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Reusable Cupcake Wrapper Giveaway

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Update, 5/17/11:  The giveaway is now over.  The winners are  Lindsay (linzcoupons) and Amanda (cake making mom of 5).  Congrats to both of you!

Cupcake wrappers (the kind that encase an already baked cupcake) can make any cupcake look more elegant (see my Key lime cupcakes), but in addition to the added expense of buying a wrappers plus liners, more paper means a greater environmental impact.  The wrappers from feel like a nice compromise.  You still get the sophisticated look of a wrapper, but because they are reusable (just wash and save them for the next time), you can feel better about using them.

A second advantage of the Maisie Fantasie wrappers over others on the market is that they are greaseproof.  Often, cupcake wrappers start to look oily if they sit on the cupcakes too long – they absorb the moisture from the cake.  Not so, here!

The only downside that I’ve found to the Maisie Fantasie reusable wrappers is the trouble you’ll have making sure that your guests don’t throw them out.  One thing that you could do to alleviate this problem is to display cupcakes with wrappers, but personally remove them prior to serving.

Maisie Fantasie has been kind enough to offer two Cupcake Project readers the chance to win a dozen wrappers.  Simply head over to and take a look at all of the wrapper options, then return to this post and leave a comment telling me which style you would like if you win.

The Fine Print

  • Your comment must include the wrapper style you would like if you win and a way to contact you.
  • Only comments on this blog post are valid – not comments on Facebook, Twitter, or by email.
  • All entries must be in by 11:59 CDT Monday, May 16.
  • I will randomly pick and reveal the winners on this post on Tuesday, May 17, and personally contact them.  If I do not hear back from a winner within seven days, I will draw a new winner.
  • Both U.S. and international readers are eligible for this giveaway!

Something You Should Know

Although I was sent some wrappers to review, this is not a paid post.  If it sounds particularly glowing, it’s only because I really liked the product.

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250 comments on “Reusable Cupcake Wrapper Giveaway”

  1. I adore the Geometric Flowers design. The great part is it can be used for so many different occasions.

    Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  2. Omg!! Candy Stripe and Vintage Rose Green!! I LOVE these wrappers!! thanks for a great giveaway!

  3. Andreasays:

    I love any of the Flower ones but really like the “Pretty Flowers” one and both of the “cupcake” ones! they would look great on a cupcake buffet for a spring wedding, shower, or really any party for that matter.

  4. Anonymoussays:

    I would love to win the “Little Flowers” design! My email address is ((Fingers crossed!))

    Jessica Sharkey

  5. Adriennesays:

    I like the candy stripe ones – very versatile for many occasions! Great idea to be washable and reusable!

    ajgauthier at gmail

  6. The yellow gingham are just delicious! Makes me want to make lemon cupcakes. Yum.

  7. I love love love these wrappers!! I had no idea that there were wrappers out there that are reuseable, awesome idea! I love the eat me one, though it was hard to pick just one. My second favorite, just because you can use it for many different events, is the candy stripes. thanks for sharing!
    amy V. Young

  8. Tina Sabosays:

    Really love the “Pretty Flowers” pattern! Could definitely brighten any occassion or mood!

  9. Jesssays:

    Gosh, what a great idea! Wish I would have thought of that :) I would love to get the Eat Me wrappers, can’t wait to see who wins!

  10. ashleysays:

    vintage rose green! would make such a great gift to serve the cupcakes for my room mate’s birthday in those!!!

  11. cathysays:

    I LOVE the “cupcake” cream!

    my email is


  12. Sherrisays:

    Love the Candy Stripe and Vintage Rose designs! What a cute idea!

  13. Azsays:

    I love the blue stars! they are super cute! Also, I love your blog. Makes my heart happy

  14. I would love to win the Pretty Flowers!!!! All the cupcakes I make just about, I put a flower on them similar to those on this wrapper! They would really make my cupcakes stand out at parties!!!
    Great giveaway! Thanks!!!

  15. Amandasays:

    These are awesome. I loved the first one on her website–pretty flowers. I could use it for many different occasions. Awesome.

