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Your Summer Baking Could Get a Lot Cuter

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Cake Boss Baking Givaway

The Cake Boss Baking metal cake carrier is my new favorite cake carrier.  It has a vintage feel with an adorable modern style!  One lucky reader (will it be you?) will win the carrier along with the matching Cake Boss Baking prep bowls!  The prep bowls are cute enough to serve double duty as candy bowls or condiment bowls or even ice cream bowls!  Oh, I’m also throwing in the Cake Boss Baking cakelette pan.  It makes sweet two tier mini cakes (see three examples in my post on buttercream frosting).

Are you ready to win?

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Good luck!  (If you don’t happen to win, you can find all of these Cake Boss Baking goodies at Michaels.)

Note:  This post is sponsored by Cake Boss Baking.

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92 comments on “Your Summer Baking Could Get a Lot Cuter”

  1. Stephanie Waldosays:

    I’m thinking chocolate pound cake covered in vanilla glaze. Mmmm….

  2. Connisays:

    Mini spice cakes would be adorable and delicious!

  3. Antonia Mertessays:

    Just a simple vanilla chocolate chip cake I think!

  4. Amanda Ssays:

    Pound cake with strawberries!

  5. Nikisays:

    I will bake mini carrot cakes for the mothers in my street for Mother’s Day. I can make them dairy- and nut-free, catering to all (known) dietary restrictions amongst my mom friends!

  6. Jennbsays:

    I would bake spice cake with cream cheese icing. Yum!

  7. Jillsays:

    White chocolate cake with Lemon buttercream frosting

  8. Erinsays:

    Pistachio cake with lemon glaze

  9. Tammisays:

    i think a marbled Choc-Vanilla cake with a hidden pocket of caramel sauce, covered in a simple but delicious chocolate ganache. And sprinkles, everyone loves sprinkles! These cakelette tins are so adorable!

  10. LauriMsays:

    I’m going to make anniversary cakelettes for my grandparents 65th anniversary party!

  11. Christysays:

    Something for my daughter. I think she’d love that.

  12. Britanisays:

    I would love to meet him some day!!

  13. Britanisays:

    Oh, and I would make a lemon cake with meringue buttercream

  14. Andreasays:

    A chocolate cake with chocolate frosting!

  15. Megansays:

    I’d probably make some mini cakes for my niece and nephew next time I visit them. Great prize!

  16. Jessica Hornesays:

    I would make my kids favorite !! Lemon angel food cake with homemade lemon curd filling, mascarpone whipped frosting , finished with some lemon zest,raspberries ,and powered sugar . It is a flavor party in your mouth.

  17. Kathysays:

    So cute! I want to bake a little lemon cake for spring :)

  18. Crystasays:

    Those are cute! Our favorite cake is a basic yellow cake with chocolate frosting so I’d probably start with that!

  19. Sandysays:

    I would make my favorite vanilla cake in the new cake pan.

  20. PatriciaMelillisays:

    Chocolate layer cake!

  21. Amanda Hellensays:

    I would bake mini red velvet cakes :)

  22. Debbie the NY Bakersays:

    Probably a vanilla pound cake to serve with fresh fruit and a dollop of whipped cream!

  23. Carriesays:

    I’d make a carrot cake with cream cheese frosting. It’s the hubbies favorite.

  24. Carlysays:

    Thats such a tough question. Probably plain jane vanilla so I can go all out on the decorating!

  25. Lisasays:

    Angel Food, a gift for my mom, it’s her favorite

  26. Nicolesays:

    I love the idea of a metal cake carrier it reminds me of growing up :)

  27. Martha Tsays:

    Who can ever have too many cake carriers? Not this girl!!

  28. Jillsays:

    Chocolate cake with peanut butter frosting-the family favorite!

  29. Nakia Washingtonsays:

    I’m thinking a variety of delicious flavors such as carrot cake w/ chocolate chips, strawberry, & mint chocolate chip all with a buttercream icing.

  30. Nakia Washingtonsays:

    I’m thinking a variety of delicious flavors such as carrot cake w/ chocolate chips, strawberry, & mint chocolate chip all with a whip cream icing.

  31. Andreasays:

    Chocolate :)

  32. Helenesays:

    Either a strawberry or lemon cakes.

  33. Alexissays:

    Oooooh! I think something chocolate for sure!!!

  34. Lisasays:

    Cute! I’d probably do something chocolate. Can’t go wrong with that.

  35. MyMy Psays:

    I would make a chocolate cake first :)

  36. Sherry Wsays:

    If I bake for my boys it will be something chocolate but if I bake for me it will be a white cake.

  37. Cathrynsays:

    I just made a chocolate peanut butter cake for my husband, so I’m thinking it’s my turn for a treat! Maybe a coconut cream cake with lemon curd, or something with strawberries if they’re ready this weekend!

  38. Tracysays:

    My grandchildren love when I make the zebra cake. So, that will be my first cake.

