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Roasted Onions Filled with Savory Bread Pudding

I often get requests for healthy cupcakes.  I’m guessing that these stuffing-filled onions weren’t what you had in mind, but you can think of them as edible cups with savory cake.  Stuffed onions are a fun item to bring to a Summer potluck.  They’re easy to prepare, visually pleasing, and a fun novelty. Not a single person at the block party I took them to had ever consumed a stuffed onion before, and everyone was looking forward to this post so they could get the recipe – “Hi, neighbors!”

You can serve these stuffed onions whole, but that would be a bit too much onion for each person.  I’d recommend bringing them to the table whole (you’ve got to show them off!) and then cutting them into wedges.

How to Stuff Onions

After preparing my onions for stuffing, my face looked like I had just watched Schindler’s List (Has anyone tried onion goggles, and do they work?), but stuffing onions is far easier than I imagined it would be:

  1. Cut off the tops of the onions (both yellow and red onions work).
  2. Use a melon baller to scoop out the insides of the onions.  Scoop out almost all of the way to the bottom.  I was scared of scooping too far and ended up not scooping quite far enough.  I kept the onion peels on during this part to try to minimize tears.
  1. Peel the onions.
  2. Cut a small amount off of the bottom of the onions so that they sit flat.
  3. Arrange the onions in a baking dish so that they fit without touching each other.
  4. Add enough water to your pan to come about 1/4 of the way up the onions.
  5. Cover the pan tightly with foil.
  6. Bake at 425 F for 25-30 minutes or until the onions are tender but not falling apart.
  7. Reduce oven temperature to 350 F.
  8. Remove onions from the pan and pour out the water.
  9. Fill the onions all of the way to the top with the uncooked stuffing recipe of your choice.  I used a summertime stuffing with zucchini (the recipe yielded enough for eight stuffed onions plus an 8″ x 8″ baking pan of stuffing).
  10. Top with the cheese of your choice (I used an herbed goat cheese).
  11. Bake uncovered until cooked throughout – about 25 minutes.


Last week, Cupcake Project Facebook fans had the chance to play Cupcake Roulette.  The concept was that fellow food bloggers could put their names on the virtual wheel and I would make a recipe inspired by their blog if they were randomly chosen.  The blog that I picked was Living a Goddess Life and the post that I chose was (you guessed it) stuffed onions!  We’ll have to play again; it was fun!

I must also give credit to Deb from Smitten Kitchen.  I used Smitten Kitchen’s post on stuffed onions for ideas on how master the technique.

Easy to prepare, visually pleasing, and fun, these roasted onions filled with savory bread pudding is perfect for potlucks! You can serve them whole or slice them into wedges. You should try this recipe!
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21 comments on “Roasted Onions Filled with Savory Bread Pudding”

  1. Annesays:

    Those look SO delicious!! I’m always looking for unique recipes that stun the crowds and this looks like it’s sure to be a pleaser!
    One tip I use when I’m cutting onions: chew mint gum. I know it sounds weird but it works!!! Make sure to chew with your mouth open! (I know, it goes against everything your mother told you, but it’s worth it)
    Thanks for all your wonderfully creative ideas!

  2. tjsays:

    …I have never heard of these but am going to give them a try – I love the idea! :o)

    …How surprised would a party hostess be if you say “oh, I’m bringing healthy cupcakes” and then show up with these…lol ;o)

    …Thank you!

    …Blessings… :o)

  3. Sylviasays:

    Any idea how far ahead these could be prepared? Seems like one of those dishes that might taste even better later, but could also be the sort to turn unpleasantly mushy. I can’t tell.

  4. Jeanniesays:

    I love the look of these onions! Looks great serving them whole…can imagine how amazing they taste:)

  5. Rachaelsays:

    I would actually LOVE to make these – I adore stuffing and onions – however, every time I’ve ever tried to cut onions, I’ve ended up with so much eye pain at the end that it didn’t seem worth it at all. Like – they don’t just make me cry, they make my eyes sting for dayyss afterward. So I’ll probably pass on these unless someone has a fool-proof method for cutting onions without tears…

  6. Ambersays:

    I have a pair of onion goggles and they really do work!

  7. Marisays:

    They look amazingly delicious! It has me mouth-watered, I will most definitely try this recipe. I like Anne’s and Amber’s tips. Thanks :)

  8. Lucysays:

    Mmmmmm, love this idea! I have always wondered about those onion goggles, ha!

  9. Rachaelsays:

    I cannot cut onions without my onion goggles. I think my eyes are extra-sensitive to them or something, but with the goggles, they are powerless! They even come with a little scientific explanation so you know why you need them in the first place. I highly recommend them!

  10. Just tweeted the lovely recipe! Like the stuffing and the presentation.

  11. Stefsays:

    Sylvia – I would say 3 days.

    Thanks to everyone for the tips on the onion goggles. I’ll have to try them!

  12. I wish stuffing onions was as simple as stuffing peppers! But I will definately try this one out, I love goat’s cheese!

  13. How fabulous these would be with steaks. And how they would jazz up that all-too-familiar hunk of meat.

  14. These look great! They remind me of a stuffed onion I did for Thanksgiving a few years back:–pecan–and-salt-porkstuffed-onions

  15. Suzannesays:

    Yum..these look amazing! I would love to serve these as appetizers for a holiday party!

  16. You read my mind Suzanne…these would be great for a holiday appetizer.

  17. Sounds very good, though the onion doesn’t seem roasted to me… For me roasting veggies (including onions) involves brushing them with oil and baking, or wrapping them in foil and baking. Never any liquid. But I guess that way they might turn out too soft and not hold their shape(?)

  18. simonsays:

    Just a suggestion. Don’t carve out the onions, instead bake them a bit until their soft and then the onion skins will naturally come out, and then you will have many layers for stuffing. This is how it is done for other stuffed onion recipes…

  19. Anonymoussays:

    Many years ago I was playing around with cardboard copies of Cheops pyramids and one day my wife hijacked me to come and peel the onions. My eyes started to burn and my wife jokingly suggested that I wear the cardboard pyramid as a hat to counteract the pain. After putting the pyramid on my head, my eyes started to tear, the pain disappeared and 30 years later I am still the only one I know who can peel onions with absolutely no discomfort. Strange, but true!

  20. Anonymoussays:

    Onion soup is a trademark recipe of my family, so we’ve experimented with ways to counteract the vapors. We wear various kinds of goggles (swimming and ski goggles. It is possible to get ski goggles to fit over glasses, so that’s what I wear.) Much cheaper than fancy onion goggles and they work just as well.

  21. Anonymoussays:

    Can’t wait to try these!
    I was taught to always either chew a piece of gum or suck on a piece of hard candy, with my mouth open, while peeling or chopping onions. It really works, and I haven’t teared up since.

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