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Gourmet Goldfish Crackers Recipe for Parade Magazine

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Gourmet Goldfish


When I shared a recipe a few years ago for homemade goldfish crackers, I heard from many of you about how much you appreciated having a simple way to make the popular crackers at home.  Today, I shared a similar goldfish recipe on Parade Magazine’s website.  This new recipe is a gourmet goldfish recipe for grown ups – you won’t want to share these with the kids.  Head over to Parade for all the details!

P.S. If you like the spoon, head to my friend Brooke’s shop, Sucre Shop, to see all of her cute customized wooden utensils.

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One comment on “Gourmet Goldfish Crackers Recipe for Parade Magazine”

  1. websitesays:

    This recipe is getting good potatoes and also tomatoes. Children are more like to eat for this. It more healthier for health. It is getting some extra nutrients foods as good for our health. Get their natural foods and safe the life for their son and daughter. To get the natural foods from shops and grandma home.Lot of parents are living as self. Joining family is better for carry and save their children as healthy and knowledge.

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