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Welcome to My New Cupcave (and a T-Shirt Giveaway from SnorgTees)

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cupcake t-shirt from SnorgTees

If you are reading this post using an RSS reader or through an email subscription, come to the blog and take a look or this post will make no sense to you.

The last time I moved was from a duplex apartment to my current house, almost eight years ago.  My now-husband and I spent countless hours considering which features were necessities, what we would compromise on, what we could change in the home after we moved in, and what our future needs would be.  Then there was the actual moving process of packing our possessions in cardboard boxes and hoping that nothing would break or get lost in the transition.

I approached moving Cupcake Project from Blogger to WordPress (two popular blogging platforms – the latter being much more robust) with the same level of care and trepidation as moving all of my physical belongings.  I couldn’t have done it without my stellar web designer, Melissa from Fine Lime Designs, my graphic designer, Emma (creator of Indie Mats), and Jonathan, who’s with me every step of the way in everything I do.  I love my new home (cupcave, if you will) and I expect Cupcake Project will live happily here for many years.  However, we’re still getting everything unpacked.  If you see something buggy or a little strange, please shoot me an email and I’ll see if we can get it straightened out.

Although many of the changes in Cupcake Project’s new home are behind the scenes (things like making my posts more easily found on Google), most of them exist to make it easier for you to use the site.  Here are some changes that I hope you’ll love:

  • There is now a visual recipe index organized by both broad categories and specific topics and ingredients.  This should make sorting through the hundreds of recipes on this site much easier.
  • Posts with recipes will now have both “Print Recipe” and “Save Recipe” buttons right next to the recipe – which will make it easier for you to use and store the recipes.  Although I will implement this on all new posts, it will be a while before I am able to do this to all of my old posts.  If you find a post that doesn’t have that feature, know that I will get to it eventually.
  • In my old design, you could only see my latest posts on the home page.  Now, the home page is truly a starting point to begin your seasonal cupcake exploration!  If you prefer to view my recipes in the traditional chronological order, you can always click on Blog on the menu bar.
  • I now have a dedicated section on my sidebar for advertisers.  There are some fabulous businesses featured here and I encourage you to check them out.  If you have a product or service you’d like to showcase, let’s talk!  I’m hugely excited to thank my inaugural advertisers: The Smart Baker, Sarita’s Jewelry BoxSucre Shop, and Indie Mats.

T-Shirt Giveaway from SnorgTees

The Quickly to The Cupcave T-shirt from SnorgTees is one of the best cupcake T-shirts I’ve seen yet (and I’ve seen a lot of them!).  I love the quirky sense of humor found on all of the SnorgTees products.  My second favorite SnorgTees shirt  is their adorable doughnut shirt.

Donut Shirt from Snorg Tees

This image is from SnorgTees. The model has red hair so I had to choose her.

To welcome you to my new cupcave, one reader will win any T-shirt that they like from SnorgTees.  To enter, follow the Rafflecopter instructions below.

 a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclaimer: SnorgTees provided me with two T-shirts plus the one for the giveaway.  Also, I will get a small commission on any shirts that you purchase from them.  Getting a new home costs money, so please buy some shirts and help me out! :)

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98 comments on “Welcome to My New Cupcave (and a T-Shirt Giveaway from SnorgTees)”

  1. Kat McLeansays:

    The site looks awesome! The recipe index looks amazing, as well. As for the shirt, if I had to choose one off of their site, it would have to be This Parrot has Ceased to Be, since you can’t go wrong with Monty Python.

  2. Mr. Tootssays:

    Lovin’ the new site!

  3. Meghan Rsays:

    ” Quickly to The Cupcave” of course!

  4. I *NEED* that Cupcave shirt! I’m selling my cupcakes at a Comic Book themed event, and it would be perfect! *crosses fingers*

  5. Erinsays:

    The donut one! Its soooo cute!

  6. Megansays:

    There’s so many great t-shirt choices on there, but I think my fav would have to be ‘Dear Math, I’m Not A Therapist, Solve Your Own Problems’ one… :)

  7. Juliesays:

    Love the new site! I too switched from blogger to wordpress and love it so much more.

    As for t-shirts, I’d love the Cupcave one!

  8. kamailesays:

    Love the new look! That donut t-shirt is too cute!

  9. Colleensays:

    Since my sister, who is a huge batman fan, introduced me to this site, I would have to go with the Cupcave tshirt. But I like the donut one best…

  10. Barbara Petersonsays:

    Yay for you and your new “home,” Stef! I would enter to win a t-shirt, but unless you have it in a maternity size, there is no way it will fit over my belly!

  11. Amysays:

    Congratulations on the move! It’s a big deal, and it looks like you’re already getting comfy and cozy in your adorable new home. I love the “cupcave” idea, so I’d definitely choose that shirt!

