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Pumpkin Cheesecake: Is it a Cupcake?

This was a controversial “cupcake”. There was much debate among my friends as to what defines a cupcake. Does it have to be a traditional cake or does anything you can eat in a cupcake wrapper become a cupcake? What is the difference between a cupcake and a muffin? Ultimately of course the bride and groom to be got to make the call. They decided that they thought a cheesecake even though in a cupcake wrapper might need a fork to eat so they want to stick with more traditional cakey things.
If anyone does ever want to make a pretty tasty pumpkin cheesecake “cupcake” here’s how I did it.
For these recipes, I turned to an old standby of mine, allrecipes.com. A 5 star receipe on that site has never let me down.
First I made some graham cracker crust following this recipe:
I pressed the crust into each cupcake wrapper but did not bake. I baked everything together.
Next, I made this recipe for pumpkin cheesecake and put it into the cupcake wrappers.
I did not make it in the double layer format because I figured that in the cupcake wrapper no one could notice if it was double layer or not anyway.
After cupcakes baked, I kept in them in the tins in the fridge until they were cold. Then I removed them and topped them with pumpkin seed brittle.

Lessons learned:

1. When making cheesecake ALWAYS let the cream cheese soften first. It doesn’t mix well if it isn’t softened.
2. Cheesecake doesn’t rise so the cupcake wrappers can be completely filled up.
3. When making brittle do not step away from stove. It got more of a burnt flavor than most would have liked.
4. The brittle melts into the cheesecake if it sits on it for a few days. Add the brittle to the top just before serving.
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