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Waffled Cupcakes – A Waffleizer Duel


Once upon a time, a cupcake blogger (me) was browsing one of her favorite eye candy sites (Tastespotting or Foodgawker) and came upon a link to a blog called Waffleizer.  She quickly stopped by for a visit and learned that Waffleizer was not a blog about waffles; rather, it was a blog about taking ordinary food and putting it in a waffle maker to answer the question, “Will it waffle?”  The cupcake blogger immediately fell in love (after all, the unwritten motto for her site is “Will it cupcake?”).

One day, the cupcake blogger noticed that Marisa (her former editor at Slashfood and author of the awesome Food in Jars) wrote a guest post on Waffleizer – jealousy ensued.  The cupcake blogger wanted a chance to be a part of the waffle challenge.  To get what you want, you have to ask.  So, our heroine dropped Waffleizer creator Daniel “King of Waffles” an email and asked if she could create a waffle cupcake for his blog.  Rather than allowing her post on Waffleizer, King Daniel decided to treat the request as a duel.  They would each create a waffled cupcake to share with the world – may the best cupcake win.

This blog post is a play by play of that epic duel.

The cupcake blogger and King Daniel agreed that the cupcake flavor would be strawberry.

King Daniel consulted The Flavor Bible to try to come up with a unique strawberry cupcake flavor combination.

The Flavor Bible: The Essential Guide to Culinary Creativity, Based on the Wisdom of America's Most Imaginative Chefs 

The cupcake blogger just happened to be in Borders and also looked at The Flavor Bible. (Is this cheating or smart playing?  You decide.)

The cupcake blogger considered flavor after flavor. She even had dreams about strawberry cupcakes.  But, ultimately she decided on the simple American classic – the strawberry shortcake.

King Daniel wrote the cupcake blogger to say that he was struggling with the challenge.

The cupcake blogger bravely warmed up her waffle iron and took out an unfrosted strawberry shortcake cupcake.

She greased up her waffle iron, sliced her strawberry shortcake in half, and put it on the grill.

She closed the lid, waited about 30 seconds or so, and…

Voila!! It worked! The cupcake blogger had achieved a waffled strawberry shortcake cupcake on the first try. Touche!

She put the first piece back in the wrapper and topped it with strawberries and balsamic whipped cream.  Then, she put the second piece on top and covered it with more strawberries and balsamic whipped cream, and crowned the whole thing with a waffled chocolate wafer.

Despite her clear success, the cupcake blogger still doubted whether she had gone far enough, so she kept going.  In her next rendition of the waffled cupcakes, she cut two cupcakes in half, waffled both of them, made three layers of waffle/strawberry/whipped cream and topped the creation with the fourth piece of waffled cupcake.

In this configuration, the eater is actually consuming two cupcakes in a single wrapper – pure gluttony.

Still, the cupcake blogger feared that King Daniel would call her foul – she had not waffled a whole cupcake.  She had cut it up.  So…





Head over to Waffleizer to see how King Daniel fared.

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