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The Supreme Spice Extract Winner Is ….

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Thanks again to everyone who participated in the Supreme Spice extract giveaway contest!

The winner was determined by a random number generator program written in GAWK by Jonathan (he’s multi-talented).

$ gawk ‘BEGIN { srand(); print int(rand() * 84 + 1); }’

In case you don’t feel like counting, the 69th commenter and therefore our winner was Hannah Bluma. Hanna said, “Wow! those extracts look incredible. the incredible edible… (i know i know, i had to).”

Congrats, Hanna! I’ll be contacting you to get your address and Anjali will get the extracts off to you right away. Please stop by again and let us know how you end up using them!

I will be announcing the next interview and giveaway tomorrow. Be on the lookout.

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