Working with Gingerbread House Kits

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Gingerbread house kits make creating these cute holiday decorations an easy and fun family project. Here’s everything you need to know to successfully decorate a gingerbread house from a kit!

Mini Gingerbread Village

Why Use a Kit?

I’m a total newbie at making gingerbread houses. I’ve cobbled something together with graham crackers once or twice, but I’d never even attempted the real deal.

Gingberbread House Kit

Using a kit rather than making a from-scratch gingerbread house makes life SO much easier.

Myles and I used Wilton’s Welcome to Christmas Mini Christmas Village Kit [paid link].

Mini Gingerbread Village

There are so many things that I loved about using a kit:

  • It has all of the gingerbread pieces that you need.
  • It comes with icing and piping bags.
  • It comes with candy decorations.

In short, just about everything you need is in the box!

Selecting a Kit

Mini Gingerbread Village

There are so many gingerbread house kits [paid link] to choose from, ranging from classics to a Super Mario Brothers One [paid link] to a lighthouse [paid link] to an adorable barn [paid link].

If you are working with kids, I recommend getting one with multiple houses.

  • More houses in the box means that if you mess one up by accident, you still have three left.
  • If more than one kid is involved, kids can easily share the box. This may not work if every kid want to make the A-frame, for example. Don’t say I didn’t warn you that could happen.
  • You can spread the craft over the whole holiday season decorating a house whenever you get a block of time.

When you use a kit with smaller houses, you can also use them to decorate a cake.

Gingerbread House Cake

They look so adorable on top of any flavor Christmas cake or even a plain vanilla cake.

Assembly and Decorating Tips

Gingerbread House Kit

My number one tip for making gingerbread houses is to read the manual first so you can schedule enough time to make the houses.

Making gingerbread houses is a full day project. After you add the icing to glue the gingerbread walls together, it takes several hours for the icing to set – only then can you add the roof. Then, you wait another few hours before decorating.

Marshmallow gingerbread house

The only thing we used that wasn’t in the kit was marshmallows. There wasn’t quite enough white icing in the box to make the thick snowy roofs that we wanted.

Tip: We found that the best way to make snowy rooftops is to melt marshmallows in the microwave and spread the melted marshmallows over the gingerbread pieces.

Gingerbread Kits

Don’t force your kids to be perfectionists just because you are. We let Myles decorate his gingerbread house however he wanted. He had SO much fun with it.

Mini Gingerbread Village

We weren’t quite sure where he was going with his design until it was all done and we saw the smiley face.

Smiley Gingerbread House

Unless your kiddos are very artistically talented, I recommend that you leave the perfect looking ones for the Type A adults in your household to make. In our case, that’s my husband. I’m not ashamed to say that he is better at decorating gingerbread houses than I am.

One final tip is that you should follow the instructions in the box and use a knife to saw the perforated gingerbread pieces apart. I tried to save time and snap them apart at the perforation and broke a few. If the pieces break, you can easily glue them back together with frosting. But, obviously, it’s best if they don’t break in the first place.

Are Gingerbread Houses from Kits Edible?

Mini Gingerbread Village

I love gingerbread (see my gingerbread cupcakes if you don’t trust me). So, I was thrilled to learn that everything in the kit we bought is edible! 

I snuck a bite of the house just to try it and it wasn’t bad.

As for Myles, half of the icing wound up in his mouth! He couldn’t help himself. You might want to have some extra candy on hand just to have some to eat.

Gingerbread Family Activity

If you make gingerbread houses, I’d love to hear if you use a kit or make them from scratch. Please share your tips in the comments!

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  1. Vickisays:

    The best part of this post are the sweet pictures of you and your son. So sweet!

  2. Annasays:

    I’ve never made gingerbread houses. I’m such a perfectionist because when I was a child I was forced to remake everything that was done sloppy. Now I understand how important it is not to bother my kids with this “need for perfection”.
    Thank you for the idea! I appreciate you share the links!

  3. Marisa Francasays:

    I never attempted a gingerbread house. I did make gingerbread decorations for the Christmas tree and my son would take bites out of them The houses from the kits are so cute. You and your son did a wonderful job of decoration. I should do this with my grandsons.

  4. Suessays:

    I used this kit with my nephews last week! It was so much fun, but I definitely broke a few of the pieces in my impatience- oops! My nephews are only 4 and I let them go crazy and they did a great job (I tried not to micromanage lol). I wish I had done the marshmallow roof- such a great idea!

  5. Sean@Diversivoresays:

    I don’t know if that’s truly everything you need in one kit… I mean, where’s the extra bag of candy to eat (or ‘lose’ to your sneaky toddler) while making the gingerbread house?

    All kidding aside, you’ve got some lovely tips here. Sawing the gingerbread apart is a particularly useful note. Nothing ruins gingerbread making like having to use icing to piece together damaged walls or cracked roofs. Cheers!

  6. Mackenziesays:

    Oh my goodness, that mini village gingerbread kit is ADORABLE! I’ve always wanted to have one of the cute Christmas villages, but with little ones in the house, I’m always afraid of them breaking. I love that this gives us a way to create our own, with everything we need provided. I’m looking for this at the store tomorrow!

  7. Danasays:

    I’ve never, in my life, made a gingerbread house! How awful. I love the idea, and every year I see at least one or two at a friends’ place. I need to put this on my list next year. It seems like a fun project!

  8. Tracisays:

    How fun are these?! So easy and I love the tip you offer about cutting the perforated lines with a knife because…I’m super OCD when it comes to crafts and I hate when things break…even graham crackers LOL. I just checked out the Wilton’s link you included and WOW, there are some elaborate creations. Thanks for sharing :)

  9. Trishsays:

    This is awesome! This MIGHT be easy enough for me to attempt with my 2 year old, although he would probably just eat everything and not do any decorating haha. I love that drippy melted marshmallow snow too!

  10. Debrasays:

    Well, talk about making things easy! I don’t know why we have never made gingerbread houses, but now I have no excuse. I won’t be intimidated any longer. GReat idea.

  11. Carmysays:

    What a fun kit! I walked by a gingerbread house competition at the mall recently and really want to build one now! I’m definitely going to kit route as it seems much easier and stress-free!

  12. Tracysays:

    What a fun kit!! This is EXACTLY what I need – and thank you for the tips! I’ve never made a gingerbread house because I’m waayyy too much of a perfectionist and I know that it would just end in tears, lol. But this kit seems like it’ll be perfect for me – and my girls! Thank you!

  13. Lisasays:

    I’ve never attempted a gingerbread house, but I just got an instagram from my way-too-talented sister-in-law who just completed their gingerbread house with her two boys. It looks like so much fun and the smiles when they’re posing with the finished product tell the whole story. Had I known Wilton had kits available, I probably would have given it a go a long time ago. I think I’m gonna have to “borrow” someone else’s kid as mine is all grown up and flown the coop. Merry Christmas!

  14. Gloriasays:

    I remember doing this with my kids when they were young. Now I think I need to make these with my grandchildren. As long as I can get them to NOT eat all the decorations first LOL! Happy Holidays!!

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