  16. Jennsays:

    I am in love with the Eat Me wrappers….SO cute! I could use them for all kinds of occasions. Thanks for the giveaway! Good luck everyone!

  17. Sherrisays:

    Forgot to add contact info!
    Love the Candy Stripes and the Vintage Roses!

  18. tootiesays:

    They are all so cute! I would pick the red stars. Thanks!

    tootiesplace (at) gmail (dot) com

  19. Alisasays:

    I loved the little flowers pattern. Wonderful for spring, summer, and a great way to fight the mid-winter blues! ajdean25 at yahoo

  20. Staciesays:

    They are all great by I like the Eat Me wrappers!

  21. Dianesays:

    Love these! I’m having a hard time choosing between the Pretty Flowers and the Pink Gingham.

  22. Can’t decide between the little flowers, the pretty flowers or the candy stripe! They are all gorgeous. Thanks for the giveaway, Cynthia

  23. I love the geometric flowers design. I’d love to be able to use these for my daughter’s 1st birthday party!!! Thanks for the give away!!

    Kim Campbell

  24. Amysays:

    I like the “Eat Me” wrappers, they’re sassy and to the point!!They are ALL really cute. Thanks for the giveaway and lovely recipes –

  25. I like the love and kisses and the damask charcoal. What a great idea

  26. Layniesays:

    I love the needlework birds! So cute.

  27. Anonymoussays:

    I like several different ones but my favorite one is the “Little Flowers”, My Grand daughters, (4 and 3 years old), and I could make and decorate such beautiful cupcakes for our Tea Partys with these wrappers.

  28. Pam Burrsays:

    I love the Pretty Flowers design. I would be happy with any of them, what a great idea. Reuseables are great. Thanks for the great give away offer.

  29. Nataliesays:

    ahh how can I choose? Love the’cupcake’ in brown, the birds, and the polka name a few!

  30. Annesays:

    I absoluetly LOVE the damask (magenta color) design. It’s so fresh and new looking and just makes me want to bake!!
    What a great giveaway idea!

  31. Jessicasays:

    I love all the wrapper however the vintage rose green in my favorite. May buy some if dont win. LOL. Can be reached at

  32. Jensays:

    I like the “Eat Me” ones, though they are all super cute.

    freshfromjen @ gmail

  33. Melisasays:

    I like all of them! I’d probably go with the Pretty Flowers or Candy Stripe design, if I had to pick.

  34. I love the pretty flowers pattern, I know it’s the first one on the page, but also the needlework birds and candy stripe are cool


  36. Dsays:

    I had a hard time picking just one – they are all so cute! & what a great idea!

    I think my favorite is Candy Stripe, though. So cheerful!

  37. Misiabesays:

    Awsome!!! I like Vintage rose.
    Thank you for a great giveaway!!

  38. MeLissasays:

    I love the candy strip pattern and so many others! Thanks for sharing!

  39. Stephensays:

    I love the Damask in the Magenta!

  40. Melsays:

    Loooove the ‘Cupcake’ in chocolate brown. The typeface is such fun!

    My email is on the “project” page of my site :)

  41. Theresasays:

    I really like the versatility of the Damask – Charcoal! Pretty for those special occassions, but modern enough for every day, any day use!

  42. This wasn’t as easy as I thought! I really liked Pretty Flowers, Needlework Birds and Loves and Kisses. But if I can only choose one it would be the Eat Me wrapper. That one just makes me giggle!

  43. Teresasays:

    I love the “eat me” wrappers.

  44. Im torn between the Pretty Flowers and The Vintage Rose ones. All lovely :)

  45. Breannesays:

    I’d like to win the Cupcake wrappers in Cream. (Although I’m drawn to the Union Jack ones too!)


  46. Karasays:

    Those are COOOOOOL. I’d like to win the Cupcake-Cream ones (the ones that say Cupcake on them). COOOOOL.


  47. I really love the “eat me” one that you have on the post. But it would just depend how much I decorated my cupcakes. If I was simple then maybe the rose wrappers, but if I had a lot going on with my cupcake then I’d want the more simple designs like the mini stars, or dots =)

  48. I love the vintage rose wrappers!! What a great idea, as I am always run out of the paper wrappers, of which the pretty ones are overpriced!! Thanks for a great idea!

