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Simple Fruit Leather Cupcake Toppers

Fruit Leather Toppers


Fruit leather cupcake toppers are simple, tasty, and a project that kids can make themselves.  I used homemade Nutella banana fruit leather to make my toppers, but any fruit leather would do the trick.

Wilton 12-Piece Mini Halloween Cookie Cutter Set

Use Halloween cookie cutters to cut the fruit leather into bats and ghosts.  I didn’t love the ghost shape from the set, so I used the tombstone instead.  I cut little triangles out of the bottom of the tombstone with a butter knife and poked out tiny eye holes with a toothpick.

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Wilton 1912-1001 4-Inch Lollipop Sticks, 150/ Pack

Because fruit leather is sticky, the cut out shapes should easily attach to lollipop sticks by just pressing the two together.  Presto – you have cupcake toppers!

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More Fun with Fruit Leather

Fruit Leather Collage

Once you’ve tried this simple fruit leather idea, you may be inspired to play more with fruit leather.  This week on, I shared five fun ways to get crafty with fruit leather.  Have a look and get inspired!

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  1. Love the new use for fruit leather! Yum!

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