink Sprite, only to find that your server had mistakenly…

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Chocolate Peanut Butter Hi-Hat Cupcakes for FilterPure – It’s Time to Raise $4,000

…Tanzania.  Imagine having clean, safe drinking water for the first…

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