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7 Showstopper Rosh Hashana Desserts for the Modern Balabusta

Rosh Hashana Desserts

Jews typically have apples and honey for dessert on Rosh Hashana to symbolize a sweet new year. And, often we just have honey cake (again for the sweetness). I could truly just eat a pound of challah dredged in honey for dessert on Rosh Hashana. However, I’ll just call that an appetizer.

Honey cake with title over it saying 7 best rosh hashana desserts

For the real Rosh Hashana desserts, I’m hoping to have one of the recipes below. These dessert ideas all stick with the classic Ashkenazi Rosh Hashana dessert flavors of apples and honey, but add just enough of a twist to shake things up.

Apple Upside Down Cake with Honey

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I am so glad that Texanerin put a fork in the photo for her upside-down apple and honey cake because all I want to do is dive into the photo, grab the fork, and start eating - don't you want to do the same?!!

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Honey Cheesecake with Apple Pecan Shortbread Crust

My apple and honey cheesecake is a different kind of Rosh Hashana dessert in that it uses apple chips in the shortbread crust and on top of the cake to impart the apple flavor. You get the appley taste without the typical apple texture.

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Honey Cake with Apples

What's better than a Rosh Hashana cake with apples and honey? A cake with apples, honey, and Manischewitz Concord Grape wine!! My honey cake with apples is a moist cake that is loaded with honey flavor, enhanced by the nectar of the Jews (Manischewitz wine), and topped with apples caramelized in brown sugar and spices.

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Honey Shortbread

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Not everyone likes the super moist texture of honey cake. Dessert for Two switches things up with her honey shortbread! She says, "This batch of shortbread that I spiked with honey and vanilla is like a giant buttery graham cracker." Sounds good to me!

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Simple Honey Cut-Out Cookies

My honey cut-out cookies are are a simple and fun Rosh Hashana alternative to sugar cookies.

You could cut them in apple shapes or use a cute shofar cookie cutter!

You could even use them to make sandwich cookies with the apple butter I shared above.

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Spiced Apple Challah with a Pretzel Crust

This apple challah is so good that it could totally double as dessert.

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Honey Apple Pie

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A pie for Rosh Hashana is unconventional, but an apple and honey pie is totally perfect for the occasion. Or, you could try making a classic Dutch apple pie and drizzling it with honey when it comes out of the oven.

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If you want to try your hand at making your own apple and honey dessert, read my guide to baking with honey for tips on how to substitute honey for sugar.

L’shana tova, and let me know what you end up making!

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