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Win Joyful Jewelry by Mark Poulin

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Cupcake Necklace

Wearing joyful Mark Poulin Jewelry could change your life.  When someone sees you wearing it, they may smile (because it’s so stinkin’ cute) and strike up a conversation.  You may continue the conversation and perhaps discover that you both love chocolate cupcakes.  The next thing that you know, you might be making plans with your new BFF to meet up for coffee and cupcakes.  This new friend may become a lifelong gal pal and you will never be without a bestie again.  Hey, it could happen!

Cupcake Jewelry

I love the mama and baby cupcake set shown at the top of this post.  The two are sold together as a cupcake family!  However, I think that this sweetie pie magnetic set  (directly above) may be my favorite Mark Poulin product.  It has magnets for three of my favorite sweets and you can pop them in and out of the necklace.  When you aren’t wearing the necklace, you could stick the magnets on a memo board or even on your refrigerator.

Chicken Necklace

When Mark Poulin offered to send me some jewelry, I absolutely couldn’t resist requesting this chicken.  There is something that I’ve been meaning to tell you guys.  Our family now has chickens!

Family Photo with Chickens

Too bad I didn’t have the chicken necklace when this photo was taken. Look at my sad, bare neck.

I bet you can guess which one of us named them and where we do most of our shopping. :)  Anyway, I adore the chicken necklace.  It makes me think of my little friends.  If you have a more normal pet like a dog or cat, Mark Poulin has you covered too.

If cutesy isn’t your thing, there some more serious Mark Poulin pieces available, including some simple and beautiful floral earnings and necklaces.  I’ll stop talking now so you can go and check it all out and decide what you want to win (yes, you can win something!).  Then, come back and enter below!

Enter to Win Joyful Jewelry from Mark Poulin

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This post was sponsored by Mark Poulin, but all opinions are my own.

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139 comments on “Win Joyful Jewelry by Mark Poulin”

  1. lindsaysays:

    I like the cupcake necklaces.

  2. Caitlinsays:

    I’ve never heard of Mark Poulin, but I love these! So cute! I especially like the magnet set :)

  3. Mandisays:

    These are so stinkin’ cute!!

  4. Amysays:

    These are adorable! Mark Poulin is such a talented artist. Those charms — way too cute! I’m torn between the little cupcake necklace and the earrings. Either way, it’d be cupcake-related because I love my sweets!

  5. Lisasays:

    I love the cupcakes. I am a big fan and have a sloth necklace…it definitely starts conversations =)

  6. Jensays:

    I love all of Mark’s stuff! The sloths are way adorable.

  7. Sachikosays:

    Orbit Girl Necklace. I LOVE his stuff. I have the octopus necklace and it cheers me up every time I wear it!

  8. So cute!! I love the Spouts family necklaces!

  9. Katisays:

    I LOVE the cupcake ones. (Cupcake is my nickname!) But I also like the monkey ones. So cute.

  10. christy spurlocksays:

    I love the round pearl necklace.

  11. Melindasays:

    I have one kitty necklace that my husband gave me for Christmas last year. I love it! If I won, I would get either the cupcake family necklaces or the owl family necklaces. I would give one to my best girlfriend and keep one for me!

  12. Trishasays:

    I love the big cupcake and the little cupcake…it reminds me of my step-daughter and I together baking.

  13. Erinsays:

    I would love to win the cupcake set! I love Mark Poulin’s jewelry :-)

  14. Katiesays:

    Those are SO cute!!! Perfect present for my roommate for Christmas!

  15. Robinsays:

    I love Mark’s jewelry! Especially his kitties! :)

  16. Marcellasays:

    The Pure modern half square necklace in sunset.

  17. michelesays:

    Def the cupcake necklaces :) so cute!

  18. Susan G.says:

    If I win it will be a difficult choice, as all of the jewelry is so cute. I do believe that wearing the little seahorse would make me smile every day.

