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chocolate chai cupcakes

Chocolate Chai Cupcakes from Bakingdom – Pin of the Week

Green Tea Sprinkles

Homemade Green Tea Sprinkles

Green Tea Cupcakes

Green Tea Cupcakes with Red Bean (Azuki) Buttercream Frosting

Moonshine and Sweet Tea Cupcakes

Sophisticated Tea and Crumpet Bread Pudding

Soup for Dessert – Rose Hip Soup (Nypon Soppa)

Hibiscus Tea

Hibiscus Tea – Brewed at Home From Dried Hibiscus Flowers

Peach Tea Cupcakes on Paula Deen

Jasmine Cupcakes with Raspberry and Honey

Baking with Tea – How To Get the Flavor of Tea Into Your Baked Goods

High Tea Cupcakes – Orange Cranberry Scones Baked in Teacups