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Macaron Cupcakes

After taking a macaron-making class with Amrita of The Sweet Art, I knew that macaron cupcakes were in my future. 

This photo gives you a sense of the size difference between
mini macarons and standard-sized macarons.

Macarons are cute to begin with, but mini macarons are baby panda cute.  (I initially wrote this with the statement that baby pandas are the ultimate level of cute.  But, my editor wisely pointed out that while baby pandas themselves are high on the cute scale, baby pandas wearing mini macaron hats would be the pinnacle of cuteness.)  I decided that for my interpretation of macaron cupcakes, I would top cupcakes with mini macarons.

But, which cupcake flavor should I make?

I wanted a cupcake that would match the light meringue texture of a macaron – angel food cupcakes were the cupcakes for the job. Whether a taster picked the macarons off of the top of their cupcake and ate them separately or ate the macarons and angel food cupcake in one bite, the flavors and textures worked so well together that macaron neophytes might think that macarons were always served with angel food cake.

How to Make Macaron Cupcakes

To make macaron cupcakes, first you’ll need to make mini macarons.  I describe the process for macaron making in detail in my post on pumpkin pie spice macarons.  Follow those directions, but make the macarons smaller.  You can see the size difference in the photos above and below.

Right before piping, divide the macaron batter into separate bowls and add gel food coloring (not liquid colors, as they can mess with the recipe’s wet/dry balance) to each bowl a little bit at a time until you create your desired colors. As you can see, I baked red and orange macarons, but you can have as many different colors as you’d like.

Bake the mini macarons for the same amount of time that you would bake the normal-sized ones.  You’ll find that they are extra crispy when they are fresh out of the oven.  However, after you add the filling and set them on top of your frosting, they moisten up considerably.  If the mini macarons started at the perfect macaron texture, they would be soggy by the time you ate them.

Bake angel food cupcakes according to the directions in my angel food cupcake post.

For my macaron cupcakes, I wanted to use the same fillings that I used in my pumpkin pie spice macarons (caramel and chocolate ganache).  I frosted the cupcakes with the caramel icing and some sprinkled smoked sea salt and filled the macarons with the ganache. Follow my lead, or come up with whatever combination suits your taste!


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16 comments on “Macaron Cupcakes”

  1. Nataliesays:

    Wow Steph–I am so impressed, these turned out wonderfully! Pretty sure my giant fingers would squash them when I tried to assemble :)

  2. i always felt that macarons would be the next cupcake. this is so of the moment. cupcakes will never lose its charm and perfectness, but adding macarons makes them an absolute dream. GREAT IDEA !
    ps, !

  3. Amritasays:

    So cute! I totally want to make these sometime… So glad we did this! *virtual high five*

  4. Hi Stef!!! Oh am I glad I popped in to say hello.

    I see you haven’t lost your impeccable touch:) Your Macaron Cupcakes look adorable!!! What a perfect way to celebrate National Dessert Day!

    How sweet that your husband is right by your side while blogging. I sometimes think if my husband were still alive, he too would join in. Cherish it, Stef:)

    Thank you so much for sharing, and enjoy National Dessert Month. Yes, it is that too:)

  5. Those minis are so delightful! They so cute on top of the cupcakes. Like 3D polk-a-dots on there! Wonderful!

  6. Gloriasays:

    These look absolutely lovely and so cute!! gloria

  7. Anonymoussays:

    hey Stef! You are my version of a baking superhero. My 13th birthday party is coming up and my favorite kind of cupcake is red velvet. Do you think you could come up with a red velvet recipe. best of baking Cupcaker!

  8. Laurasays:

    Way to cute!!!!!
    I have got to try these :D

  9. Deesays:

    Oh my… Your cupcakes look so amazing,I’m still drooling over them.

  10. Julssays:

    These are so cute! Though the prospect of making macarons still scares me!

  11. KBsays:

    What kind of cupcake pan did you use? Your cupcakes look very straight sided (which I love!) rather than tapered.

  12. Oh wow this is sooo cute!! The tiny macarons : OMG!

  13. Joysays:

    OMG I don’t believe you make mini macarons. They look great.

  14. I am so glad this internet thing works and your article really helped me.

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