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Matzoh Brei Cupcakes for Passover

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Passover is not a cupcake kind of holiday.  However, there’s no reason not to sneak them onto the Passover menu in unexpected places.  In past years, I’ve brought you charoset cupcakes and gefilte fish cupcakes, and given you a recipe for flourless chocolate cupcakes that are worth crossing the Red Sea for.  This year, I’ve created Passover breakfast cupcakes – matzo brei cupcakes.

What Are Matzo Brei Cupcakes?

I used these matzoh cups for matzoh brei cupcakes,
but you could fill them with anything – get creative!

Matzoh brei cupcakes are made from edible molded matzoh cupcake liners stuffed with matzoh brei and “frosted” with your topping of choice (I went for a variety of jams).  My toddler taste tested them (he’s young enough to not be upset about eating matzoh pre-Passover) and he gave them the thumbs up!

How to Make Matzoh Brei Cupcakes

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Matzoh Brei Cupcakes for Passover

Servings 2 matzoh brei cupcakes (scale to fit the size of your group)


  • 1 piece matzoh 1 piece of matzoh makes 2 matzoh liners with a little matzoh left over. You could possibly squeeze three liners out of the one piece if you were running short.
  • 1/4 cup plus two tablespoons matzoh brei see my matzoh brei recipe for instructions
  • 1/4 cup jam


  1. Preheat oven to 400 F.
  2. Soak matzoh in water until it is soggy and falling apart.
  3. Grease cupcake tins.
  4. Press a layer of wet matzoh into each cupcake well, being sure to push it all the way up the sides as shown in the photo above.
  5. Bake for 30 minutes or until the cups are crispy.
  6. Fill each cup to the top with hot matzoh brei.
  7. Spread jam on top.
  8. Serve immediately.


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8 comments on “Matzoh Brei Cupcakes for Passover”

  1. I adore Matzoh… If it weren’t so expensive down here in the South, I’d have it all year as a staple! Back in NY I always had Matzoh in my house. It amazes me how many people hate it.

    Anyway, these look yummy. I glaze my Matzoh Brei with sugar until caramelized in the pan… not sure if I’d like fruity stuff on it, so I may have to use your liner idea with my Brei recipe and see what happens :)


  2. Jessysays:

    I didn’t even get to try matzoh until I was an adult, and I’m in love. I will definitely try this. (By the way, I’ve been creeping the site and not commenting, but I love it! So creative)

  3. Paolasays:

    Ciao, volevo invitarti alla mia raccolta sui dolci che si preparano a Pasqua in tutti gli angoli del mondo :)
    Spero vi parteciperai

    A presto


  4. It looks really good and I’m excited to give it a try!

  5. Edible wrapper for cupcakes? That’s amazing idea! I am pretty sure this cupcake can satisfy any taste buds.

  6. Saifsays:

    I am quite new in passover this year. That’s why looking for some special dishes. Really got something special from you here.
    Wishing you a happy Passover.
    You can take a look at this passover message: on this celebration. Very unique one.

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