  49. Ana Oterosays:

    I love Needlework birds and Eat me. My e-mail is

  50. I love the “Cupcake” ones in cream. So simple and pretty colors!

  51. Alanna Jsays:

    So cuuuuute!!! I love Needlework Birds! Great recommendation, I hate when wrappers look oily/greasy :) Alanna J,

  52. I must have the Union Jack wrappers! Absolutely perfect for my British-themed house.

  53. Rosiesays:

    I love them all, but my faves are the “eat me” and the “candy stripe”. They’re both versatile for any occasion.

  54. kalesays:

    What a great idea! I always loved your cupcake wrappers but never used them because I could only find the paper ones when I looked around in stores near me. Theses are so great! I love the Charcoal Damask, they make cupcakes look so elegant!

  55. These are just splendid! Not only are you going green, but you get an adorable talking point when you serve your cupcakes. How fabulous! I truly love all of them, but my favorites are easily the “‘Cupcake’ in Chocolate Brown” and the “Candy Stripe” reusable cupcake wrappers. Love, love, love. contact @

  56. Bridgetsays:

    These look awesome! I am so drawn to the magenta damask design, but the needlework birds are super cute too.

  57. Ambersays:

    Honestly, I would like to win any of them! I love, love, love the idea of reusable wrappers!

  58. Andysays:

    Oooh, I love the Candy Stripe ones best of all. A close second for me is Pretty Flowers.

    I love these wrappers!

    figarofigaro1 on gmail.

  59. Rachaelsays:

    These are so fun!! I love the Geometric Flowers…I am a Geometry Teacher, so that is fitting!

  60. Love the Pretty Flowers, All three Stars and Candy Stripe.

  61. Alliesays:

    They are all so cute, but I like the candy stripe best!

  62. Wow! We are all loving these wrappers. I’m partial to the Needlework Birds, but the Eat Me ones make me laugh. I’d love to win to avoid that international shipping!

  63. sarahsays:

    The ‘cupcake’ wrappers are perfect in case our cupcakes are just too artisitic to look like reagular cake!

  64. Amandasays:

    I was totally wanting the Cupcake in hocolate until I saw the Needlework Birds, Yep, gotta have that one!

  65. Anonymoussays:

    I like the four petals pattern. becki_sue {at} comcast {dot} net

  66. Rebeccasays:

    I love the candy stripe wrappers! My email is

  67. Vickysays:

    I love them all! But I think the Pretty Flowers would have to be my choice. I love the fact that they are waterproof and greaseproof! These are fantastic, thank you so much for sharing! I LOVE your blog and your fantastic recipes! :) Good Luck everyone!

  68. I love the Candy Stripe ones!
    I can be reached at leslie(dot)fiestakitchen(at)gmail(dot)com

  69. Lesliesays:

    Blue Stars! They match my sons nursery theme and blankets… not that he’ll be eating cupcakes anytime soon. ;)

  70. I love the candy stripe wrappers!

    My email is

  71. Hi there, I just recently found your blog. I haven’t tried any recipes yet, but they look good!
    If I won, I would like to try the “Eat me” style cupcake wrappers. My email is
    Thank you!

  72. I like the candy stripe wrappers. I love that these are reusable, what a cool product!

    You can email me at snucci @

  73. I would LOVE the candy stripe ones! It would be awesome!

  74. Pretty Flowers and the Candy Stripe are my favorites. Of course, some polka-dots in either color and the stars in blue would be hard for me to resist.

    hmnelson15 {at} gmail {dot} com

  75. misiabesays:

    I love Vintage rose (pink) wrappers!!

  76. I’m in love with the needlework birds!

  77. Tiffanysays:

    I really like the damask magenta wrappers, they are very pretty!

  78. We love your site. We’d love to bake for our daughter using the “Love” wrappers!

    I know the email looks strange, but it does work! Thanks!

  79. Annasays:

    I love the eat me wrappers! My email is tobemysymphony at gmail dot com.

