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10 Things Every Home Baker Dreams of Having

bakers dreams

1.  Someone else doing the cleanup work – anyone would do, but someone you are physically attracted to would be ideal… or a robot… or an adorable talking kitten.

2.  Ingredients that stay fresh forever so you will never see alien plant life appear in your refrigerator again.

3.  A magic spell that proofs yeast dough instantly.

4.  A HUGE island.

huge island

Source: TEA2 Architects

5.  A room full of dishes and cake stands like Martha Stewart’s prop room – plus a staff of “prop librarians” to help you plate on the perfect dish.

prop cake stands

A view of Martha’s prop room. Image from Apartment Therapy.

6.  This view out the window (without any problems associated with high-altitude baking).

7.  Free post-baking massages.

8.  The ability to stop the clock to finish everything before guests arrive.

9.  The stove that you see in the window at Williams-Sonoma.  It’s a La Cornue CornuFé Stove and it’s $8,600.

fancy stove

This is the only thing on the list with an actual price tag, but it’s so unlikely that anyone I know will ever own one that it belongs on the same list as the magic spell.

10.  Great Grandma’s recipe book (which she probably didn’t have – she just put in a little bit of this and a little bit of that).

What’s Your Dream?

Let me know in the comments!

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