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Win a WÜSTHOF CLASSIC 8-inch Cook’s Knife

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Wusthof Chef's Knife

Today, I’m super excited to share that Craftsy is giving away a WÜSTHOF CLASSIC 8-inch Cook’s Knife valued at $165 to a Cupcake Project reader!

When I wrote about zesting lemons with a knife this January, I told you about Craftsy’s life-changing free online knife skills course.  I shared that I donated all of the knives shown below after taking the course and learning about which knives I really needed.

Warning: Do not store your knives like this.

I replaced those knives with these:

A chef’s knife is big and sharp, but when used properly, it’s actually less dangerous than a small, dull knife.

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Wusthof Gourmet 10-Inch Serrated Confectioner's Knife

I was chopping tomatoes with a non-serrated knife and never knew that I was using the wrong tool for the task.

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Wusthof Classic 3-1/2-Inch Paring Knife

For small work, a paring knife is a must.

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I have been LOVING these knives!  My friend brought over a pineapple the other day, and I jumped at the opportunity to cut it up.  I’m officially a knife nerd.

Rainbow Potatoes

Did you see my rainbow potato?  To make it, I thinly sliced a potato using the WÜSTHOF CLASSIC 8-inch Cook’s Knife.  The cuts were so clean due to the quality of the knife.  The chopsticks were there to make sure that I didn’t cut all the way through the potato.

Today, along with Craftsy, I’m offering you an opportunity to enter to win the WÜSTHOF CLASSIC 8-inch Cook’s Knife valued at $165!

How to Enter

To enter, head over to Craftsy any time this week and fill out the special entry form just for Cupcake Project readers.  Good luck!!

Bonus: International readers can enter this one too!  Hooray! :)

This post was sponsored by Craftsy.  I’ll be working with them throughout the year and sharing reviews, recipes, and tips from the classes that I take.

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