  19. I also love the silver cupcake necklace. Too cute!

  20. Kristina W.says:

    Ah, the cupcakes. I will take all of them. Alllllllllllllll. Calorie-free, so of course!

  21. Bethsays:

    I love Mark’s jewelry! I’ve been a fan for a long time. :)

    Your chickens are adorable!

  22. Alisonsays:

    Love drooling over Mark’s work every time I see him at Arts & Wine Festivals – love his dog collection (because I’m a dog lover)!

  23. Jeanniesays:

    Omg, these are the cutest things!

  24. With being a new chicken parent myself, I’d definitely go with the chicken necklace!!

  25. I love cupcakes – I am cupcakes, LOL

  26. Vicki Csays:

    So cute! My daughter and I bake together and that necklace set is PERFECT for us!

  27. Juliesays:

    I’m a cupcake everything addict, so I must say the cupcake :)

  28. Terrisays:

    I like the Planet Heart Family Necklaces.

  29. Marianasays:

    I would love to win the family cupcake necklaces! Too cute!! I hope the giveaway is worlwide :)

  30. Juliesays:

    Love the mama and baby cupcake necklace set!

  31. The cupcake family necklace set would be perfect for the Cake Spinners’ youtube and blog posts!!!

  32. Tina B.says:

    I like the cupcake family!

  33. lindsaysays:

    l love the cupcake necklaces!

  34. Katiesays:

    All his things are so adorable!

  35. Andisays:

    I would love to win anything cupcake related!!!

  36. melanie cartersays:

    I’d love the cupcakes~

  37. Cindisays:

    Anything with baking or animals-YES PLEASE!!!!!

  38. Emily Barklagesays:

    Loving the hedgehog and deer necklace!

  39. Janellesays:

    I love the cupcakes. I would wear one and give one to my daughter.

  40. zacharysays:

    trex or panda, maybe cupcake (for my wife), ring for me

  41. Hannahsays:

    I would love the Little Grey Fox Necklace! :)

  42. It is all so adorable, it’s hard to choose! I might go for the Quadropus Family Necklaces for my sister, or the Sloth Family Necklaces for myself, or the Halifax Ring for my sweetie. They are all so wonderful!

  43. Amie Collinssays:

    I would love the cupcake necklaces!

  44. Kathleensays:

    Forced to pick??? Okay, I’ll go with the slice of pie.

  45. I absolutely adore the mama and baby cupcake set!!! I would give the baby to my daughter, and even though she’s 16, she’d proudly wear it because she knows how crazy over cupcakes her mama is :)

  46. Drena Paulsonsays:

    Twin cupcake set is my fav. So sooo cute!

  47. Ledinesays:

    Our family has a blossoming cupcake business and the cupcake necklace set would be SO cute for me and my daughter and like you said, it would definitely be a conversation piece!! LOVE IT!

  48. Marjoriesays:

    The slice of pie looks good to me – I’d need one for everyone in my family! We love pie, and cats, and chickens. My next addition to my Poulin collection would probably be the cat adventure set, is that what it’s called? All his designs are so cute and happy. Also love the collection with Steve Jobs and other icons of science and technology!

  49. Eneidasays:

    I absolutely love the mama and baby cupcake set. My daughter and I love to bake so this would be perfect!

  50. Katesays:

    The big and little cupcakes at the top are sooo cute! That’s what I’d like to win!

  51. Pengusisays:

    The little charm necklaces series is just soooo adorable! I would choose that if I won! :D

  52. Alisays:

    The cupcake charm is ultra cute alright!

  53. Kirstensays:

    The cupcakes for a whimsical day or for a more sophisticated work day!

  54. His jewelry is beautiful but I think I’d have to go with the 2 cupcake necklaces. Purely because if I won them perhaps it would stop my 2 year old from stealing my necklaces (all of which were gifts from my other half) because she’d have her own. Here’s to hoping :D

  55. Jeanettesays:

    I’d love to win the cupcake family necklace set!
    I’m a bit shy, so I don’t wear bright or other clothing that would attract too much attention, but I think necklaces are a great way to express myself and what can possibly better than something that reflects my passion for baking? :)

  56. DuaaKundisays:

    i like the cupcakes…. their awesome !!