  80. Ruthsays:

    Those wrappers alll lOok stunning. I love the vintage Rose ones.
    Love your blog:)

    Ruth x

  81. SUCH a good idea! These look awesome! I like the Pink Polka-dot ones! My email is

  82. Brynasays:

    I love the Candy Stripe and the Geometric Flowers. These are just so FUN!!!

    – Bryna

  83. I love the Vintage Rose covers, but I can’t pick whether I like the pink or green more… pink. No, wait, green. pink. green? oh dear… I think green… but I’ll probably change my mind in a minute.
    I’ve linked my twitter :)

  84. My favorites are the Pretty Flowers!

  85. Taylersays:

    I like the love and kisses style! :D
    My email is

  86. I like the “pretty flowers” wrappers. They would look great on cup cakes for my daughter’s first birthday coming up! My email is Thanks!

  87. I love the Needlework Birds!!

    You can reach me by email:

  88. Nancysays:

    Can’t wait to see them in person, my email address is

    Chef Nancy

  89. The Little Chefsays:

    I L-O-V-E the EAT ME ones you showed. The Cupcake ones in brown were cute too. I have been wanting to comment on your blog for quite some time now and I finally figured out how to do it! I love your blog and every time I am looking for a new cupcake recipe I check here first. I took a class with you at the Kitchen Conservatory and ever since then, I’ve been obsessed! I am a young chef in middle school, and I really want to grow up and have an awesome blog like you! Thanks for inspiring me!

    I just got an email : )

  90. Candy Stripe is my favorite….thanks for posting this give away!

  91. The Little Chefsays:

    Sorry, I left the wrong email address. The correct one is,

  92. Natsays:

    I wanted to tell you that I LOVE your blog! I have tried several of your recipes, and they have all been wonderful! I would love to win the Candy Stripes wrappers *fingers crossed* =)

  93. “Eat me”! I kind of feel that this is exactly what cupcakes would say if they could talk!

  94. Sarahsays:

    So hard to choose just one! I love the Eat Me cupcake wrappers since they are so different! Love your blog – I have a list of recipes that I NEED to try!!

    My email is sardanfav[at]gmail[dot]com

  95. Melissasays:

    I love the “Eat Me” wrapper!

    My email is

  96. Anonymoussays:

    I love the “Eat Me” wrapper!

    My email is

  97. Melissasays:

    These wrappers are so cute! I like the eat me wrapper.

    My email is

  98. Jeisays:

    Damask charcoal and love and kisses are my favorite!!! It will awesome to receive this as a present my bday is May 17th!! ;) ** hint, hint** btw love your blog always makes my dat and always inspires me!!

  99. Aprilsays:

    Love them all… but i think the Candy Stripe is my top pick. With the colors, I could use them for both kids birthdays!

  100. Beckysays:

    Decisions, decisions! Reusable wrappers are such an awesome idea and they’re all so cute! The “geometric flowers” are my favorite. My email is

  101. Sheenasays:

    All of them are super-cute, but I love the whimsy of the Eat Me wrappers :)


  102. Tashsays:

    I love the candy stripe wrappers!
    Email: tashi4 mac com

  103. Nadssays:

    i love all the wrappers but the “pretty flowers” would be perfect for my granddaughters first birthday fiary party.They remind me of my grandmothers “fairy gardern” that we enjoyed as little girls

  104. i like the polka pink one.
    my e-mail is:

  105. Ginasays:

    These are nice. Hard time choosing between Pretty Flowers and Charcoal Damask. I’d be pleased as punch with either. :)

    Email link in my Google Profile. Thank you for the opportunity to win.

  106. Okay, so the Pretty flowers caught my eye right away, but then the Four petal pattern was screaming retro and mod at the same time. Oh now, what to do, then I notices the Little flowers and the candy stripe! Ah nuts, I like all four of these.. you can contact me at If I would randomly win, any of these four would rock the house!

  107. Mesays:

    Oh my goodness! I love these, absolutley adore! Cupcake wrappers are so pretty, but unfortunately not something I can generally afford to splurge on. Reusable ones, however… fabulous!

    I want ALL of them, but if I HAD to pick one (which isn’t fair, btw) I’d go with the ‘Cupcake’ – chocolate brown ‘Cupcake’ – chocolate brown, because it can be used with everything, though I might have to go back and get the complimentary white ones, too!

