Dessert Sausage (Cupcakewurst)

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What would happen if, instead of stuffing a sausage casing with meat (or a meat substitute), I stuffed it with cupcake batter? I had to try my take on a chocolate salami!

overhead view of dessert sausage with raspberry

I baked up my standard chocolate cupcake recipe inside of sausage casings and ended up with chocolate cupcake dessert sausage – Cupcakewurst.

overhead view of six dessert sausages on a silicone mat prior to baking

Since I couldn’t leave well enough alone, I threw them on the grill. I heated them for a few minutes on each side.

view of a dessert sausage being warmed on a BBQ grill

Then, I added a “bun” and some “ketchup” – a Long John doughnut and raspberry sauce.

overhead view looking into a basket with six dessert sausages

Get your BBQ grill ready today!


You’ll need a few key ingredients to make this recipe:

  • Edible sausage casing for as many sausages as you’d like to make – You’ll need 12 inches of casing for each sausage. If you ask your local butcher, they should be able to tell you where to buy casing.
  • Cupcake (or cake) batter (about a 1/4 cup of batter per sausage) – You can use any flavor you’d like, but I used batter from my chocolate cupcake recipe. Wouldn’t it be fun to use a red velvet cake and get more of a hot dog kind of look?
  • Long John doughnuts for the buns (make sure that they aren’t filled) – You should be able to find these at most doughnut shops, or you can try your hand at making homemade Long John doughnuts.
  • Raspberry sauce for the ketchup – I mashed raspberries and then heated and thickened them with some corn starch and sugar.

How It’s Made

Begin by prepping the sausage casing. I found the video below to be extremely helpful in explaining that process.

Measure and cut off 12 inches of casing.

Stef holding up sausage casing to a ruler to measure out 12 inches of length
Stef cutting a 12 inch section of sausage casing

Tie one end of the casing into a tight knot.

Stef tying off a length of sausage casing

Fill a sandwich bag or pastry bag with cupcake batter and cut a small hole in the end (no need to use a pastry tip).

Stick the pastry bag into the open side of the casing and work the casing partially up the bag.

Hold the casing in place with one hand and squeeze the pastry bag with the other hand, filling the casing half full. If you push all of the batter to one side of the casing, the batter should take up five inches of the casing (I know that five isn’t half of twelve, but remember that some of the casing is taken up with knots).

Stef filling a sausage casing with cupcake batter
Stef squeezing cupcake batter into a sausage casing

Squeeze out any air bubbles and tie off the other end of the casing.

Place the sausage on a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper or a Silpat. Spread the batter out in the casing so that it is evenly distributed.

Fill and tie off all of the remaining sausages.

filled dessert sausage next to a ruler showing that it is filled to the 5 inch mark

Bake for 15 minutes at 325 F.

Flip the sausages and bake for another 15 minutes.

Remove from the oven. If any of the sausages burst open, wipe off (and eat) the cooked cupcake batter that spilled out.

Refrigerate until it’s time for your BBQ (ideally within 3 days of making the Cupcakewurst).

When it’s time for dessert at the BBQ, make sure that the grill is not scorching hot. Cook each Cupcakewurst for two minutes on each side to warm (if the grill is too hot or if you keep them on for too long, the casings will burn and tear).

Serve warm on Long John doughnuts with raspberry sauce.

Expert Tips and FAQs

overhead view of dessert sausage with raspberry

It took a lot of experimentation to conquer dessert sausages.

I had hoped to be able to cook the Cupcakewurst entirely on the grill, but I found that the direct heat of the grill was more than they could handle – they kept exploding and meeting their demise on the fiery coals.

I had the same problem in the oven: when I cooked them at the standard cupcake baking temperature of 350 F, they kept bursting open.

I finally found the sweet spot of baking at 325 F and only filling the casings halfway. Even though some casings still acquired small holes during baking, the cake cooked enough before the casings broke that only a small amount of batter emerged through those breaks. The small messes could easily be wiped up and the sausages were all usable.

This was my first time working with sausage casing and I found it to be really fun! It’s a cross between a giant slippery noodle and a condom. It’s stretchy and fairly hard to accidentally break when handling it.

