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Meme: The Chain Letter of the Blogging World

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I was tagged by Cuppycakes of I Heart Cuppycakes to participate in a meme. A meme, in the blog world, is an opportunity to reveal something about yourself and then request that x many other bloggers do the same. I see it as a blog chain letter.

Meme Vs Chain Letter

Why Memes Are Better Than Chain Letters
The only difference I see between a meme and a chain letter is that there is no mention of bad luck falling on my blog if I don’t pass it on. This is a great improvement from your standard chain letter.
Why Chain Letters Are Better Than Memes
With memes there is no possibility of a prize. The bloggers I tag for a meme do not need to send 10 dollars to someone at the top of the list. In fact, there is typically no list.

My Past Chain Letter Experience
In High School, I participated in an underwear chain letter. Has anyone else seen these? If you pass it on, you are supposed to get a ton of underwear at the end. When you forward the chain letter, you include your underwear size and preferred style (maybe?). Anyway, I didn’t get any underwear. Probably, some party pooper stopped the chain.

I’m a Chain Letter Party Pooper
Speaking of party poopers, let me start by saying I am flattered to be selected to be part of this meme. Thanks so much, cuppycakes! It was super sweet that you thought of me. However, I plan on pooping out.

I’d like to also own up to others I have pooped out on:

Note: I’m going to use this list to add anyone that tags me in the future. Tag me if you want your name on this list.

  • Many moons ago Tart Reform nominated me as a Rockin Girl Blogger. I was supposed to happily accept and nominate 5 more people. I didn’t.
  • Tempered Woman tagged me. TW said of me, “She never answers memes so it’s just fun to taunt her.” Thanks. :) At least she didn’t expect me to answer.
  • Airy Fairy tagged me as well. She’s another cupcake blogger with some amazing looking cupcakes. You should definitely check her out! Sorry to let her down. However, I did add her to my blogroll. That should count for something.
  • Little Ivy Cakes makes me smile! I am always so excited when she stops by and leaves a comment! She tagged me for a “6 things about yourself” meme. Sorry, Ivy.
  • Take the Cannoli tagged me with a Yum-Yum award. I love the name of that award! How fun! I must admit, I hadn’t spent much time on her blog before, but having checked it out – it’s yum-yum!! I’m not officially passing the award on, although I’ll unofficially give it to everyone on this list. However, I am adding her to my Google Reader.
  • Sweet Stilettos tagged me for a 6 random things meme. One fact that she shared was that she has never been drunk. I’ll reveal here that I haven’t either. Although, from the sound of it, I’ve tasted quite a bit more alcohol than she. I love tasting, just not to inebriation.
  • I was tagged by one other person and I just spent oh, about an hour, trying to remember who and when it was. Did I mention that chain letters lead to guilt? If you tagged me, tell me and I’ll list you HERE.

My Meme Response

So, I’m not going to respond to your meme. I’d be happy to answer the questions in an email to you and anyone else who is interested. It’s not that I don’t like talking about myself. I am just not going to continue the chain.

I’m also happy to list 5 blogs:
Kimberly C Baking
Courtney Watson
Everybody Loves Cheese
WOBL in Training
Chew on That

But, I’m not going to make them do anything!

FYI: Now, I’m feeling guilty for the blogs I didn’t pick and concerned that maybe I should have just answered. Also, in the back of my mind, there is the thought that maybe some bad luck will, in fact, fall on my blog.

What do you think of memes?

Does anyone share my stance or am I alone on this?

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9 comments on “Meme: The Chain Letter of the Blogging World”

  1. CBsays:

    I usually tend on the meme party pooper side (to the dismay of many of my blogging friends) esp when they are 100 questions long. Come on! I have a life. But for some reason this one appealed me. Maybe its b/c I am hoping that by answering the call from the Cupcake Hero I’ll earn brownie points for CH’s next challenge ;) No hard feelings, Steph. I feel ya.
    -cuppycakes aka CB

  2. Stefsays:

    Phew!! I was worried you’d be offended.

  3. Blairsays:

    sometimes I do and sometimes I don’t… depends on loads of things.

  4. Meme, I have never been asked to join a Meme. I don’t really mind either, but it was nice that you posted my name. Ok, so I never did the Rocherr Cupcake, How about using edible flowers or fondant? Up for it?

  5. hi stef…totally understand how you feel…i was a bit like ‘huh?’ when i received the tag and trid to search around and see what the scoop was on this whole thing because i’d never heard of it before and absolutely despise all those dodgy email chain letters. i couldn’t really find anything…or maybe i just wasn’t looking in the right places!!! anyway, that’s me done with it now…but i do love your blog…u’re an inspiration!

  6. Thanks for the mention, Stef! I don’t feel bad if someone I tag for a meme or an award doesn’t answer or pass it on. I never expect them to complete it because I realize it does take some time. I also realize that the more popular a blogger is, the less likely they will respond because I’m sure they’re tagged all the time.

    Thank you again for the mention! I’m glad you enjoyed my blog!

    P.S.–a 100 question meme? Lawdy, I hope I never receive that one!

  7. Ivysays:

    I totally understand! I thought it was a way to increase the community of blogers and get everyone knowing everyone. A way to spread the word about yourself and others. This was my first tag and I am sure if i started getting a lot of them, I would get sick of it and not do them either.
    See ya! :)

  8. Stefsays:

    Cannoli – Hah! Yeah, that’s a bit much.

    Ivy – I’m all about building blog community. Hey, do you twitter? That’s been one of my favorite ways to get to know bloggers.

  9. no sweat my pet;) I just think your blog rocks, and wanted to share it. The meme thing is a huge pain, but its still fun to get to know your fellow blogger;)

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