    On the off chance I should win, you can contact me through my blog at HuginnMuninnandMe

    Oh pleasepleaseplease!!!

  108. i would like the candy stripe wrappers.

    my email is

  109. I love the “cupcake” in chocolate brown and cream! These are such a unique product – love it!

  110. Nancysays:

    I LOVE the Needlework Birds! So unique and original! Love your blog!

  111. Vanessasays:

    I like the four petal pattern wrappers. My daughter and I love your blog and have tried several recipes and have been very happy with the results. My email is

  112. Bakasays:

    I love the colors of the four petal pattern! Such a neat idea!

  113. I love the chocolate colored ones that say ‘cupcake’ on them, I also love the damask. It all depends what I’d be using them for. I can see I’ll be buying some for my house!

  114. Aeriesays:

    Definitely like the “Eat me” ones. Would love to try them out. If I can ever find some diabetic friendly cupcake recipes.


  115. I like the Geometric Flowers wrapper.

    saaleha (at) gmail (dot) com

  116. Theresasays:

    i love the vintage rose green!!! such a great idea. i just discovered your blog and like that you are combining two great things, cupcakes and being environmentally responsible!

    my email is

  117. Wendy Msays:

    It is difficult to choose one cos they are all beautiful but vintage rose green looks especially fabulous, so this would be my top choice.

    my email is

  118. Kellysays:

    Definitely the union jack ones!

    My email is: rosyfingersofdawn[at]gmail[dot]com

  119. Anonymoussays:

    If I was the lucky winner, I would like to receive the vintage rose green wrappers!

  120. Ellensays:

    I love the “eat me” wrappers!


  121. jen harkersays:

    oooh so many lovely wrappers how does one choose???? hmmmmm after much deliberation I would plump for the lovely ‘cupcake’ ones in vintage style writing. Will be definitly putting some on my birthday list!!

  122. Lindsaysays:

    I love the ‘Cupcake’ chocolate brown wrapper. It would be perfect for any occasion and for a boy or a girl! These cupcakes wrappers look AMAZING!!!

    linzcoupons at gmail dot com

  123. Anonymoussays:

    Hi, I’m Espanish woman and i don’t speak english very well, but I like your blog, your favorite frostings are fantastics. I like “Candy stripe” and “Pretty flowers” wrappers.
    My name is Montse and my email is
    Thanks and congratulations for your page.

  124. Anonymoussays:

    If I was the lucky winner, I would love to have the vintage rose green wrapper.

    My email address is:

  125. aletheasays:

    What a great giveaway!!! I probably should say that i love the car wrappers cos I have two boys but I LOVE the Eat me wrappers!! Think they are just perfect!! Thanks so much for the chance to win!!! Love your blog and look forward to lots more yummy recipes!! Hugs xx

  126. Catharinasays:

    Wow, picking one is really difficult… they are all so great. I am crossing my fingers that I win (5/17 is my birthday so I am hoping for some extra luck!).
    In the end, I picked the pretty flowers one.

    My email is ipcatharina(at)gmail(dot)com

  127. I would LOVE the “eat me” cupcake wrappers. You can contact me at to send me my wrappers (I hope!!). Thanks so much for this offer. I love your blog. Sue xo

  128. Melissasays:

    My husband and I are moving to Hawaii this year, and will be renewing our vows next April. The “Love and Kisses” would be perfect for the occasion!

    I love your blog, and trying the unique recipies you post!

  129. I would LOVE the “eat me” cupcake wrappers. Thanks so much for the offer. You can contact me at Thanks again. Sue :)

  130. Korlinsays:

    I love them all! But I think Vintage rose – pink is the sweetest :)

  131. Franniesays:

    omg…i love so many!! i think that candy stripe may be my fav! =o)

  132. I really like the Needlework Birds one (: it totally reminds me of spring all year round! These wrappers sound like the perfect solution for me! Seeing as I live in an area where the only cupcake wrappers available are plain, solid colors!

  133. Lisasays:

    The black damask wrappers are so elegant, I would love to have them!

