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Shoot and Score with March Madness Cookies

March Madness Cookies

March Madness Cookies

Have you been to a March Madness party?  I never have, but I hear it’s a thing and it seems that I’m the last to know.  If it is, it wouldn’t be nice of me to leave you ill-prepared.  So, I’ve created mad good March Madness cookies!

These March Madness cookies use two recipes that you’ve seen from me recently – my double chocolate brownie cookies and my orange curd.  Together, the flavors create a wonderful “hoop”la in your mouth!

March Madness Cookies

Here’s how these March Madness cookies work:

  1. Start with my double chocolate brownie cookies or any chocolate cookies.
  2. Temper chocolate and pipe a ring around the edge of each cookie.
  3. Spread orange curd or lemon curd or even orange-colored vanilla frosting inside the circle.
  4. Sprinkle with orange sanding sugar.
  5. Pipe chocolate lines onto the basketball as shown in the photos.

If you aren’t eating the cookies within a few hours of making them, store in the refrigerator and bring back to room temperature before serving.

Happy hoops!

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