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Malted Milk Pancakes

I had a lot of leftover malted milk powder from my nougat and Milky Way cupcakes.  I could obviously use it to make malted milkshakes, but I found a recipe for pancakes with malted milk powder and I had to try it.  I’ve prepared many pancake recipes over the years.  As you might guess, I’m not the type to find one recipe that I like and stick with it.  These malted milk pancakes were among the best that I’ve sampled – not surprising since the recipe came from a very trusted (and regal) source, King Arthur Flour.

The malted milk pancakes had the obligatory fluffiness and were just the right amount of sweet so that the extra sugar from the pure maple syrup didn’t give them the sugar content of birthday cake.  Despite the presence of the malted milk powder, I couldn’t really taste malt in the end product (Jonathan says that he could taste it – perhaps he’s a super-taster), but this didn’t stop me from adding this recipe to the list of pancakes that I would make again – if I made things more than once.

Malted Milk Pancake Recipe

In a rare Cupcake Project move, I’m not going to reprint the recipe here.  I have nothing to add to the expert and photo-filled description of these pancakes on King Arthur Flour’s site.  My only advice is to not wait until breakfast to make them and to ALWAYS use real maple syrup.

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5 comments on “Malted Milk Pancakes”

  1. these look totally yummerific! i am all about a good fluffy pancake! will have to give this a try!

  2. Kamailesays:

    These sound intriguing. I love malted stuff. I would also concur that real maple syrup is a must over pancakes.

  3. jalalHBsays:

    seem to be yummy. I will ask my wife to try these someday.
    I am also linking this to my blog “Hobby Shobby” where I also share cooking in its various forms as hobbies.

  4. Yum! What a creative way to use up your malted milk. I am having a hard time deciding what sounds better–your cupcakes or the pancakes?! I’d say it’s a tie! ;-)

  5. csrsays:

    Nothing like malt powder for that diner taste! Yum. Elisabeth @ KAF

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