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Please Don’t Eat Me – A Scented Necklace Giveaway from Tiny Hands

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I’ve never been a big fan of perfume.  When I did wear it, which I haven’t done in years, my favorites were a product by Demeter scented like ginger ale and another by the same brand that smelled like graham crackers.  Sure, some gals like to smell like flowers, but I like to smell like the food I love – yummy!

So, when Tiny Hands Jewelry contacted me about reviewing some of their scented necklaces, I was totally jazzed.  I browsed through the bubblegum scented lollipops, mint chocolate chip scented ice cream cones, and scented chocolate glazed doughnuts before settling on butter and maple syrup scented waffles and, of course, a chocolate scented chocolate cupcake.

Are you hungry yet?

When the necklaces arrived, they came with an adorable card that warned, “Please refrain from stuffing this up your nose, licking, chewing or biting on your new jewelry.  It is not for eating.”  The card also advised me to keep my jewelry away from hungry puppies (smart!).

The necklaces were just as cute as they appeared online and they smelled delicious!  I wouldn’t say that the chocolate cupcake smelled quite the same as all of the chocolate cupcakes that I’ve been baking on the quest for the Ultimate Chocolate Cupcake.  But, it did smell like chocolate, I had to keep my toddler from licking it, and it make me smile each time I looked down at it.

When I first put the necklace on, the smell was really strong.  As I wore it longer, I didn’t notice the scent as much.  That’s not because the scent was dissipating (nope, Tiny Hands works some kind of crazy magic to keep the scent strong); rather, you just get used to it.  The next time I put it on, I again had that burst of scent for the first 15 minutes or so.

Are You Ready to Win Your Own Tiny Hands Necklace?

Just use the Rafflecopter giveaway form below to enter for your chance to win a Tiny Hands necklace!  Oh, one last thing, even if you don’t win, you can use the code “cupcakeproject15” when you check out for a 15% discount – just for being a Cupcake Project reader.  Woohoo!

Good luck!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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117 comments on “Please Don’t Eat Me – A Scented Necklace Giveaway from Tiny Hands”

  1. Jensays:

    I’ve never tried Demeter’s stuff. I’m mainly a BPAL girl.

    The butter & maple syrup waffle would be the one I want.

  2. Traciesays:

    Chocolate cupcake – it is too cute!

  3. Fancisays:

    so adorable!

  4. Maansays:

    Wow.. And now we have scented necklaces!!! So cool… :-)

    If I win, I would want the chocolate scented chocolate cupcake necklace!!! Crossing my fingers that I win this time!

  5. Brandisays:

    i would go with the chocolate cupcake…can’t get any better than that!!

  6. Tinasays:

    I would love the chocolate cupcake one!!

  7. Stephanie.says:

    Oh man the shortbread heart cookies are adorable!

  8. I’d pick the waffles of the two listed, but I really like the pumpkin pie necklace or chocolate chip cookie ring!

  9. I would love the chocolate cupcake one too for my friend! She would love it! :)

  10. I would LOVE the birthday cupcake necklace! :) :)

  11. Lisa Ssays:

    I would love to wear one of these to baking class!

  12. Hey Stef! I would really love to have the Scented Butter & Maple Syrup Waffle Necklace.

  13. Anonymoussays:

    I would love the pumpkin pie one. I love that!

  14. I love the strawberry shortcake one!

  15. Leisays:

    I love the vanilla ice cream necklace!

  16. All adorable, but since my birthday is at the end of the month, I’ll go with the birthday cupcake!

  17. Monicasays:

    Chocolate cupcake sounds perfect! This concept is so cute.

  18. Kellysays:

    The bubblegum scented lollipop would be the perfect accessory for candy girl costume I keep around!~

  19. Anonymoussays:

    The mint chocolate chip necklace is too cute for words!

  20. I think I want the lollipop. The cotton candy one looks good, but I think I’m still traumatized by someone recently pointing out that cotton candy looks like a giant spider egg sac.

  21. Terrisays:

    I like the scented blueberry pie necklace.

  22. Anonymoussays:

    The waffle one is amazing!!!

  23. I would love the maple waffle. I could sniff that all day.

  24. Chrissysays:

    The lollipop one is super cute! The Whipped Cream Strawberry Shortcake makes a close second. mMmm…

  25. Oh My Goodness!! I just love them all!!!!!
    If I had to choose one it would be the Scented Vanilla Butter Sprinkles Cupcake Necklace<3


  27. I would absolutely looove the maple syrup & butter waffles! Too cute and waffles are my favorite :)

  28. Hi, is it open internationally?

  29. melanie bsays:

    These are freakin cuuute!!!

