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Vere Week Interview and Giveaway Part IV – About Kathy

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This post is part of a 5 part series on Vere chocolate. To get the most out of this series, start on Part I.

Part IV: About Kathy

How much chocolate do you eat? Do you eat chocolate all the time?

Yes! The thing is, I was never a sweets person. I love flavor. I love things like salt and vinegar and all that but I really don’t like sweet. I say to my husband, “It’s a good thing we make chocolate, because otherwise I wouldn’t be able to eat any.”

I did eat chocolate before this. I would eat La Maison Du Chocolat – their darkest chocolate. But, now that we make chocolate, I have quite a bit of chocolate every day. I found that I really need it every day now.

Do you only eat your own chocolate?

Exactly – since we made it to my tastes. You tweak it and it suits you, so it’s nice to be on the receiving end. When you make something and you become really familiar with it and make it a lot of times, you can taste subtle differences that other people don’t in terms of appreciating or not appreciating something. It’s like you look for different things.

What do you look for when taste a piece of chocolate?

I look for not tasting sweet first. I think if you taste the sweet first you are already probably missing out on some of the other subtler flavor profiles. Chocolate is like wine – if you added sugar to any wine, even a wine that was naturally sweet, you would taste less of that wine than you would ordinarily.

I also try to taste whether it’s fruity or does it have more of a tobaccoy, earthy, or a different flavor to it. Then, the texture. I hate dry chocolate. I really hate dry chocolate, so if a chocolate is dry, right there it goes against me. It has to have a nice consistency when it melts – not be grainy, have a kind of luscious quality to it, and make your mouth water as you’re letting it melt.

When you are not making chocolate, what are your hobbies?

Starting a new business is like having a baby, you pretty much don’t have time for anything else. But, my loves are visual things. I love looking at art and looking at fashion. I love shopping with my eyes and I love movies and eating.

I really have through this come to appreciate food in such a new way. I think when you are in the food business it’s in a way very humbling. You start to really understand how much goes into something that’s really artisinal. You really start to appreciate the farmers and what they do – how hard their lot is and everything that it takes to bring something to you in a natural form.

Then, the food business itself. So many of the buyers in the food stores work so hard. When I go to call buyers, some of them will say you can reach them tomorrow at 6 am and this is on the weekends. They also might have a late shift. If you want to call, you need to call at 11 at night. It’s a hard business.

How does being a visual person come into play when you are designing the packaging?

A lot. I appreciate what Erika does. She does these incredible caramels. Each of them is hand decorated. There is somebody there putting little lavender pieces on top or cacao nibs or whatever. They are like these little works of art.

If you look at the rest of our line [the packaging] is very classic and so much of my background comes into play. I love that part! I love to get to play with the packaging and those ideas.

Even the bags you are giving away are so cute!

I know. Whenever I get too stressed out, I think, I’m going to make some bags. It’s just so therapeutic. I feel like so much of our food is packaged. Unpacked food is so luscious and beautiful. You want the package to at least kind of represent what you hope your product is or is going to taste like or stands for. It would be like if you had to hide your beautiful cupcakes in a box and you couldn’t see them. You’d want the box to evoke the deliciousness of the cupcakes and the whimsy or whatever you are putting into that particular one.

If you were Bride 2.0, what would your cupcake choice be?

My cupcake choice would probably be like the cayenne and cacao nibs bar – a spicy chocolate cupcake with a chocolate frosting. That’s probably what I would love.

A ganache?

Yes! And the frosting wouldn’t be spicy, but the cupcake itself would have the chipotle chili. It would be spicy.

It’s been so much fun talking to you. Thanks so much for your time and your chocolate. On behalf of all of my readers, we appreciate it so vere much!


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51 comments on “Vere Week Interview and Giveaway Part IV – About Kathy”

  1. Sarasays:

    Yum! I love her pick for the wedding cupcake!

  2. Danicasays:

    Oh my gosh! To be able to make my own chocolate to my tastes! I must start right away! :P

  3. Man oh man! If I made chocolate, I’d eat nothing but chocolate twenty-six hours a day, forty days a week. Then again, I said that about popcorn when I started working at a movie theatre, and now I can’t even look at the stuff without getting queasy.

  4. I love your job, eating chocolate every day. My dream job.
    Theresa N

  5. Katesays:

    I’d gain so much weight if I made my own specialty chocolate, but I’d be very, very happy.

  6. Ashleysays:

    Making chocolate…best job ever!

  7. Amandasays:

    What a fantastic job!

  8. I want to know her workout routine after eating all that chocolate!

  9. Jensays:

    Thank you so much for this interview, it is so fun to read! I have to be eating chocolate as I read it too b/c it causes wicked cravings! ;)

  10. I like the wedding cupcake suggestion!

    Have you said where we can find her chocolate locally? Or the other one she likes, La Maison?

