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The Cricket Project: No One Should Write For Crickets

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Cricket Project

This week’s Outstanding Explorer (read my post about Pinterest Explorers for more information) is Faye Rodriguez from sunny California.  She and her friend Yvonne run the blog Live Bake Love.  Faye directed me to a moving post about her two year blogging anniversary.  Here’s a quote from that post:

I do think about stopping (almost on a daily basis) especially when frustration sets in and you feel like you’re talking to crickets, but then I remember the people who actually try the recipes and love them. I remember the person who commented that we inspired her to dust off her rusty baking pans and bake again. I remember the reasons I started. They are the reasons I continue… and because I know one day I will leave this world knowing that I put a piece of myself out there into the universe that is a true representation of me…a girl who loves to bake.

This post got me thinking, “Why should anyone have to write to crickets?”  Everyone has something unique to offer.  Let’s show them some love.

The Cricket Project Rules

  1. If you have a blog, leave a comment here with your blog’s address or the addresses of a couple of your favorite posts from your own blog.  If you don’t have a blog and still want to join in, leave a comment with the address of a blog you love that isn’t popular.
  2. Look at the comment right before yours and head to that blog.  If you happen to be the very first commentor, the blog you should use is Faye’s, Live Bake Love.
  3. Read at least two blog posts on that blog and leave thoughtful, warm, and fuzzy comments on each post.  If you don’t have time to do step 3, do NOT do step 1.  This is all about sharing the love.
  4. Optionally (but highly encouraged), share a post you enjoyed from the blog you read and use the hashtag #cricketproject on Facebook, Twitter, and/or Google+.  We can all follow the hashtag, discover new sites, and inspire each other!

Let’s get rid of those crickets!

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49 comments on “The Cricket Project: No One Should Write For Crickets”

  1. Please help out A day in the life of a Susie Homemaker

  2. Joeysays:

    This is my baking blog :)

    And a post that might pique your interest:

    The photos aren’t of the best quality, but it was one of the best cupcakes I’ve ever made.

  3. Kellysays:

    My hobby is everything cupcakes. I get inspired by other bloggers, fun, new ingredients, and the people in my life. Although I don’t get many readers, I love seeing a new comment on the blog or facebook or a new pinner on pinterest. Thanks for doing this Stef!

    My blog is at

    A fun post:
    A very yummy cupcake:

  4. Here is my blog I think my creative writing needs work.

  5. nicolesays:

    What if my target audience is the cricket community? Oh wait, they can’t read or use the interwebs.
    Come on human peoples! Check out Dirt & Frosting

  6. Ashleysays:

    Awesome idea! Can’t wait to check out some new blogs!

    Chronicles of a Foodie –

  7. I am part of a blogging and youtube duo called the Cake Spinners! We take Pins that are related to Cake decorating tutorials and baking recipes and we try them out. We are a little on the still new side, and I think we found our niche. We have a lot of fun doing these.

  8. I love love love this idea!

    Bake. Love. Give.

  9. Melsays:

    Very cool. I’m over at Cupcake Friday Project.

  10. Deesays:

    Great idea! We can all use a little help! You can find me at Thanks for doing this! (I mentioned it in my most recent blog piece.)

  11. Amysays:

    Stef, this is such a beautiful idea! Many times as bloggers, we can feel like isolated little islands, so it’s wonderful that you’re fostering a genuine community. So excited to participate!

    I’m over at Thanks for visiting me! :)

  12. Or better yet, check out this blog I follow (not mine), I love it

  13. ericasays:

    absolutely love the idea! can’t wait to read something new :)

    find me here:

  14. Sandysays:

    I can be found at where I am currently dealing with cancer but will soon be back on the road talking about my travels in an RV (last trip was documented at

  15. Nina G.says:

    I have a cute little blog that will probably be updated more soon. My fiance and I are still trying to settle down in our apartment. It’s predominantly gonna be cooking, convention reviews, and college stuff. <3

  16. What a fun way to discover a new blog. My site is I hope you find something awesome!

  17. Kathy Gsays:

    I love finding new blogs to read and add to my collection of RSS feeds! For the past five years I’ve written at THE SECOND HALF OF MY LIFE, and the year before that (leading up to my 50th birthday) I completed a new-thing-a-day challenge at KATHY AT 49.

  18. Fantastic idea! I look at my stats and know people out there, somewhere are reading my words, but I really wish I could have more interaction with my readers!

  19. I think this is a great idea. I really enjoy finding new blogs to read.

  20. Carlysays:

    Thanks for the post… I’ve been struggling to get my readership up… :(

  21. I love this idea! My blog is I can’t wait to read some new blogs!

  22. Jensays:

    What a great idea, I’m looking forward to checking out some new blogs. Mine is :-)

  23. Bethsays:

    Thanks for enabling and inspiring us to share some blogging love :)

  24. Melissasays:

    This is great! I’m an aspiring party planner that loves getting festive for the holidays. I’ve been taking care of a sick family member, so I’ve been out of the blogging game for some time, but I’m trying to get back in now. Check it out!

  25. Deaunasays:

    I write about a little bit of food, DIY and life. I started posting regularly earlier this year and wanted to attract more readers and other bloggers I can connect with regularly.

    My blog address is

  26. Hi! This is a fantastic idea! I know the feeling… :(

    My blog started a few years back with main idea of sharing Panamanian cuisine, but also with the goal of sharing my passion for cooking and to let some kind of legacy out there, especially for my kids.

    The recipes are written in both English and Spanish.

    My blog address is:

    I hope you enjoy the visit!

  27. Catsays:

    What a great idea to help bloggers be discovered! I haven’t added to mine in a long time, but if I had, it would be wonderful to find people other than family and friends who read it. :-) Here are a few links…

    My personal blog ( has a variety of posts about “The Cool, The Weird, The Fascinating, The Pitiful. The Good. The Bad. The Ugly. Things I’ve Seen, Done, Cooked and Baked.”

    Some of my favorites are:

    lessons learned from a wedding cake…

    making a six-foot burrito… … followed up a few months later with a post about how to melt cheese when a burrito won’t fit in your oven…

    me learning to weld…

    I’m also a glass fusing artist. You can see things at

    My blog hasn’t been kept up because I had been in a car accident and just couldn’t work… Now we’re moving it to North Carolina. But look around at some of the things I’ve done and, if you’re in western North Carolina, you’ll find me there soon!

  28. What a wonderful idea! I certainly also get the feeling sometimes that I’m writing for crickets- especially since I only blog occasionally :) This is a great opportunity- and a fun way to discover new blogs!!

  29. Donna Bridgessays:

    I have a blog but it’s not what you would call up to date so instead of posting mine I will put one of my favorite’s. These recipes are always good.

    Mel’s Kitchen Café

  30. Stacy Lsays:

    My blog is called Simply Delicious. Not very professional, but it’s fun to share when I have the time.

  31. This is a great idea, I would love to hear from my readers. My blog is called “Sir Cupcakes” and I blog dessert recipes, specially cupcakes. I was inspired by you and have been following your blog for more than a year now. I love to bake and it is my way of relaxation when things get too stressing.

  32. Sarahsays:

    Great idea! I have a bake blog called Sarah’s Bake Studio.

  33. Kerrysays:

    What a creative idea! Here’s my food blog:

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