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Thanks from FilterPure

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Huge thanks one more time to everyone who donated to FilterPure as part of Cupcake Project 4.0!  We raised over $3000!

The Director of FilterPure sent me the photos in this post.  They show some of the filters that were installed with our donations.  While I am no longer collecting money for FilterPure, if you would still like to donate (and I encourage you to do so), you can donate on their website.

Lastly, the winner of The Cupcake Tower is Kristi Seiler!  Congrats, Kristi!

If you donated and did not receive the recipe, please check your spam folder.  Drop me an email if you still don’t see it.

Coming Soon

Later this week, I be posting a cupcake recipe for Christmas and a giveaway of one of my new favorite books.

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4 comments on “Thanks from FilterPure”

  1. Would have loved to have participated, great things can happen when we come together as a unity.

    Are you gearing up for the holidays?

  2. I was too late! I would like to buy the recipe/donate. Is this still possible?

  3. Stefsays:

    I am no longer accepting donations through Cupcake Project. But, if you donate to FilterPure through their website and send me an email telling me that you did, I’ll be happy to send you the secret recipe.

  4. I think the people there must be very kind,

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