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Sneak Preview: Interviews and Product Giveaways

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I used tea masala extract in my bhapa sandesh Indian cupcakes. I had never before heard of tea masala extract or many of the other extract flavors offered by Supreme Spice. I wanted to find out more! Anjali Damerla, owner of Supreme Spice, was happy to answer my questions.
On Monday, I am going to post my interview with Anjali about her company, their products, and her background. Be sure to comment on Monday’s post because Anjali is going to send one lucky commenter the three extracts featured above: ginger extract, cinnamon extract, and kesar milk extract (a blend of nutmeg, cardamom, saffron and curcumin – a spice found in turmeric).
There will be another interview and giveaway coming soon after this one. I won’t tell what it is, but I will say that it will be *vere* exciting.
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6 comments on “Sneak Preview: Interviews and Product Giveaways”

  1. Oh, Oh, I want the cinnamon extract– I will come back to read interview!

  2. Leesasays:

    WOW!! This sounds very interesting and exotique! Indian cuisine is one of my favs.. and I do a lot of cooking with spices… but have never heard of these extracts before.. I am intrigued to learn more… I will check back to read the interview, too… Namaste, Leesa :)

  3. Verenasays:

    ooh, that does sound “vere” “spicy” indeed! can’t wait to read the interview, have a great weekend!

  4. Looks cool! I’ve never had that third extract before …

  5. Ivysays:

    There’s too much suspense-I can’t take it!
    I will not be able to sleep-you know this right. Hahahahahahaha!

  6. Stefsays:

    Couture – Good luck!

    Leesa – I hadn’t heard of them until recently either. Thanks for stopping by!

    Vererna – Thanks! Hope you are also enjoying the weekend!

    Wheeler’s – I’m waiting for something special to use mine in. I used the ginger one today though. It worked great!

    Ivy – Haha! Good thing you only have one more day to wait!

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