  11. What a dream job – making chocolates all day long. I love that she makes bags as therapy.

  12. Kristinsays:

    I liked her right away when I saw she said she liked salt and vinegar-my favorite chip flavor. These interviews have been really very interesting.

  13. it’s 7:30 am and now I’m craving chocolate. oh it’s going to be a hard day…

  14. Ooh, I love a good ganache! :)

    And I can’t imagine have such easy access to chocolate every day. I’d probably eat too much of it. lol!

  15. Tophersays:

    Mmmmm…chocolate…I need to get me some from the store today now after reading this.

  16. Traceysays:

    That sounds like a delicious future cupcake!! :-)

  17. KELLYsays:

    I just finished an entire chocolate cake, but I’m still craving chocolate after reading all these posts!

  18. Need to get my hand on some spicy chocolate after reading this!

  19. Dejahsays:

    Could there be a better job?

  20. I wonder how this chocolate would be melted into a homemade ice cream recipe.

  21. Rebeccasays:

    Chocolate all the time? I’d balloon out to be a million lbs. I’m jealous!

  22. Stephsays:

    Her pick for a wedding cupcake sounds interesting and delicious!

  23. Karensays:

    Her description of tasting chocolate made my mouth water. Can’t wait to see your cupcake tomorrow.

  24. Sarahsays:

    I would vere-much love some chocolate!!

  25. Jazzsays:

    I am experiencing extreme job envy.

    Chocolate tastings? Mandatory, every day? Mannn.

    I wouldn’t even regret the intense workouting I’d need to do! :)

  26. I’ve really enjoyed reading the interviews. Kathy’s choice for Bride 2.0 cupcakes sounds absolutely delicious.

  27. Verenasays:

    Hee, I kinda have a habit of eating a small piece of chocolate everyday too … it helps to keep me sane :P. I still can’t believe I won yesterday’s giveaway! Thanks again.

    Sometimes I find the prices of artisinal chocolates astounding, but once you start to appreciate the amount of work and effort that goes into the making of the chocolate plus the quality of the ingredients used, you would most likely find it worthwhile.

  28. Katysays:

    Adorable interview — she sounds like such a hard worker and a model entrepreneur! I will keep an eye out for her chocolates!

  29. Cheshersays:

    I used to work in an ice cream parlor. It was wonderful. Luckily I still had a metabolism. It’s good to know that there are folks out there who eat chocolate every day and still look fabulous!

  30. Gracesays:

    the jealousy i feel for this woman can barely be contained.

  31. Joycesays:

    Yum! what a fun job!

  32. I’d never lose the baby weight if I made chocolates all the time! Mmm..chocolate!

  33. kamewhsays:

    The wedding cupcake sounds delicious!

  34. Faithsays:

    I just found your blog through a MeFi post and I am so happy I did! I am making 300 cupcakes for an event in September so I have plenty of time to get caught up on your archives before I decide on a final flavor and look!


  35. Katiesays:

    I wonder what sort of training you’d need in order to do something like that? Being a chocolatier would definitely be a perfect job!

  36. Ivysays:

    These interviews are so educating and motivating. :)
    I am so excited. I got my chocolate in the mail today. Already!

  37. Mmmm. I would love a job tasting chocolate all day. Sign me up!

  38. I would love to have a job like that!

  39. GLory, I love Stumble, that’s how I found your site. Can’t wait to keep coming back.

  40. katysays:

    You have to eat chocolate…wish I had that excuse.

  41. toontzsays:

    Chocolate every day. That’s a dream!

  42. Karinsays:

    Wouldn’t this chocolate melt if it was sent in the mail at this time of year?

  43. I love Vere. Went to one of their Factory Fridays and sampled almost all their products. I love how it’s not too sweet.

  44. Gilsays:

    I think the part of the interview where Kathy Moskal makes her recommendation for Bride 2.0’s cupcakes was especially helpful and really brought us back to the Cupcake Project roots.

    Have Couple 2.0 made their selections yet?

    Yay, chocolate!

    Yay, Vere!

  45. I am so ready to eat that chocolate…

  46. Maggiesays:

    I’m someone who goes for salty/sour too. I love chocolate but I’m always looking for the flavor of the chocolate instead of just looking for something sweet.

  47. Ginasays:

    Mmmm, the cupcakes she said she’d like sound delicious! And I’m glad to know she eats – and only likes – her own chocolate. Wouldn’t that be the bomb…all the chocolate I can eat…mmmmmm!

  48. I have to have a small piece of good chocolate every day. How lucky she is to be able to work with it every day!

  49. Sarah Jsays:

    I have been a chocoholic for a few years now loving bars & truffles.
    I now find my favorite form is hot chocolate. Just heating up some milk (soymilk in my case) & pouring over a couple of squares of chocolate, mixing & adding a few marshmallows. I look forward to picking up a Vere bar & trying it as hot chocolate.

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