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Fruit Leather Toppers

Simple Fruit Leather Cupcake Toppers

Strawberry Sprinkles

Homemade Strawberry Sprinkles for Parade Magazine

How to Make a Fondant Bow

How to Make a Fondant Bow for a Cupcake (What I Learned When I Met Cake Boss)

Chocolate Leaves

Amazing 30 Second Chocolate Leaves

Decorating Cupcakes with Pennants (Cake Bunting)

Candied Cucumber – This is No Pickle

Homemade Apple Chips in Fun Fall Shapes

Panko Sprinkles

Sweet and Salty Roasted Chickpeas – Cheap, Easy, and Addictive


Latik – Cooking Magic with Coconut Milk

Gulab Jamun – Indian Syrup-Soaked Donut Holes

Candied Carrot Curls – A Unique Carrot Cupcake Topper

Candied Pineapple Recipe

Greek Bird’s Nest Cupcake Toppers: Not for Easter