  39. Jansays:

    I love chocolate fudge cake with white frosting

  40. I’d have to choose my favorite classic vanilla cake with a whipped nutella frosting!

  41. Pollysays:

    Strawberry lemon pound cake

  42. Yaelsays:

    Pistachio cake with a vanilla glaze

  43. Kristinsays:

    I would use it to make a recipe that I’m dying to try — Peanut Butter with Chocolate Butter Cream! Mmmmmmm!

  44. Pamelasays:

    I would bake a rich chocolate cake with a nice cherry chocolate frosting. May have to go do it now, naa would love to have the cake pan so guess I’ll use a little patience and see if I get lucky and win this amazing giveaway!

  45. So cute! I’m loving that carrier. May have to go check it out in store. And I’ve got a new recipe for lemon cream cake I’ve been wanting to try out.

  46. Maneesha Pradhansays:

    I’m a purist. Vanilla bean cake.

  47. lisa stokessays:

    Almond pound cake. So cute!

  48. Mishasays:

    I am thinking a Carrot Cake!

  49. Judisays:

    Matching birthday cakes for my sone and daughter-in-law with buttercream frosting!

  50. Monica Grosesays:

    My favorite cake is dark chocolate with white frosting. I can’t decide which of your buttercreams to try first–Italian, Swiss, or French!

  51. Rachelsays:

    I’m thinking I could make an adorable mothers day cake next month. There’s a recipe with rose water that I’ve been dying to try, and I think that this would be the perfect occasion!

  52. sandysays:

    I would experiment and try out a new recipe! I am still working on finding a good chocolate cake recipe, so that would be my next baking adventure….New Pan…new recipe…and even try out a new buttercream frosting too :)

  53. Kelseysays:

    Triple chocolate cake–it’s a crowd pleaser, and a good way to start that cake pan’s career!

  54. Jackie Copelandsays:

    I would make my Cookies & Cream Cake. A good way to start this cake pans fancy cakes.

  55. Jackie Copelandsays:

    I meant to say. my Oreo Cookies & cream Cake, with the oreo crumbs up the lower side. & swirls of rose bud icing on top w. oreo’s on each one, & Oreo crumbs in the middle. Makes me want to bake one now.

  56. Desireesays:

    I have an awesome cupcake carrier but I don’t actually have a regular cake one! I will have to check out this line at Michaels!

  57. Desireesays:

    Also, I would probably start with a rootbeer float cake. :)

  58. LaVenia Clarksays:

    Love both items. I would bake mini peanut butter cakes :)

  59. krissysays:

    I love these! I think I’d bake strawberry cake first.

  60. Jan Rsays:

    I seriously NEED to make something “lemony”!

  61. Emmasays:

    I would bake a chocolate spice cake with fudge icing

  62. Aileen Leesays:

    I’ve had my eye on this strawberry cake with cream cheese frosting recipe, so that’d be the one!!

  63. Sylviasays:

    Carrot Cake with cream cheese frosting!

  64. Ellen Barthsays:

    My favorite chocolate cake!

  65. Jessica Zsays:

    I would bake chocolatey raspberry cakes for my dads birthday

  66. Sigisays:

    Probably chocolate cake with peanut butter frosting!

  67. Karimasays:

    A classic red velvet! I haven’t had one in ages

  68. spicesays:

    It has to be my new fav. eggless whole wheat apple cake.

  69. Elane Hosays:

    I will make a birthday cake first.

  70. Phyllissays:

    Lemon pound cake with a lemon glaze or maybe Strawberry Shortcake since the strawberries are starting to ripen in the garden. Thanks for the give-away.

  71. Michelesays:

    I would make a butter cake and use buttercream icing to create a castle for my granddaughter!

  72. Sandiesays:

    chocolate for sure!

  73. D. Larsensays:

    Mini wedding cakes for an up coming wedding.

  74. AnneMarie Boltonsays:

    Chocolate Cake, here I come!

  75. Barbarasays:

    Chocolate with chocolate buttercream, of course!

  76. Allison M.says:

    Chocolate cake to go with peanut butter frosting. :)

  77. Kerisays:

    Chocolate cake!

  78. P. Atlassays:

    I want to make kahlua cakes with coffee frosting!

  79. I would probably try a strawberry cake!

  80. SybilTsays:

    I’ll bake my son’s favorite – Vanilla Chocolate Chip cake! :-)

  81. Jen Wsays:

    Probably chocolate cake – can’t go wrong with the classics!

  82. Lourdessays:

    Chocolate cake cover in chocolate ganache!

  83. Melissa Asays:

    Test cakes for my daughter’s 3rd birthday – probably vanilla to start, but maybe marble since that is my husband’s favorite.

  84. Mariesays:

    My favorite has been and will always be chocolate!

  85. Jilliansays:

    I would make one of my favorite recipes: lemon and raspberry swirled cake with strawberry cream cheese frosting. Add some candied lemon peel pieces for decoration and they would be perfect for mother’s day

  86. Samisays:

    Mini spice cakes sound very good. Also, some ice cream in those prep bowls!

  87. Chiarasays:

    I would love to make tiny two-tier strawberry lemonade cakes, lots of sweet delicious summery flavor!

  88. Garricksays:

    I’m thinking almond white cake. My favorite!

  89. Purple sweet potato cupcakes just in time for my bday!!

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