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Where To Buy Miracle Fruit / Miracle Berry

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Miracle Berry

Where Can You Buy Miracle Fruit?

Miracle fruit is now available fresh with overnight shipping on Amazon.

For a complete listing of where to buy miracle fruit, check out the miracle fruit forum.

You’ll see that the miracle berries come in berry form or in pill form. As you can see in the picture, we had the actual miracle berries. However, a friend tried the pills (Miraculin Tablets) and they worked just as well.

How Much Does Miracle Fruit Cost?

The miracle fruit that we used cost $5 per berry. Yes, five American dollars for a single berry. Before you balk at the price, think about the number of times in your life you have paid $5 for an hour’s entertainment.

How I Got My Miracle Fruit

My miracle fruit was purchased via the determination of Groom 1.0.

The reason that I hadn’t tried the miracle fruit sooner is that it is somewhat hard to come by. It has a very short shelf life and it has to be kept cool. Luckily, Groom 1.0 was just as determined as I to try the miracle fruit.

Groom 1.0 snuck into a dark alley in the dead of night and said the secret code word: berry. The berries were handed off to him by a man in dark sunglasses, sucking on a sour lollipop.

Truthfully, Groom 1.0 was in New Jersey on business and sought out an Eden Gourmet store – an upscale chain that carries the berries. He scoped out the store early in the week and found that the berries were sold out and he needed to reserve some. Props to Groom 1.0 for planning ahead!

When he went at the end of the week to get the miracle berries, they were not out in the open, but hidden behind the deli counter. Many of the people who worked there hadn’t heard of the miracle berries and only a few had tried them.

Groom 1.0 then transported the miracle berries on ice back to St. Louis (only dumping the ice out briefly to get through airport security). We worried that perhaps the berries would be confiscated by the TSA, but it isn’t a drug, it’s just a berry.

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16 comments on “Where To Buy Miracle Fruit / Miracle Berry”

  1. adwordssays:

    if you are looking for the miracle berry tablets or actual plants (or plant care) please view my site as well.


  2. JoceLosays:

    Hey guys, I just received my shippment from http://www.miraclefruitworld.com

    They have a nice set of foods and recipes as well (their cocktails were a blast at my latest party, haha!)

  3. http://www.buy-miracle-fruit.com/buy-mirac…

    this is where i bought , nice service you could give a try .

  4. Johnsays:

    I tried my first MF tablet about a month ago (green packaging) :S. I didn’t like the acid taste that much, but the effect was off the charts!

    Guess what: I bought another pack a week ago, again from http://www.miraclefruitworld.com (well, from one of their retailers sour2sweet), sth called Miracle Frooties. They are so much better! No acid taste in my mouth, also lasts longer. Hell, at least now I know what i put in my mouth, has all the ingredients on the box, in English!, and says ISO 9001, HACCP certified. I got 600mg, so twice the size, for almost the same price. Recomend it! And if sbd is throwing a Party with the new ones, let me know :-D

  5. LouisPartnersays:

    I have purchased all my tablets and berries so far from http://www.MiracleFruitHut.com

    They recently supplied me a plant and i have been growing miracle fruit ever since.

    i have also tried miracle frooties and the tablets there is no difference at all especially in the ingredients i even checked on the packaging.

    I recommend all try out this wonderful experience and those like me who are diabetics can benefit from such natural products

  6. Susansays:

    LouisPartner, I just had a Miracle Fruit Party and most of us disagree,…

    I bought Miracle Frooties from http://www.miraclefruitworld.com and Mysterious Fruit from buy-miracle-fruit.com, but we all enjoyed Miracle Frooties a lot more.

    The effect lasted longer (I bought the Large version) and there was no artifical sour taste in my mouth after dissolving a frootie, unlike with Mysterious Fruit. Also, there was no chinese packaging (letters) on the box. Miracle Frooties are packaged in the EU and Mysterious Fruit in Taiwan. Sorry, but I trust the europeans more! I know they have really high quality standards.

    Bottom line is that they both do the trick – I really recommend Miracle Fruit as a great, funky experience! (whichever, just try it ;-))

  7. Mitchsays:

    So I can’t buy this in STL anywhere?

  8. Thanks for the recipe. I cant wait to try it. I won a Facebook competition from http://www.theworldsbestfruit.com so a free box is on the way to me and now I’m looking for tasting ideas. I missed the party my friend had over the 4th of July with their Frooties. I’ll let you know how the cupcake recipe goes! Thanks again.

  9. Marysays:

    They also sell them in tablet form on ThinkGeek.com. Just FYI.
    By the way, LOVE THE BLOG!

  10. marksays:

    I purchased from Frooties and it was the worst experience of my life. They did not get to me on time and they were not as effective as some of the other Miracle Fruits I have tried in the past. The company was rude and I will never buy from them again.

  11. JulianAllesandrosays:

    Love the miracle fruit i went on the forum and used http://www.Miraclefruithut.com Just got a pack of the brand new miracle fruit tablets and a plant from them definitely recommended if people want a quick supplier with good pricing.

    My plants growing fine and i yielded my first lot of berries this month using hydroponics :)

  12. Stuart ashtonsays:

    I’m planning a miracle meal night in the U.K. However i am really finding it very hard to obtain either the berries or the tablets. Can anybody help me?

  13. Stuart ashtonsays:

    I’m planning a miracle meal night in the U.K. However i am really finding it very hard to obtain either the berries or the tablets. Can anybody help me? Please call me on 07935067534

  14. justice Bandohsays:

    Hi am justice Bandoh am a mberry farmer in Ghana.I want to know if your company buys fresh mberry fruit. I can produce 500 -750kg per season.

  15. Kikisays:

    Visit Miraclefruitfarm.com.
    There service is great and quick.
    It’s a family business. Check out their Instagram too @miraclefruitfarm

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