  57. Jc Lohsays:

    Definitely the giraffe glass necklace for a birthday girl, thank you.

  58. Tarynsays:

    I neeeeeeed one of those cupcake necklaces! My gosh, so cute! Definitely going on my birthday/Christmas list!

  59. Amber Davissays:

    Tons of cute pieces, but I would go with the big and little cupcake set. My oldest daughter loves everything cupcake, just like me!

  60. Jennifersays:

    Cute jewelry! :)

  61. Mishasays:

    Wow, love his work! The chicken necklace is very cute but I love the kitty necklace or the three kitties necklace. Too cute!!

  62. Shellysays:

    My daughter loves elephants, so I’d definitely choose the Elephant Family Necklaces!

  63. Danielle Adamssays:

    I love the. Cupcakes ones. To cute

  64. Jillsays:

    I love the Pocket Cat Family Necklaces

  65. Jennifer W.says:

    The cupcake necklaces would be great for my 2 daughters! They are so cute!

  66. Gina Guthriesays:

    Love the cupcake necklace, it’s so darn cute.

  67. Gina Florenciasays:

    Love sterling silver jewelry, the cupcake family is really cute! Thanks…Gina F

  68. Kerrysays:

    The cupcake family is adorable!

  69. Elinsays:

    Tons of cute things, but I have a refrigerator magnet obsession, so that might be what happens. Just buy up a ton of magnets…haha

  70. Donna Bridgessays:

    The Mama and Baby Cupcake set are just too cute. Would love to share with my granddaughter.

  71. MissEmmaLsays:

    oh, I like them all!! I guess if I have to choose, I would choose the cupcake ones. :)

  72. NJsays:

    I can’t decide which items I like the most, they are all too adorable and so my style! I might choose one of the science necklace sets or some more modern necklace (in mint). Of course I also like anything dog related and and and…

  73. Nikisays:

    I think I’d choose the Pure Modern Four Square Necklace in Lichen… but I reserve the right to change my mind!

  74. Jan Rsays:

    Love the cupcake necklaces…PLEASE!

  75. Lynn Bankssays:

    I love the cupcake necklaces :-)

  76. Lizziesays:

    I love the raccoon necklaces! I raised and released my own raccoons at a wildlife centre and it makes me smile when I see those wee necklaces thinking of my raccoon babies! :D

  77. Luciesays:

    Wow, these are super cute! :) I was quite sure about the cupcake family as I love to bake but then I saw the fluffy sheep’s family on Mark Poulin’s web and I was lost. Sheep are my favourite animals :)

  78. Jessica Ericksensays:

    The cupcake necklace are pretty cute!! Love it!!

  79. I am so so so excited that you have chickens! Someday I hope to have a few “Mrs.” myself. I also hope to win a cute necklace :)

  80. Nicole Proctorsays:

    I love the modern earring sets in butter!

  81. Trudi Verricosays:

    I would love to win the cupcake necklace. But would be happy with any of them because they are all fantastic

  82. Jennifersays:

    One of the modern sketch pieces!

  83. I need that cupcake necklace :)

  84. Maansays:

    Will always make time to join any giveaways from Cupcake Project and hoping that one day I’d win! :-)
    Loved the Sterling Angel Kitty and Dog Family Necklaces. Reminds me of all the cats and dogs, my pet or not, who have touched our lives and are now in heaven. Losing a pet is really tragic especially if you treat them as family. :-(

  85. Andreasays:

    I’ve been meaning to buy some cupcake jewellery for ages! If I won, I’d totally pick the Sterling Silver Cupcake Necklace. Too cute to resist! :)

  86. Ambersays:

    I would so get the cupcake set. I ADORE cupcakes and this would be perfect for me and my daughter as she is infatuated with baking and cupcake shows!

