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Planet Water Foundation

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This is the first of three posts highlighting the charities that we will vote on next week as part of Cupcake Project 4.0.  For all of the details of the project, see the original project post.

I wrote to each of the three selected charities and asked them what they would do with $4000. Here is the response from Planet Water Foundation:

Planet Water Foundation is a US based non-profit organization that focuses its work on bringing clean water to disadvantaged communities in the developing world through the installation of water purification systems and the deployment of education programs on water-health and hygiene practices.  Our projects are directed toward schools and rural villages who do not have access to clean, safe water.  Should we be selected by the Cupcake Project, we would direct the $4,000 contribution toward installing a clean water system in an elementary school in Siem Reap, Cambodia bringing clean water to over 1,000 children.  Not only will these funds directly impact the health and well being of many people, but it will also have an immediate impact on the lives of women and girls who typically walk hours a day fetching water.  By having access to clean water, women will be able to focus their time on activities to enrich their lives, and girls will be able to replace their water buckets with school books!

In a follow up email, I was told that one system costs $8,500 – installed with an education program deployed in the school.  That means that with our $4000, the water filtration system would be almost halfway funded!

Watch this video to see a time-lapse of of one of Planet Water’s projects.  As you watch, keep in mind that when you see the kids drinking and washing their hands, they are experiencing clean, purified drinking water for the first time in their lives.

While PlanetWater sounds like an incredible charity, don’t forget that we have two more to choose from. Posts about the other charities are coming soon.

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  1. Brandonsays:

    This is a great project! How can I participate?

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