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Halloween Cupcake Idea

Halloween Cupcakes

Read on to learn about how to make witch Halloween cupcakes or learn how to make Halloween cupcakes with edible googly eyes!

How to Make Witch Halloween Cupcakes

I got the general Halloween cupcake concept from the Food Network – but I didn’t use any of these recipes and they didn’t have a broom.

The beauty of these Halloween cupcakes is that the flavor really doesn’t matter. You can make Halloween cupcakes with any of your favorite cake recipes and cookie recipes (for the brooms and hats). You could even (and I can’t believe I’m saying this) use a mix. You would still get rave reviews.

However, for the curious, I am listing below the exact recipes that I used.

The Halloween Cake Recipe

For the cake, I made a chocolate cake that I found on Vanilla Garlic. I mixed in Rice Krispies to make it reminiscent of Nestle Crunch bars, my favorite Halloween candy when I was a kid. The chocolate cupcakes were moist and tasty. The Krispies didn’t add much. Most tasters didn’t even detect that they were there, except for the two mentioned above who thought they were dried fruit.

The Spooky Green Halloween Frosting

I wanted to make green witch faces for the icing and from past experience I knew that most of my tasters had a problem with green. I know that people tend to like green apple candy so I decided that if I made my frosting apple-flavored, people wouldn’t mind if I colored it green. I used a recipe from C&H Sugar. It had a very mild apple flavor. It was super light and fluffy and most of my tasters really liked it.

Edible Halloween Witches Brooms

I got the broom idea from Diana’s Desserts. However, instead of using her cookie recipe, I used some leftover maple cookie dough I had in the freezer. It worked perfectly, but probably wasn’t as tasty as if I had made the dough fresh.

Edible Halloween Witches Hats

I made the hats from the same cookie dough. I baked up some small flat circle cookies. When they were out of the oven, I brushed melted chocolate mixed with butter on top of each cookie and used the hot chocolate to glue a Hershey’s kiss to the center of each cookie.
The easier version of this, which I saw all over the web, was to make these with the back of a Fudge Stripe Cookie. I haven’t had a Fudge Stripe cookie in years. We used to keep these around the house when I was growing up. My mom let me have two per day. I would allot them to myself when I finished my homework as a self-reward. I don’t think I ever cheated and had more than two. I think I was an unusual child.

Anyway, Fudge Stripes would definitely not be a bad witch hat option in a pinch.

Why I Made These Halloween Cupcakes

Halloween is your opportunity to be someone or something different. Women, at least those I encounter in St. Louis, typically take the opportunity to be sluts. Do we all secretly want to be sluts? I didn’t think I did. A few years back, I dressed as a bagel for Halloween. Yes, a bagel, complete with sesame seeds. My costume was so big that I could barely fit in the door at the party I was attending, let alone get close enough to talk to someone without yelling. It didn’t even matter that I was there with my boyfriend (now husband). I felt like, well, some day-old bread. The next year I wore something slutty. Single women: Do not be bagels.

My cupcakes also wanted to dress up for Halloween. They are still young (it’s only my 1st year of cupcake making) so they decided to go for cute, not slutty, and be witches. Unlike every other cupcake I have made, it didn’t matter what was inside these cupcakes, they just needed to be costumed appropriately. When my friends asked what kind of cupcakes these were, I replied that they were made of 100% witch.



1. As my obsession with cupcakes has grown, so has my husband’s interest in and skill at food photography. Most of the pictures on this site have been taken by him. For the shot at the top of this post, he created a special hood for the camera which made any bright light look like a cupcake. The cupcake stars in the picture were created due to the hood not to editing in Photoshop.

2. I’m again participating in the St. Louis Bloggers’ Blog Carnival. This is my entry.
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