  87. I love the dinosaur necklaces and I know exactly who I’d buy them for.

  88. Liese H.says:

    Mark is delightful! So is his work! I always receive compliments when I wear his jewelry. I would love to have the cupcake family – can’t believe I don’t have it already. ;)

  89. Katysays:

    The cupcake necklace for sure!

  90. melissasays:

    Those cupcake necklaces are too cute.

  91. leilasays:

    that stegosaurus is hands down THE BEST.

  92. mollysays:

    The cupcake necklaces are so cute! I want them for Christmas lol♥

  93. Eugeniesays:

    I like Cupcake as well as the Fluffy necklace.

  94. Nicola M.says:

    The Cupcake Family would be PERFECT for my daughter and I. =) I would most definitely love to win that one~

  95. Shannon-Margaretsays:

    I just LOVE the Cupcake Necklaces!

  96. Stephaniesays:

    I’d love to win the Cupcake paired necklaces.

  97. Gina Hiskessays:

    The cupcake family necklaces! Those are adorable. I love anything cupcake.

  98. Jillsays:

    I would pick the cupcake necklaces. Adorable!

  99. Catalinasays:

    At first I was going to say the mommy and baby cupcake, but now looking at the cat jewelry, I want them all!

  100. Dawnsays:

    I think I would have a hard time choosing, they’re all sooooo cute! BUT! I’d definitely start with the cupcake necklace!

  101. Kaciesays:

    The mama and baby cupcake necklaces are precious! I’d totally want those.

  102. Susie Psays:

    Lol sooooo cute!!!! I want a happy lil cupcake :)

  103. Kristan Ksays:

    I would love the cupcake necklaces!

  104. Brandisays:

    I love the cupcake necklaces. My daughter and I could wear them together.

  105. Lisa A.says:

    Ohhhh, definitely the cupcake family necklaces! Too cute!

  106. kerrisays:

    They are all so adorable….so glad we found your awesome jewelry!

  107. Jennsays:

    I love the sheep and the bunny charm necklaces.

  108. Sarasays:

    The cupcake charms are irresistible.

  109. perla r.says:

    soooo cute!

  110. Nelliesays:

    These cupcake necklaces are SO cute!

  111. Jennsays:

    Love the cat charm bracelets and the cupcake necklaces!

  112. sherrisays:

    the magnets rock!

  113. Bernicesays:

    I love those Poulin cupcake necklaces!

  114. Kathiesays:

    Love the faces on these cupcake necklaces!!!

  115. Iisha Bsays:

    Cupcake :) ○(_]

  116. Denisesays:

    So cute!
    I bake cupcakes for family and friends all the time so this would be so fitting.
    Thanks for the chance to win this darling giveaway!

  117. Stephaniesays:

    The cupcake necklaces are so cute! (:

  118. Priscilla Ramirezsays:

    I really want to win the cupcake necklaces! The big one for me and the little one for my daughter!!

  119. Chantile Msays:

    I love the cupcake necklaces!!

  120. Abbie Hsays:

    Love the cupcake necklaces. Would love to share the little one with my niece!

  121. Joannasays:

    The cupcake necklaces are awesome!

  122. Bethsays:

    I love the cupcakes!

  123. Marilynsays:

    The cupcakes are too cute!

  124. Alex Adamssays:

    I love the cupcake family. So adorable.

  125. Kassandra Lockensays:

    It glitched when I tried to post my comment! I LOVE the Mama and the baby cupcake! So Cute!

  126. Jennifer Jamessays:

    The silver cupcake necklace, hands down!

  127. elaine scottonsays:

    of course the cupcake necklace is adorable…anything cupcake of course ;-)

  128. Sherri Uppsays:

    I love the cupcake necklace!

  129. Kara Buxtonsays:

    Wow- such beautiful pieces! I love seeing how creative people are-thank you for sharing your talents!

  130. Nikisays:

    Cupcakes!!!! Holy crap, adorable!!!

  131. Serenasays:

    I love the cupcake one!!! So cute

  132. Very pretty and interesting.

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