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Thanksgiving Sweet Potato Cupcake Video Review

Check out Bride and Groom 3.0 (and everyone’s favorite co-star, Roommate Davin) as they review this week’s Thanksgiving Sweet Potato Cupcake!

Note 1: The taste that they identify as oatmeal is actually crumb topping that was baked into the cupcake.

Note 2: Cousin Nancy who got the shout out is referred to around these parts by her new name, Grandma Nancy! Without her watching baby Myles, I wouldn’t have had time to bake these cupcakes! Thanks!

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3 comments on “Thanksgiving Sweet Potato Cupcake Video Review”

  1. So cool! What a crazy idea.

  2. Nancysays:

    This video review is exactly the right length, I think.

    Loved these cupcakes, too.

  3. Lisasays:

    I love that little Batman cereal box toy that’s always hanging around. I had the same one EVEN THOUGH I really wanted the kicking Joker one.

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