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10 Things Every Home Baker Dreams of Having

bakers dreams

1.  Someone else doing the cleanup work – anyone would do, but someone you are physically attracted to would be ideal… or a robot… or an adorable talking kitten.

2.  Ingredients that stay fresh forever so you will never see alien plant life appear in your refrigerator again.

3.  A magic spell that proofs yeast dough instantly.

4.  A HUGE island.

huge island

Source: TEA2 Architects

5.  A room full of dishes and cake stands like Martha Stewart’s prop room – plus a staff of “prop librarians” to help you plate on the perfect dish.

prop cake stands

A view of Martha’s prop room. Image from Apartment Therapy.

6.  This view out the window (without any problems associated with high-altitude baking).

7.  Free post-baking massages.

8.  The ability to stop the clock to finish everything before guests arrive.

9.  The stove that you see in the window at Williams-Sonoma.  It’s a La Cornue CornuFé Stove and it’s $8,600.

fancy stove

This is the only thing on the list with an actual price tag, but it’s so unlikely that anyone I know will ever own one that it belongs on the same list as the magic spell.

10.  Great Grandma’s recipe book (which she probably didn’t have – she just put in a little bit of this and a little bit of that).

What’s Your Dream?

Let me know in the comments!

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70 comments on “10 Things Every Home Baker Dreams of Having”

  1. Kittishsays:

    Heward’s Handy Cabinet. Looks like a standard kitchen cabinet from the outside, but you can store up to 50 appliances in it and the one you want is always right in front when you open the door.

  2. Oh, my. I hope no one will think less of me if I just stay here on this page a little longer with….him. I don’t know if he’s someone famous that I should know the name of, but in any case, thank you.

  3. Adriennesays:

    A magical lightweight mixer that would continually test and adjust to perfectly cream butter and sugar, know precisely when to stop whipping cream, and would have an expert knowledge of whipping egg whites to various stiffness and just ‘make it happen’. Oh, and it would self-clean all the nooks and crannies.

  4. Tracy Jamessays:

    Loved your list and as my kitchen is only about 5 square metres I drooled over the HUGE island and Martha Stewart’s prop room :-)

  5. Jeannesays:

    Great grandmas recipe book

  6. Nur Amysays:

    great grandma’s recipe book? HUGE Island ? Martha Stewart’s prop room? oh,my!

  7. Bethsays:

    I’ll take those post baking massages :-)!

  8. Jessicasays:

    I would LOVE a huge island!!!
    My kitchen has very little counter space.

  9. bari'atusays:

    Free post baking messages

  10. Debbiesays:

    #10 would be at the top of my list. Some things are priceless.
    But would I be too greedy if I said I want them all?

  11. Shawnsays:

    Clean up!!!!

  12. Alexiesays:

    I would love grandma recipe book and the ability to stop the clock before guest arrives.

  13. That feeling that you get when your through cooking and the dishes ,pots and pans have to be cleaned but they have all been cleaned by an unknown everlasting friend .Thank god !!!

  14. Kimbersays:

    The ability to taste-test and sample and eat all the raw cookie dough/cake batter without gaining any weight or arteries clogging with no fear of salmonella. So basically a rainbow unicorn.

  15. Meggansays:

    Honestly, I so want the stove and I also would love to be able to stop time…

  16. Olubukola Esthersays:

    Lots to learn from u,thanks love

  17. Tiffanysays:

    Awesome list! I especially loved the idea of someone doing the cleanup work and Martha Stewart’s prop room, I could just admire that room for hours. Running out of baking ingredients is a problem that I tend to have so having a mechanism to replenish used ingredients would be rather awesome!

  18. Marysays:

    A way bigger kitchen. Bigger than an island. A continent.

  19. John C.says:

    I’ll take the stove as long as the temp setting in the oven is within .005 degrees and the burners can really just simmer things instead of boiling the crap out of them.

  20. Melindasays:

    I am leaning towards #6. Having recently moved from the mountains in Canada to the beach in Panama. I am experiencing learning to bake in a sea level, very humid climate.

  21. Annelien Smitsays:

    I love your 10 things yes. Especially the view. If I can choose one thing it will be a fairy with a magic wand to make all my efforts look as beautiful as on the pictures of the recipes I try.

  22. Linda Sharpsays:

    I am a cupcake project virgin so I am brand new to your blog ..all thou I have to admit I am excited about learning more about your baking tips & cupcake idea’s.

  23. Barbara J Wilsonsays:

    I must have the large island with the amazing stove that faces the view .

  24. Leasays:

    I would love to have a beautiful island in my kitchen for when I’m baking. But I do have to say getting post baking massages sounds pretty good as well.

  25. Pattysays:

    Definitely the time.. I’m notorious for always running late! & even though I have an island it’s not big enough!So those 2! I don’t mind cleaning. looking forward to learning!

  26. Definitely the first one ! Someone to do the clean up ! Specially when you laboured for hours and think it’s all over and a glance at the sink and counters leaves you frustrated !!!

  27. Crystalsays:

    Love so many on that list! The gigantic island is probably the main one likely to come true for me when I get my dream house in the next couple of years.

  28. isabel sousasays:

    i m sorry but i like it all .Because all is need in a kitchen thanks for all your ideas

  29. Maura De Shanesays:

    I would love a Kitchen Aid mixer. Aside from my little hand held, every cookie and cup cake I have ever made was mixed by ✋. Who wouldn’t love counters that were built acording to your height. But then thats where a masseuse would be needed.

  30. Maurasays:

    I would love a Kitchen Aid mixer. Aside from my little hand held, every cookie and cup cake I have ever made was mixed by ✋. Who wouldn’t love counters that were built acording to your height. But then thats where a masseuse would be needed.