Dessert Sausage (Cupcakewurst)

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  1. Erwinsays:

    This food is really interesting, thanks for telling me how to make it.

  2. dudesays:

    Rub them in powdered sugar to give them that well aged turd look… :-P

  3. Kimberly Chapmansays:

    A friend posted this to G+ so I am totally making them for my baby’s 1 year old birthday party, mostly because that friend is coming. I’ll post my results eventually and let you know. I found casings at the grocery store today so I’m super excited to try this awesome wrongness. :D

  4. osays:

    It looks like dog crap

  5. Vivsays:

    I’m all for creative and innovative ways to bake cupcakes. But using animal innards and any organs, and what-not… I’ll pass.

  6. Anonymoussays:

    This is disgusting. Why would you stuff an intestine with cupcake batter and then try to serve it to people? Just because it is a new idea doesn’t mean it is a good one.

  7. Leilah Earwoodsays:

    This is such a cool idea! As I was reading it I was thinking, passion fruit sauce is yellow, that could be the “mustard”!!

  8. Anonymoussays:

    Agreed. This looks disgusting…

  9. Claiborne Whitesays:

    I truly appreciate the desire to experiment and expand the possibilities of what food can be. That being said, sometimes the end result is not the most appetizing, this may be one of those cases.

  10. Nicolesays:

    That is the most amazing and creative cupcake that I have seen.

  11. Anonymoussays:

    I’d use vegan casings personally. As for all the comments that it looks like a turd, that’s because it’s chocolate, and you’re an asshole. Also, trolling a cupcake website? Is that really the only thing you can fill your life with? I think that’s a ‘life fail’.

    • Anonymoussays:

      Not everyone who thinks this is a bad idea is “trolling,” you know. A big part of enjoying food is its presentation. This is a creative idea, but it is visually disturbing. And that’s not even mentioning the intestinal casing…

  12. Kelsey Daysays:

    I tried a flourless chocolate cake in it today, but there is so much air from the whipped eggs, that it makes them either explode or they shrivel up into very unappetizing shapes. I tried many variations on cooking, but no luck. It sure was fun trying, though.

  13. Anonymoussays:

    Why would you do this? It looks like feces. Wth

  14. Anonymoussays:

    Looks completely disgusting. I totally understand being creative but this here…nope.

  15. Anonymoussays:

    Congrats on the new “Two Girls and a Cup” props…

  16. Paleo Girlsays:

    lol um i think some things need to remain in the sausage casings. Like sausage. No offense, I get the creativity, but you may be reaching here. They look like…well something else, that is the end result of if you eat too many cupcakes… no knocking your creativity AT ALL, but i think it’s not for me.

  17. Anonymoussays:

    so you really used intestine? Could I use something else, like do they have “fake” casings?How could I make it work for, a vegetarian? This is such a cool idea, & would be perfect for 4th f july, I’d love to do this for my fam if you could answer my Q’s! :) Thanks!-maise

  18. JC's Just Cakes Cupcakes Chocolatessays:

    Incredibly creative.. this is awesome for kids birthday treats and YES !!! Red Velvet would look amazing and on Dough nut Bun squeeze Cream cheese Yummmm…definitely A MUST TRY :D

  19. Rebecca Edniesays:

    The fact that it looks like a sausage is cool! I thinks is all neat except using a casing. Icky! If there was another way to cook it, it seems like fun! I have a silicone icecubes tray that makes long skinny icecubes so they fit In water bottles. That could be fun with flour less choc cake…

  20. Sylviasays:

    My dear, ever helpful fiance suggests making a version of these with Spotted Dick.


  21. Sassysays:

    OMG, that is so gross and still I laughed myself silly. ;)

  22. MommyNamedAprilsays:

    i can’t get over all the trolls. LOL, how silly. looks like a fun idea to me.

  23. Lauren - Hippie Dog Companysays:

    This is, hands down, the most creative recipe I have EVER seen! You are incredibly inventive. I pinned it. :)

  24. jetspeakssays:

    Did you use intestines or synthetic casing? This would solve a dispute I am having about this post. :D

  25. Julie B.says:

    Reminds me of the Simpsons episode where Marge makes Dessert Dogs for a cooking competition. Cookie dough hot dogs, meringue buns and dessert topping condiments. These look extra weird and awesome at the same time. I love it!