  30. RedCatsays:

    Scented Strawberry Sprinkles Donut sounds absolutely divine (and looks positively adorable!)

  31. Arisays:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  32. Arisays:

    Would like a cookie necklace, too cute. ^_^

  33. Natashasays:

    Hi is this competition open internationally? The way to enter doesn’t seem to be working for me x

  34. Oh they’re all so cute – but my fave is probably the cookie one or one of the icecream ones (can’t choose!) Great giveaway :)

  35. JudyRsays:

    I would like a chocolate cupcake one!

  36. I like the Chocolate cupcake.

  37. I would love the chocolate cupcake one, how cute!

  38. Melaniesays:

    I bake and spread sweetness throughout my town……To see the HUGE smiles on people’s faces when they recieve my cupcakes in these gorgeous pink boxes bring my JOY like NOthing else in the world !
    I am smitten about Cupcakes, it’s my passion……I would LOVE to win the Cupcake necklace :)


  39. Hope they have something vanilla-my favorite

  40. micaelasays:

    i love the cupcake :)

  41. Oooh, I want the waffle necklace that was worn by my shero, Leslie Knope!

  42. I would want the Scented Shortcake Heart Cookie Necklace

  43. I would love to win the cookies and cream ice cream cone necklace! So cute!!!

  44. If I won, I’d love the waffle necklace! It would go perfectly with my “Hot Cakes” scented lipgloss (which is already my favorite shade & scent). :)

  45. The mint chocolate chip ice cream cone

  46. Katiesays:

    The cupcake, of course!

  47. I would love the cupcake! I bake them with my mom!

  48. Bridgetsays:

    So many yummy choices. I think I would go for the cocoa mocha cupcake!

  49. Sarahsays:

    Oh my gosh the mint chocolate chip ice cream necklace is to die for!!

  50. Mmmm the vanilla butter cupcake! Seriously how cute are those??

  51. Julie Esays:

    Gotta have the Chocolate Chip Cookie Bookmark. All the Tiny Hands stuff is too cool!

  52. Aguśsays:

    I would love one!!!

  53. I would love one, but I fear I would want to eat all day if I was wearing it!!

  54. Sydnisays:

    I would love the chocolate chip cookie! Best scent in the world!

  55. Katrinasays:

    these are the cutest things I have ever seen! Love the Custom Scented Fruit on Waffle Necklace

    ykatrina at hotmail dot com

  56. Kortneysays:

    That birthday cupcake one on the site is absolutely adorable. Also appropriate since my birthday is this weekend. :)

  57. Super cute stuff!!! I LOVE LOVE the cotton candy one! That’s my favorite smell!

  58. Tiinasays:

    I wouldn’t mind smelling like butter and maple syrup. But I would LOVE to smell like chocolate cupcake!

  59. Wendysays:

    So many cute ones, but I’d have to go with the Scented Butter & Maple Syrup Waffle Necklace. Waffles are my fave!!

  60. Brookesays:

    Can I please win the fa-waffle one? PLEASE?

  61. Emma L.says:

    Definitely the chocolate cupcake! :)

  62. Too cute- a chocolate cupcake please!

  63. Either one would be lovely but I think the cupcake would be extra cute!

  64. Ninasays:

    I think the waffle is very cute!

  65. lemonsays:

    Whipped cream strawberry shortcake definitely takes the cake for me! ;)

  66. Those are so cute! The cupcake one would be my pick!!!!

  67. Mmmm, cupcakes! I’d love to have my very own.

  68. Kikisays:

    I’d like to win the “Mint Chocolate Chip Ice-Cream” necklace *YUMM!* ;)

  69. Patricia Kellysays:

    I would want the christmas cookies scented necklace! Yum! They are all soooo adorable!

  70. Agossays:

    They’re all so cute! But I’d pick the Christmas cookie one.

  71. sydneysays:

    chocolate cupcake!!!!!!<3

  72. Lisettelansays:

    The Chocolate CUpcake!!

  73. michelle lsays:

    my choice would be the Scented Mint Chocolate Chip Ice-Cream Necklace!

