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Goldbunny Crackers for Easter

Goldbunny Crackers for Easter

chips & crackers, cheddar, cracker, Easter

Gold Bunnies

There is no reason that your homemade goldfish crackers have to be fish. Why not surprise your egg hunters with some adorable goldbunnies?



Are you thinking goldturkeys for Thanksgiving and goldsantas for Christmas? I sure am!


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6 comments on “Goldbunny Crackers for Easter”

  1. Lisa Russell says:

    If you use white cheddar cheese and the white butter, the bunnies would be white!

  2. Wow great idea. I will definitely try this one too.

  3. Jen Kim says:

    these are so adorable!

  4. Cakebrain says:

    I could eat a whole bunch of these bunnies! my kids live on goldfish crackers too! looks like such a great idea!

  5. wow, lovely Easter cuppie ideas. i’ll try some next year. thanks and happy easter!

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