  134. Anonymoussays:

    I LOVE them all! But one of my favorites is the “brown CUPCAKE” What a great idea. Thanks!

  135. Lee Annsays:

    I love the Love and Kisses cupcake wrappers!!

  136. Jessicasays:

    The “Needlework Birds” are adorable. What could be better… needlework and cupcakes?!?!

  137. Lindsaysays:

    I love the pink star wrappers. Can’t wait to try your key lime cupcakes. My email is

  138. Anonymoussays:

    Eat me, even though I really don’t need any encouragement to eat cupcakes! Love the idea of tomato cupcakes. maybe I’ll try making them.

  139. I love these wrappers!!! The grey Damask would be so beautiful on my cupcakes!!

  140. Karensays:

    AHHHHHHHHHH, I am in love with the cherry stripe cupcake wrappers! They would be beautiful with cherry cola cupcakes!!!

  141. Anonymoussays:

    what a fantastic idea she has love love it and I love the candy strip !

    my email

  142. Anonymoussays:

    I love the candy stripe liners. What a great concept! My email is

  143. PLEPOMAsays:

    Love your blog and love your cupcakes. The “Eat Me” is my favorite wrapper

  144. Nancysays:

    Would love to have these cupcakes wrappers. So cute!
    My pick would be the cupcake-chocolate brown

  145. I love the Geometric flowers wrappers! To cute : )

  146. Ringalosays:

    I love love love the Damask – magenta wrapper!!

    Super cool website. My email is:

  147. Anonymoussays:

    love the vintage rose – particularly the green. My email is

  148. Hi Stef (:

    I absolutley fell in LOVE with Vintage Rose- Pink Cupcake Wrappers!

    You can contact me @

  149. Abbysays:

    I like the vintage rose-green! my email is

  150. I like the candy stripe wrappers :)

  151. Benniesays:

    Love the “Damask – charcoal” wrappers!


  152. Anonymoussays:

    I love the damask charcoal and pale pink, they are so cute! My email is

  153. Staciesays:

    I love the “cupcake” cream. They make me want to get baking!
    My email is

  154. Candy Csays:

    OOOhhh candy stripe! My head is spinning!


  155. Tatumsays:

    Hi. They are all so pretty. I love the Eat Me wrapper. And the pictures on her site are so pretty.
    And I love your blog site, I find it to be very helpful.
    My email is:

  156. I love them all but my favorite is the needlework birds.

  157. stacysays:

    I LOVE the eat me style, although they are all super cute!

    My email is

    Great blog x

  158. What an awesome giveaway! They’re all cute, but I think I’ll go with the pink polka dot because they’re pretty but not too bright; I don’t want then to take over my cupcakes :)

    My email address is:

  159. JDizzle84says:

    Your blog is fantastic and I once made the caramel cupcakes and they were a hit!!!

    I love the five petal flower wrappers! So cute!

    My email is

    Thank you :)

  160. The pink vintage rose is fantastic. I love vintage looking items and my sister in laws birthday is coming up in a few months and she loves roses so they are perfect.

    I can be contacted at

  161. Monicasays:

    I would love to win the “Eat me” wrapper, my email is
    Your blog is delicious!

  162. Fisays:

    What a lovely giveaway! But so many gorgeous styles to choose from!

    I think my favourite is the Candy Stripe.

  163. Sam Robertssays:

    Candy stripe is definitely my favourite!


  164. Robinsays:

    I really like the “love and Kisses” wrappers!

    My email is

  165. I love the “Eat Me” wrappers! Adorable!

  166. Anonymoussays:

    i love pretty flowers!

  167. Sarahsays:

    I love the “eat me” wrappers!

    cookergirlblog at gmail dot com

  168. I would have to have the needlework bird wrappers. LOVE them!

  169. Tarasays:

    I would love the Union Jack wrappers! My sister is going abroad to London in the fall, and they’d be perfect to use for her going away party. :)

    You can email me at


  170. Anonymoussays:

    I love them all, but if I had to pick just one I like the damask magenta.

