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Redbud Bubbly

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Redbud Bubbly

If you live in a redbud growing region and want to make redbud syrup (and subsequently this redbud bubbly), act quickly. I’ve already started to see St. Louis streets covered in a pink snow of fallen redbud flowers.

I love the idea of serving redbud bubbly for Mother’s Day, especially if you can source the redbud flowers from your own tree.  You could serve the drink with a cheesy note about your “family tree” and how mom – or even better, grandma – has metaphorically helped your whole family to bloom.  Moms, myself included, eat that stuff up.

Redbud bubbly is a mix of Champagne and redbud syrup that gives the champagne a slightly sweeter and more floral taste.  It’s fresh and springy and, best of all, it’s such a pretty natural pink color.

Making Redbud Bubbly

Be sure to start by reading my post on redbud syrup.  You’ll need that to make the drink.

OXO Good Grips Angled Measuring Cup, Mini, Clear

When a friend accidentally left this mini measuring cup at my house, I had no idea how handy it would be.  This is what I use to measure cocktails.

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Redbud Bubbly
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Redbud Bubbly

Servings 1 drink


  • 2 ounces redbud syrup
  • 2 ounces Champagne


  1. Pour redbud syrup into a Champagne flute.
  2. Top with an equal amount of Champagne.
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  1. Nikkisays:

    wow, these would be great for a girls night!!

    Nikki |

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