  26. Anonymoussays:

    it looks like a turd

  27. hopelesslyhopefulsays:

    How delightfully creative

  28. Anonymoussays:

    This looks absolutely disgusting. Way to ruin cake AND sausages.

  29. Debra Kapellakissays:

    That is hysterical and looks like blood sausage!

  30. Mantosays:

    Coming soon; the 3-kinds-of-sausage dinner party! Charcuterie, then cassoulet, and then Sweet, sweet saus-cakes!

  31. Anonymoussays:

    Creative clever! Nice!
    w o
    w o

  32. Anonymoussays:

    I’d lose my appetite if the cake I was about to eat was wrapped in intestine…

    • Mantosays:

      I assume you’ve never eaten a pastry with lard in it, either, then? Or a suet duff? You poor soul!

    • Anonymoussays:

      How narrow-minded, calling somebody a poor soul for never having eaten an outdated dish..there are many ways to be ‘rich’, supposedly old person

  33. Anonymoussays:

    Dumb. You can’t put a cupcake in a sausage casing. It is no longer a cupcake. The ‘cup’ in cupcake refers to it’s shape. This is sausage cake. NOT sausage cupcake. Stupid.

  34. Ericsays:

    if you put less raising agent does it make them not burst?

    • Stefsays:

      That’s a great question. I didn’t try it. I bet a flourless chocolate cake (which doesn’t rice much at all) would work really well. Let me know if you try it!

  35. Anonymoussays:

    I’d rather a sausage muffin, please comply.

  36. Anonymoussays:

    “Sweet Morcilla” classic dessert…

  37. Anonymoussays:

    But you haven’t told us how it tastes?! Does the sausage casing give off any flavor of its own or compromise the flavor of the cupcake? That would be my concern. Other than that — totally awesome!!

  38. Ailyn Sanchezsays:

    You are so creative…love this one, and agree with Joe about the chorizo and the red velvet. congratulations and thank you for sharing!

  39. Jewelzzsays:


  40. flicka47says:

    Fun idea!! Definitely going to have to try it!

    Made me think though,for some reason I thought you were going to boil the “sausages”… what is that dark, heavy cake(pudding, bread?)that you boil in a can?( my grandmother used to make it for Christmas) That might be an interesting variation on these.

  41. Joe Wsays:

    Red velvet cake mix and you have a chorizo… sorry cake-rizo.

  42. Rimasays:

    wow this is sooo interesting… i giggled but in awe at the same time!!!

  43. Kamailesays:

    very interesting. This would be fun for April Fool’s.

  44. Nicki K.says:

    This is so perverse, it’s almost good… or is it the other way round? Anywho: I don’t see myself, in any universe, time, or place, ever thinking something like this up! Chapeau for your creativity!

  45. Lisa @ Sweet 2 Eat Bakingsays:

    Haha this is amazingly weird and wonderful at the same time. LOVE the idea. Fantastic creativity. Totally digging the doughnut bun and raspberry sauce as the ketchup!

    Sweet 2 Eat Baking

  46. Kalen - Kentucky Cupcakesays:

    Holy hell as creative as this is – it’s so gross! hah. I wouldn’t be able to eat it, especially with the casing. *die* eeeee

  47. Anonymoussays:

    That’s disgusting. Baking fail.

  48. Carlitasays:

    Definitely not the prettiest-looking thing, but I’ve gotta hand it to you on the creativity – off the charts! Nice job. Love that you went all out with the ‘buns’ and ‘ketchup’! :)

  49. Maybellesays:

    Can’t wrap my head around it. I would be expecting sausage and getting cake! Kind of like expecting ice cream and it’s really mashed potato. Cool idea but I wonder if I would have issues. Only one way to find out :)

  50. Nick (Macheesmo)says:

    Thanks for the link and also… HOLY COW!

    This is the most amazing thing I’ve seen in awhile. Nice work!

  51. Laura - elims2376says:

    You amaze me with your ideas sometimes! Nice job!!

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