  171. Marianasays:

    I love the Little flowers!!!! Kisses from Mexico

  172. I like the Eat Me wrapper.

  173. Rachaelsays:

    I love the geometric flowers…fitting as I am a Geometry teacher! :)

    My email is rachael.neibling at

  174. Rachaelsays:

    I really like the damask – magenta wrappers. These are fun. :)

  175. Gracesays:

    Re-usable cup cake wrappers. Very cool!

    I’m rather fond of the four petal pattern.

    My email is

  176. Alisasays:

    I love the Vintage Rose (especially in green). Pretty Flowers is also adorable, and Damask Charcoal is very classy. Thanks for the giveaway!

    a.part170 at yahoo dot com

  177. Pau Fsays:

    the candy stripe wrappers are too cute for words!
    pau.fdz (at) gmail (dot) com

  178. Abigailsays:

    lots of pretty wrapper to choose. mmm I want candy stripes and needlework birds. email: abigailcaidoy at gmail dot com

  179. Sarahsays:

    I am from Hong Kong and I felt like a kid in the theme park when I found this website! Keep up with the uselful and inspiring recipes!

    I like Vintage rose – pink

    my email:


  180. The charcoal damask ones are definitely my favorite! These are so cool!

  181. Coreysays:

    The needlework birds are absolutely adorable! My e-mail is

  182. AnnieNSDsays:

    I just made the Brown Sugar Frosting and it is amazing!!!! I’m a toffee lover and its soo reminiscent of it!

    I love the “‘Cupcake’ – cream” wrappers.

    Thank you for the giveaway


  183. Nickysays:

    I want in! If I was to win I would love the Vintage rose – green ones. A perfect match to my pink gingham retro tablecloth.

    my e-mail is;

  184. I would love the candy stripe ones, they are the perfect colours for cupcakes!

    My email address is

  185. Joannasays:

    They all look adorable, but I have a feeling the “Damask-magenta” would be the one for me:)

  186. Beckysays:

    What a cool idea for cupcake wrappers. I like the ivory “cupcake” ones. They are all super cute.

    My email is

  187. Janesays:

    Just love all of these… imagining the oohs and ahhs when showing up at an event with any of them.
    I really like the Majenta Damask the best. My head is spinning with all the possible decorating combinations :)

  188. Maddysays:

    If I had to decide on one, (which is hard!!!) I would choose the PINK DAMASK wrappers!!! THEY ARE SOOO PRETTY!!!!

    Thanks for this opportunity!!

    My email address is:

  189. Kelly@gingerbreadbakersays:

    Wrappers are like a gift bag for a cupcake! The cupcake cream would be my choice for a prize.

    Kelly @

  190. I love the “Love and Kisses”. Thanks.

    My email is

  191. I like magenta damask.
    mlcmurphy at yahoo dot com

  192. Brendasays:

    They’re so cute! My favorite are the candy stripe wrappers.
    My email is bcarney14 @

  193. I love the chocolate cupcake ones. The theme of my room is cupcakes so it would be great to display a couple of them (and use them of course)!
    My email is:


  194. Emilysays:

    I’ve been baking cupcakes at least once a week for the past few months, but have never even seen these! I have cute little colored liners but these are really awesome and I’ll definitely have to look into these! I really do love the Charcoal Damask!

  195. The damask, the polka dot, oh dear, too many cute ones! Love the ones that say “cupcake” too.

  196. Anonymoussays:

    love. love. love the needlework birds ! WAY cute.

    Thanks for such an awesome giveaway..!!!! :)

  197. katsays:

    candy stripe and little flowers are in a close tie for me, but i’m going to have to go with candy stripe. thanks for the giveaway.

  198. katysays:

    yesterday i watched one of my favorite soccer teams win and was looking for a celebration recipe cupcakes sound perfect i completely love the union jack liners i am obsessed with everything english

    my email is

  199. Beckysays:

    Hi Stef,
    I would like to win the the Love and Kisses cupcake wrappers for my future daughte-in-law’s shower in July. These look so cute.

    Looks like the bake sale was a success, and cute pics of Myles!

  200. What a great product! I love the Needlework Birds. So cute!


  201. Pat Rsays:

    Love the blue polka dots!