  12. Theresasays:

    Congratulations on the new website! It looks great!! I really like the Awwwsassin t-shirt :)

  13. Hi,

    great to see that WordPress works for you as well!
    Snorgtees is a wonderful site, why didn’t I know it before?! I think I fell in love with this one: http://www.snorgtees.com/t-shirts/awwwsassin – If I don’t win it here, I’ll buy it there! :)


  14. Beckysays:

    I love your new “Cupcave” shirt, how clever. Your new home looks great, crisp and clean.

  15. Denise Osays:

    Oh, I Need to go to The Cupcave!!! Love the shirt!!

  16. Both these shirts are too cute!

  17. Nickisays:

    Little known Failure: Pavlov’s Cat.

  18. Deannasays:

    I’d go to the Cupcave, of course! Lovely new site :)

  19. Heathersays:

    So many choices I don’t know where to begin! I love the You Complete Me Donut and also the Three Amigos. Ha!

  20. Emily Barklagesays:

    That’s a touch decision – I think I’d have to stick with the cupcave though – thanks!!!

  21. ashleysays:

    oh my i love that donut ‘you complete me’ shirt!!

  22. Naomi Asays:

    Great new look! I like this flying pig “The time is now” Tee!

    Prabal Gurung for Target Giveaway!

  23. Megansays:

    Looks great – love the shirts too!

  24. Ellon St. Croixsays:

    I love your new home! I’d choose the donut shirt. :)

  25. The blog update/new cupcave look fantastic! So fresh and springy. Totally the doughnut shirt!

  26. i love “quickly to the cupcake”

  27. Madisonsays:

    looks great! and that shirt is too cute!

  28. karensays:

    I loved reading those shirts. The “quickly to the cupcave” is one of my favs. I also adored any reference to bacon. My youngest daughter loved the “mustache u a question” shirt.

  29. It would have to be “the time is now” with the flying pig! I don’t know, it just kinda talked to me:@) Thanks for the fun give-away!

  30. Sarah Gsays:

    I love the cupcave shirt, how cute!

  31. Loving the new look! So clean and fresh!
    I’m always a fan of Bacon shirts. Can’t go wrong with Bacon!

  32. Congrats on the move! I plan on doing that with my blog, sometime this year!
    I like the S’more shirt!

  33. Love, love, love the new site, Stef! It’s fabulous!

    And I would love the “Tasty Pig Cuts” shirt … it’s pretty fabulous too!

  34. shannonsays:

    I might have to start coming to the site, instead of just reading in the RSS feed, it is that good! And I like the visual index. Favorite t-shirt is “don’t trust atoms”, followed closely by Dr. Who references.

  35. goddesstiosays:

    Quickly to the Cupcave!!

  36. Csays:

    I love the new look and the cute tees!

  37. Samanthasays:

    You complete me shirt!!!

  38. Kristen Johnsonsays:

    I am eying the you complete me shirt, it is so cute.

  39. Nikkisays:

    Ah, love! This site is my absolute go to for any kind of traditional/wacky cupcake recipe! I will now refer to my kitchen as cupcave; I’m sure my fiancé will be thrilled ha ha

  40. Lindseysays:

    I love the cupcave shirt that is too cute. But I also really like the new recipe index. That is SUPER helpful. Have a great day and thanks for all the fun recipes.

  41. Marilyn M.says:

    Love the new look and I would love to pick a shirt!

  42. Jillsays:

    Awwwsassin as much as I love cupcakes, there is just something about kittens

  43. Heather Murphysays:

    I love BatWayne, I mean BruceMan, I mean Batman!!!!! lol, I would adore the tshirt as I love making (and eating ) cupcakes! I can’t think of a better combo! Check out Holy Musical B@tman by Starkids, it is AMAZING!

  44. Welcome to WordPress! Those t-shirts are too cute!

  45. Jacquesays:

    Love the new site! I have had so much fun baking up some of your crazy recipes to share at work – thank you for those! So far, the Buffalo Chicken cupcakes have the highest rating among the 40 or so computer geeks that I work with. As for Tshirts — I’m torn. I love the Cupcave shirt, but hubby likes Octopi (he’s a math geek). Best wishes for your continued success!!

  46. Michele Mullensays:

    I like the pig flying with the caption “The time is now”. As my kitchen is like a cave (small and cramped) that t-shirt hits home too.

  47. Micahsays:

    Your kitchen is gorgeous! My kitchen is also like a cave (little tiny thing), and I am a HA-YOOG (huge) Batman nerd. I LOVE the “Quick, to the Cupcave!” T-shirt!

  48. Katy P.says:

    I really like the two shirts you posted, but I think my favorite on the site is the Spaceship Timeline (I am a nerd) I love the new site! It looks more organized.

  49. Melsays:

    WordPress is the way to go! Nice work! And both shirts you posted are adorable.

  50. Linasays:

    I just love your new home!!! Thank you for doing all this for us. I like the T-Shirt with the caption “Quickly, to the cupcave”.

  51. Tanyasays:

    Gotta get one for my daughter the cupcake baker for her sweet 16 birthday coming up!

  52. Cynsays:

    Snorg Tees are great, as is your new Cupcave! Happy Blogging!!