  74. Anonymoussays:

    The Chocolate Deluxe Cupcake necklace would be delish, as would the Blueberry Pie necklace. : )

  75. Sheenasays:

    These are soo cute! I love the scented cupcakes: scented vanilla butter sprinkles cupcake, scented birthday cupcake, scented chocolate strawberry sprinkles cupcake, scented strawberry chocolate sprinkles, and scented chocolate creme sprinkles – too difficult to choose lol

  76. emmiemksays:

    I would love the chocolate chip cookie necklace!

  77. These are adorable and so well done. I worked with Fimo years ago and it did not go well :P

  78. monicasays:

    The Scented Cookies ‘n’ Cream Ice-Cream Necklace is so cute. :D

  79. I want the scented birthday cupcake necklace the most.

  80. Harmonysays:

    I want the Christmas cookie one. They’re all very cute. I wish the tropical fruit cupcake were scented…

  81. The chocolate cupcake necklace of course!!!

  82. Irissays:

    I want the scented whipped cream strawberry shortcake necklace.

  83. pivaxisays:

    Gosh, Mei does a lovely job~ They’re all so amazing! If I won, I’d like the Shortcake Heart Cookie Necklace or the Cookies n Cream Ice-Cream Necklace… but then again it’s just too hard to choose!!

  84. Tasha Psays:

    I would love the bubblegum scented lollipop – bubblegum has always been my favourite food smell – brings me back to my childhood when i would spend those few pennies i’d earnt from the not so nice chores around the house, on a pack of hubbabubba (and sneakily eat it as our mum didnt allow us to have chewing/bubblegum)x

  85. Staceysays:

    I LOVE the smell of maple syrup, so I’d have to say the butter and maple syrup waffle necklace!

  86. Lizsays:

    Bubblegum scented lollies without a doubt – yummy.

  87. Beckysays:

    I think I’d have to go with the waffle or chocolate chip cookie!

  88. Carmensays:

    I love CHOCOLATE! I love cupcakes! Yummmm!

  89. katysays:

    oh gosh theyre too cute either the waffle,cotton candy,a shortcake,or a cupcake.

  90. nataliesays:

    love the chocolate cupcake necklace! so cute!

  91. For sure the cupcake. Waffles would be second though.

  92. Anonymoussays:

    I’m a waffle girl, all the way. Thanks for the chance to win!

    pdxthrifty at

  93. Anonymoussays:

    love the cupcake

  94. Anonymoussays:

    The cupcake please!! These are so adorable!!!

  95. Lizsays:

    I’d let my daughter pick, but I am pretty sure she’d choose the Scented Birthday Cupcake Necklace

  96. the chocolate cupcake one sounds delicious!

  97. *Treensays:

    yum! i love the scented birthday cupcake necklace! its so colorful!

  98. Mmm…Scented Vanilla Butter Sprinkles Cupcake! Yummy! Yummy! Yum!

  99. Karensays:

    I think I’d love to smell like chocolate! Love the cupcake necklace and the waffle one is too cute!

  100. Anonymoussays:

    I’d love the Scented Vanilla Butter Sprinkles Cupcake Necklace!

    amanda.townsend2 @

  101. Bubblegum scented Lollipop Necklace.

  102. Saritasays:

    I’d probably go for the chocolate cupcake first, but I’d be happy with either one! They’re both adorable. :)
    Thanks for the opportunity to win!

    sarita0818 at comcast dot net

  103. So cute. I love the chocolate cupcake necklace.

  104. stephanie gallisays:

    They all sound delish! I would be happy with any of them!

  105. Anonymoussays:

    Oh so spiffy! I love that they come with a warning! LOL
    Chocolate cupcake is the one for me! :)

  106. Dranasays:

    I would love the Scented Chocolate Strawberry Sprinkles Cupcake Necklace! Also, love those Demeter scents :)

  107. I would love to get the waffle necklace if I won. That sugary sweet syrup smell is soooo enticing.

  108. R.Gravesays:

    i LOOOOOOOOOVE the tiny waffle! it’s so cute. ^_^

  109. Krissy C.says:

    I like the Bubblegum scented lollipop necklace. So cute!

  110. Carriesays:

    Scented Cocoa Mocha Cupcake Necklace! Yum!

  111. tersays:

    I would love to win the cocoa mocha cupcake necklace. Love cupcakes.

  112. Cindisays:

    The Cupcake necklace is so me!!!

  113. I’d like to win the pumpkin pie necklace! :)

    This is amazing of you to do –I’m a huge Tiny Hands fan!

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