  202. Emmysays:

    I love the “eat me” cupcake wrapper! I am just getting started with baking and this would get me even more motivated! :)

  203. Love the damask wrappers – can’t decide between pale pink and magenta!

  204. Nancysays:

    I love the magenta damask wrappers. Even if my cupcakes didn’t turn out perfect, they still would be pretty with these lovely wrappers.

    My email is

    Thank you Steph!

  205. Corinnesays:

    the handstiched birds are delightful :)

  206. I just love these wrappers and was about to order some “Pretty Flowers” and “Eat Me” stles, but I noticed that Maisie Fanaisie is a UK company. Where can we purchase these wrappers in the US?


  207. Nicolesays:

    I love the choclate brown cupcake one! I’m a sucker for words as decor.

    Email is

  208. Shaynasays:

    I love the magenta Damask cupcake wrappers!

    my email is

  209. Blue stars are my favorites, will be great for a July 4th Party!

  210. Karensays:

    Thanks for introducing me to the Maisie Fantasie wrappers…they’re beautiful! My favorite is the Damask pattern in either magenta or pale pink. my email is:

  211. Laurasays:

    Thank you for showing these, I love them! I would love the candy strip wrappers.

  212. Kerrysays:

    Thanks for the great idea. The red stars would be so cute for 4th of July! My e-mail is

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  213. jessicasays:

    I lovvvee the pretty flowers cupcake wrappers, they’re adorable! Btw…. I’m loving your blog, extremely curettes!

  214. Hey! The ‘cupcake’ wrappers in chocolate brown are just darling! Merci!

  215. These are so fun! While I really love some of the more girly designs, I have to say the one that made me smile was the Candy Stripe!
    My email is
    Great blog, I’ve been quietly stalking for a few weeks and I love reading your posts and the recipes are fabulous!

  216. Anonymoussays:

    I am drawn to the “Eat Me” pattern – reminds me of something you might see in a Gary Larson Far Side cartoon. ~CZ

  217. I would choose the babay love pink so i could use them at my best friends baby shower : )

  218. Denasays:

    I would definitely chose the Eat Me wrappers. I love the “subtlety” of them. Ha! Super cute.

  219. Jensays:

    The candy stripe wrappers are just too cute for words!

    My e-mail is jeybey76 @

  220. Lesliesays:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  221. Lesliesays:

    Stars Blue! They match my son’s nursery and blankets perfectly. . not that he’ll be eating cupcakes anytime soon. . .lol!

  222. Thelmasays:

    It’s not easy to choose just one…
    But I have to: Candy stripe it’s my favorite! =)
    twitter: @thelmapascoal

  223. Anonymoussays:

    Love them all but Damask-Charcoal is my favorite.

  224. Pennysays:

    I love the candy stripe ones! And the charcoal damask! And the cherry stripe! And the vintage rose…sigh. They are all so adorable. My email is pennyknapik(at)gmail(dot)com.


  225. Anonymoussays:

    Loving the “Eat Me” wrapper.


  226. Patsays:

    Love this blog!
    Love the Cupcake wrapper in cream.
    Email me at

  227. Jilleesays:

    The “Eat me” cupcake wrappers at too cute! I would love to win those! I am new to your blog and love it! I am telling my friends about it too. My email is

    Thank you!

  228. Lenasays:

    One of the only blogs I can’t NOT read right away! I like the candy stripe wrappers, though it is hard to choose! lmswitz[at]gmail[dot]com.

  229. Memorysays:

    All of the cupcake wrappers are so adorable… it’s hard to choose just one! :) However, I think that my favorite is the ‘Cupcake” – cream. The best way to contact me is at

    Thank you ~


  230. Damask – charcoal is my favorite!! I just love these. You can contact me at

  231. I love, love, love the “Cherry stripe” cupcakes wrappers!!

    I’ve always loved cherry designs, and at work (ice cream store), I get to ask everyone if they would like a cherry on top! These are great! :)


  232. The Little Chefsays:


  233. Stefsays:

    I just announced the winners. I’ve updated the post. Take a look.

  234. Thorbensays:

    Hey Stef
    you picked one of the best cupcake wrappers for the blog pic. It is really inspiring!

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