  53. Ayanasays:

    I like Keep Calm and but bacon on it.
    thanks for the giveaway :)

  54. Ellensays:

    New reader, love the site (t-shirts are adorable, and I’d certainly not say ‘no’ to winning one!)!

  55. Lexsays:

    I have waaaaay too many T-shirts, but I always want more! It’s a sickness. I need help. (Or a free T-shirt.) :)

  56. Kellysays:

    I love the new design, but I’m thinking about pink on it . I dont know , I like pink-everything haha . And I’d love that cupcave tee in pink , but grey is cool !

  57. mary normansays:

    OMG. so cute love the batman and the bacon. so hard to decide.
    thanks for the chance,

  58. Stephaniesays:

    I would love the See you later alligator shirt!

  59. Ahna B.says:

    Yay! Welcome to WP; I had been wondering why I hadn’t seen any Blogger updates for the last few days. :) The new site is looking lovely, and that shirt is super-adorable. :)

  60. Keshasays:

    I love the Makin’ Bacon! It is too cute!

  61. Izzysays:

    Cupcave is definitely my favourite!
    But the doughnut one is also so cute!

  62. Nicole O.says:

    Like the site!

  63. Renaesays:

    Love the new site – es bueno!

  64. Jessycasays:

    Love your site! I could spend wayyyy too much time perusing all of your fabulous recipes!

  65. Heathersays:

    My favorite Snorg Tee is the ,,,,,chameleon! Which has nothing to do with cupcakes, except that both cupcakes and the idea of that t-shirt make me sing.

  66. Sandysays:

    I would love to win one of these cute tshirts!

  67. I think I love “what’s up cake, muffin much” and “sharks hug with their mouths” equally. All the tees are too funny!

  68. Joshsays:

    Any of the shirts that reference The Big Bang Theory.

  69. Nikisays:

    Congratulations on the new site – it looks fabulous! I love that it’s so much easier to find recipes on your site now. My favorite Snorg tee is You Complete Me but the Instant Human Just Add Coffee runs a close second due to its reflection of reality!

  70. Skysays:

    That ‘cupcave’ shirt is awesome. I also like the greetings from Australia shirt. All of the shirts are hilarious..it’s so hard to choose one.
    PS-Love the new site!

  71. Kimberlee Hickssays:

    I think I’ve done this wrong. The ‘cupcave’ shirt is amazing, I’m an avid Batman fan and a baker, all in one! Thank you for the wonderful site!

  72. Rachelsays:

    Congrats on the site update! I love the doughnut tee!

  73. Cheyenne Johnsonsays:

    First off, love the new site! Looks AWESOME!

    Now the t-shirts, this was a TOUGH decision! There are so many great ones, but I finally went with…

    “Always Give 100%, Unless You’re Giving Blood” =)

    • Cheyenne Johnsonsays:

      Also, is there a code we need to put in so you get the comission? Thanks!

      • Stefsays:

        Thanks so much for asking! So sweet! There isn’t a code. As long as you use the link on this site to get to SnorgTees I get a commission if you buy anything.

  74. Janicesays:

    Love the new site! So easy to navigate! Also love Snorg Tees! One of my favorite websites to browse when I need a laugh!

  75. Ellen Barthsays:

    Muffin Much is really cute as are many others!

  76. Januarysays:

    “Quickly, to the cupcave!” of course! So cute!

  77. Sarahsays:

    I would love the donut one!!!

  78. katysays:

    I love the “meh” tshirt…awesome!

  79. Jaimesays:

    Congrats on the move! How exciting. And I love the term cupcave… you should trademark that for sure!

  80. Patricksays:

    “Quickly to the Cupcave”
    More beautiful words have never been spoken.

  81. Heather Reasonersays:

    Love the blog….love the cupcave…adorable!!!

  82. Peter Dangsays:

    Love the new site redesign!

  83. I love all the new changes to the site and the shirts are adorable!!1 :)

  84. Ooo….I would love to win the Hugz Cactus shirt…so cute! :)

  85. Natalie G.says:

    That “you complete me” shirt is pretty cute!

  86. Juli Vsays:

    I would love that Cupcave shirt. Too cute!

  87. Valerie Ssays:

    Love the To The Cupcave tee shirt!

  88. Christinasays:

    I love the “Mixed Martial Arts and Crafts” shirt :D

  89. Jensays:

    I like the new look to the site! Neat contest, I liked a lot of the tees there but I’d have to go with the Sugar Skull Trooper if I won :)

  90. Elizabethsays:

    Most intelligent person in the world [citation needed] without a doubt is the best but “That’s what she said” and “Kiss me I’m pretending to be Irish” are top quality.

    BTW the new site is the best!

  91. Love the new site! I’m actually about to switch from Blogger to WordPress too! So I enjoyed reading about the new features and things you’re looking forward to. That Cupcave shirt is precious, too!

  92. yurasays:

    You have done a wonderful job. I also want to address If you are new, I advise you to consult professionals who will make you a site or allow you to choose a template for your site in the category go here shopify layouts

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