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Last Day to Win Free Amano Chocolate

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Today is the last day to enter to win free Amano chocolate on Food Interviews. Comment on each of the five parts of the interview for your best odds of winning! On some of the posts, there are less than 20 entries, so your odds of winning are very high!

Also, I received an email from Gina from A Half-Dozen Eggs with her great review of the Vere chocolate that she won during the Vere chocolate interview. Be sure to check out her blog post, but here is a summary that she said I could publish:

Cayenne + Cacao Nibs: Wow! The smoothness of the chocolate and then *pow!* the heat of the pepper – delicious. I gave my husband a small square (yes, I shared…some). He’s not really a chocolate fan but even
he was impressed.

Espresso + Anise: I love chocolate. I love coffee. I do not like licorice at all. However, this was a great chocolate bar. The licorice flavor was very slight and not at all overpowering. I like this one but it’s not my favorite.

Raspberry + Lemon: I thought the lemon overpowered the raspberry in this bar; however, I loved the raspberry seeds in the bar. Don’t give me seedless raspberry anything, why bother? So I was glad to have the seeds. Loved it!

Banana + Macadamia Nut: I couldn’t really taste the banana until I had quite a bit of chocolate in my mouth. I liked the bits of macadamia nuts rather than big nuts

Ultimo: is just that – the ultimate. Plain, dark chocolate. And I don’t mean plain as an insult. Plain and simple are *good* things sometimes and they’re great things in the case of this chocolate. Smooth, delicious, bittersweet chocolate. And even better because it is organic.

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4 comments on “Last Day to Win Free Amano Chocolate”

  1. my first time ehre! you have some really interesting cupcake recipes! I loved browsing through them:) if you happen to make a “healthier” cupcake, do send it in for my healthy cooking event!:)

  2. Ginasays:

    personally I loved reading the Amano interview – I found it very interesting!!

  3. Gracesays:

    plain dark chocolate is hard to beat.

  4. Stefsays:

    Mansi – Glad you stopped by and enjoyed the cupcakes!

    Gina – I’m so glad you enjoyed it!

    Grace – It’s so true!

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