  31. Nora22says:

    Gee, this is really HARD. I’ve already got the hunky cleanup guy, so I don’t need #2, #4, #5, #7 or #8. I also have the view and I love raising dough so much that I often punch it down a few extra times (just to watch it rise again).

    It’s between #9 and #10, and although that stove looks amazing, guess I’ll have to go with #10. Grandma died before I was born, and I hear she was a fabulous, prolific, extreme-level baker! And I’ve got not even ONE of her recipes…

  32. Michaelynsays:

    A full room of dishes and cake stands is definitely on my wish list. You don’t know how many times I have to turn around my kitchen at home looking for this or that to put a cake or pie on. Lol. Eh! The work! But I would love a machine that icings your cake for you. I suck at that.

  33. Diane Gregorisays:

    La Cornue CornuFé Stove

  34. Ritasays:

    I would love to have a freezer/refrigerator that covers one complete wall, lots of cabinet space with room for pantry items and small appliances. I always tell my husband I’d like to have a huge kitchen with bedrooms and bathrooms surrounding it…there could be a small sitting area for friends and family in the kitchen, a long island with a dining table/chairs to complete it. It would open out onto a covered patio.

  35. Dina Genessays:

    Martha Stewart’s prop room.

  36. I love the big Island. Lots of storage. And I want to master the tons of layers cake (LadyM) and the mirror cake. I have a website but only family orders me food, it’s a hobby. I’m an Interior Designer specialized in Kitchens and Baths at Bradco Kitchen and Bath in Los Angeles CA

  37. A huge island or huge kitchen has been my dream for years! But it seems that I am doomed to the Galley Kitchen. I remember that Pierre Franier, the French chef on PBS years ago, thought that the galley style was the only way to go to save time and steps in recipe preparation. Ah, but I still can dream of the island style!

  38. CamiCakesays:

    I would want a clock that stops thank you very much;)

  39. CamiCakesays:

    I would want a clock that stops thank you very much;) haha

  40. Linda Parkinssays:

    *sigh* the island. The prep space is killer!! Btw..the stove is near second!!

  41. Debbiesays:

    The clean up crew would be by far my #1 request. I love making a mess when I bake, but absolutely HATE cleaning up. Having a magic wand to ensure I always have needed ingredients on hand at all times.

  42. Dorissays:

    I dream of having that huge island, but I would need the huge kitchen to go with it!

  43. Laveekasays:

    I want to have a magical spell which can keep my skin clear no matter how much sugar and cream I eat☺️

  44. Kathy Andersonsays:

    #9 I would be satisfied with a 1940″s version.

  45. Debbiesays:

    All the above would be great thank you. Love the pre-baking massage :) And oh to have Martha’s prop room would be very handy.

  46. Tammysays:

    I love your list! Way to hard to pick just one when I fall short in so areas, lol. So, I opt for the “Magic Wand” to make all my baking dreams come true!

  47. Evesays:

    I would want number 5

  48. Nsays:

    I would love a big kitchen with a big island in the middle. Also a big wonderful stove. Side by side fridge and a separate freezer. Yea !!

  49. Nenitasays:

    I don’t have a lot of free time to bake but love to shop & stock baking ingredients… I want the ingredients that stay fresh forever :)

  50. Doulasays:

    Someone else doing the clean up work – that gives me more time to keep baking!

  51. Lorisays:

    That list is so awesome! I can’t even decide!

  52. Mary Burgettsays:

    Every item one needs to always make the perfect CUPCAKES ever.

  53. Sandysays:

    It’s a toss up….. the Mountain View Home or Martha Stewart’s prop room.

  54. Rosannnesays:

    Really like the big island kitchen!

  55. Christy Whitesays:

    I am all about the post baking massage!! As a sufferer of chronic pain, I am in tears by the time I’m finished. Also, a Kitchen Aid mixer is my desire! Handheld beaters do not suffice when baking double or triple quantities!

  56. Barbarasays:

    One of the things I love to do is to cook a large meal and invite all my family and friends, so someone to do the clean up would be really great! But could he do double duty and help with the prep work too? That would definitely be a dream come true.

  57. Michellesays:

    The stove and the maid to clean up! That would be awesome!

  58. Summer Alexandersays:

    Right now my dream is to have a cake room separate from the kitchen that my whole family uses.

  59. Shwetasays:

    Hi. I like #5 Martha’s prop room full of dishes and cake stands and I would also love to stop the clock

  60. Dawnsays:

    Can’t I have more than one choice?;) Actually, I would like a way to make more time to bake and still be able to do all the volunteering I do.

  61. Amanda Barronsays:

    My dream would be a Pantry full of every ingredient known so I don’t get half way through cooking only to find out I’m missing an ingredients, and then I could make what I want when I want.

  62. Elizabethsays:

    Definitely number 9. The stove.

    In close second would be the island kitchen.

    hmmm… dreams are best friends.

  63. Annasays:

    How on earth to choose! But a good laugh I had getting here. Your talented in the kitchen and in your writing, ever done standup, lol. Since I’m never going to have any of those I can certainly wish for all of them!

  64. Robyn Holtsays:

    I’m sorry i can’t possibly find only one thing, 15 years ago i would have had Martha Stewarts buisso but now im 67 and physically challenged i can’t decide but let me just say theres only about 3 i don’t want, call me greedy thats fine (haha )

  65. sandysays:

    It would actually be my Grandma’s cook book on my father’s side. She had a bakery in Hungary and immigrated to the United States and made the most delicious baked goods. Unfortunately, she passed away when I was quite young and before the baking bug bit me!

  66. Guysays:

    #4 for sure!!!!!



  67. GINNYsays:


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