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Share Our Stength Bake Sale Tales and a Note on Technical Difficulties

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Let’s get the lame stuff out of the way first, and then we can move on to awesomeness.  Blogger (where this blog is hosted) has been having some technical difficulties.  Many of you were unable to enter the contest to win a reusable cupcake wrapper.  The good news is that it’s now working – so go enter!  The bad news is that the early comments were removed and still haven’t returned.  If you entered already and do not see your comment there, do not despair and do not re-enter.  I have all of the comments saved in my email and I will be sure that you are counted.

Now, onto the Share Our Strength Bake Sale.  The bake sale today was a HUGE success! We raised over $800, not including the amount donated by Sappington Farmers’ Market (we are still waiting for an exact number from them).

While I loved the warm fuzzies from helping a worthy cause, perhaps my favorite part of the event was the opportunity to gather, schmooze, and put movement and voices to photos I’d seen of other St. Louis food bloggers.  Andrew Veety said it best when he commented, “If someone had dropped a bomb on the market at drop-off time, we would have lost a huge percentage of St. Louis food writers.”  We all decided that we’d have to get together more often (I think we’re going to do a potluck next).  If you are a food blogger and haven’t met other food bloggers in your area, I highly encourage you to do so (even if you’re not a social type, don’t you want to try their food?).

This morning, I put $17 dollars into our sale’s cash box.  I used that money to try baked goods throughout the day.  Not surprisingly, there wasn’t a single goodie that I wouldn’t recommend and pay good money for again.

Although it looks like my child is the one crashing from a sugar high, I’m actually the exhausted one.  It’s been a long and wonderful day!

For more bake sale photos, check out J. Pollack Photography’s Facebook album.


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6 comments on “Share Our Stength Bake Sale Tales and a Note on Technical Difficulties”

  1. Andreasays:

    You guys did a great job. Sorry I didn’t get to schmooze more. Audrey was ready to shop! Congrats on the amount raised.

  2. Thanks again for organizing! We definitely need to do a potluck. I’ll email you!

  3. So glad it went well. Wish I could have been there!

  4. Tarasays:

    Congratulations on such a successful bake sale in St. Louis! New York City’s sale went swimmingly as well. Thanks for providing all of the info to baking bloggers near and far!

  5. Thanks for organizing! It was fun and great to see everyone.

  6. I had a blast organizing this event with you and Andrew … we should do it again next year!

    So happy to be a part of the wonderful food blogging community in St. Louis … and especially happy that I have such a wonderful friend in you, Stef!

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