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Flavor Tripping 101

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flavor tripping

Flavor tripping is a totally unique (and safe) culinary experience.   To flavor trip, you eat a berry known as miracle fruit or miracle berry (or a pill or powder made from the berry) and it makes sour foods taste sweet. Just one berry will give you the effect for 30 minutes to an hour and allow you to experience food in a completely new way.  Miracle fruit is best when tried with friends at a flavor tripping party.

Over the next few pages, I’ll give you the skinny on where to get miracle fruit, what types of things to eat with it, and my personal experience with miracle berries.

First, where to buy miracle fruit…

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14 comments on “Flavor Tripping 101”

  1. Nancysays:

    Gives a whole new meaning to “tripping.”

  2. You can actually get Miracle Berry tabs from Thinkgeek.com; it’s 20 dollars for 10 tabs but each tab is 2 servings so that’s basically like paying a buck a berry. I haven’t tried it yet but ThinkGeek hasn’t let me down yet.


  3. Hmm, a pill that alters things I taste… I can “get it in berry or pill form”? Hmm, you know I wouldn’t have minded this about 15 years ago; you know, when I had a job that didn’t care about that sort of stuff…

  4. Tiltsays:

    It’s not like crack cocaine or opium or whatever, it is not illegal in any way. If you have to think of it in a stupid way, think of it like something you’d get from Willy Wonka.

    Actually, that’s a lot less stupid than thinking it’s going to get you busted on a drug test.

  5. Ivysays:

    Not so sure about all this-it’s very strange and mysterious to me. Are you in a flavor-tripping cult?

  6. Stefsays:

    Ivy – Hah! I couldn’t decide at first either, but it was fun to do once.

  7. Tanyasays:

    Have you ever seen The Graham Norton Show on BBC America? He had on Gordon Ramsey and Juliette Binoche not too long ago and they all tried one of the magic berries. They then tried Guinness, a lemon wedge, and one audience member drank vinegar after eating a berry. Graham and Juliette said the berries worked while Gordon Ramsey spit everything out (even the Guinness). It was really quite hilarious!

  8. I’ve gotten the ones from Think Geek and they work! I had a wedge of lemon and it tasted like a lemon drop. I want to try grapefruit next. (I’ve never liked grapefruit for how sour it is!)

  9. I don’t know if they still carry them, but you could buy miracle berry plants to grow from http://www.logees.com In addition, they sell dwarf banana plants, several types of citrus, a “curry” plant, and more exotic edibles & plants for flavoring food.

  10. Susansays:

    The miracle fruit is awesome! I was a bit sceptic first but then i saw it on CNN and i had to try it and it eorked like a charm!

  11. Anonymoussays:

    I bought mine from http://www.buy-miracle-fruit.com they usually run specials.I must say these miracle berries are quite interesting. And yeah Gordon Ramsey was an ass because they worked when I tried it with friends.

  12. You can get this in berry or pill form and its all natural. Its not a drug so you don’t have to worry about work :) in fact, my boss was the one who made me try it for the first time! :) Here is the site where I got mine:


  13. Fantastic sweet experience! We sell FRESH miracle berries and tablets from http://www.Miraclefruithut.com, We have got multi-packs so you can throw flavor tripping dining parties with a group. Check the recipes out too!

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